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tjeulink t1_j9on1pq wrote

The MET is currently literally being purged because surprise surprise, they are infested with rapists and abusers on every level at alarming rates (according to the MET themselves!). currently 1070 suspects are employed at the MET, 2.9% of the force. 1 in 35 is suspected of being an abuser and/or rapist.


RhysieB27 t1_j9p4u5c wrote

So your response to someone's surprise that a police officer kept their job is to discuss what even you've described as a "purge" of police officers?


tjeulink t1_j9pbp5a wrote

The purge happened because people kept keeping their jobs after reports, and it only happened with the MET, only a few months ago. The MET themselves saying that there is a culture problem, meaning MET cops still aren't held accountable and that number is likely to increase more.

So yea my response is that, because its one of the few quantifyable datapoints we have about the corrupt police force.

Oink oink.


RhysieB27 t1_j9pciqx wrote

The point being made is that the UK is far, far better at holding its officers to account than the US. There have indeed been institutional failings in the Met (an abbreviation for Metropolitan, not an acronym, by the way) but that's just one police force and those issues are now getting rectified.


tjeulink t1_j9pew19 wrote

Nobody was talking about the US, its completely irrelevant for how abusive the UK police force is.

Where are the independent rearches into other police organizations then if others dont cultivate the same problems? Oh wait they dont exist? Shocking. almost as if its a broader police problem, especially since this problem goes as far as special protection units at the top.

You really going to believe them on their blue eyes when all independant evidence points towards the opposite?


RhysieB27 t1_j9pglxg wrote

I'm not sure if you've forgotten what thread you're in but the first person that replied to you suggested that the worst of the news about law enforcement comes from the US. That's the angle I'm coming from. If your original comment wasn't alluding to news from the US then fair enough and I apologise, but when I joined the conversation, people definitely were talking about the US.

I definitely don't believe them, no. To be clear, I'm not defending the police. In fact I'm pretty sure we're actually in agreement. My only motivation for replying to your comment originally was to call out what I perceived as a logical inconsistency.


tjeulink t1_j9pok2k wrote

I said its irrelevant for what i said when it was brought up by op. The original commenter never talked about the us in their original post, only when responding to me explaining the vast abuse by uk police in an attempt to diminish its severety.

I understand, thank you for the clarification and sorry for the misunderstanding


DownvoteEvangelist t1_j9ozipr wrote

And they are doing something about it... I think 1 in 35 is pretty low for police force. Would love to see data for other countries...


tjeulink t1_j9p5cbx wrote

It doesnt matter if its low compared to other countries. Its abysmal from a human perspective, especially from people supposed to protect you.

If teachers or doctors had those numbers we would sharpen pitchforks and light torches.


DownvoteEvangelist t1_j9p8udm wrote

The bottom 2.8% percent of anything is usually pretty bad, including teachers and doctors...

Police work attracts many unsavory individuals who are drawn to the power, violence, and immunity from consequences that the job offers. Good police force tries to weed out these people, bad embraces them....


tjeulink t1_j9pcfe2 wrote

Feel free to provide statistics of your claim that 2.8% of teachers and doctors are also "pretty bad". I would also catagorize systemic rape and rapist protection systemically (again according to the MET themselves) is a bit worse than "pretty bad". If the army did it it wouldve been a warcrime.