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MetricVeil t1_j9opd43 wrote

From the article:

"It adds the video did not cause any actual harm to public confidence in policing because it was shared in a private forum."

And now, the actions of the officer and a description of what the video showed has been shared with the public. Some really shaky logic in this reasoning.


misterfriend t1_j9oxurj wrote

He's very good at hiding what he knows is wrong, making him a champion of ethics and a guardian of innocence!


jordantask t1_j9phrkw wrote

Not only that, the cop who posted it is respected by his colleagues.


misterfriend t1_j9pj9uh wrote

They admire his exquisite taste, and are always nudging each other.

"Where does he get all this good shit?"


RingGiver t1_j9rpueo wrote

They even shared his badge number.


MetricVeil t1_j9ss6vh wrote

In the UK it's called a collar or shoulder number, Force Identification Number (FIN).

They released his name, would his collar number make him more publicly identifiable?