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tjeulink t1_j9pew19 wrote

Nobody was talking about the US, its completely irrelevant for how abusive the UK police force is.

Where are the independent rearches into other police organizations then if others dont cultivate the same problems? Oh wait they dont exist? Shocking. almost as if its a broader police problem, especially since this problem goes as far as special protection units at the top.

You really going to believe them on their blue eyes when all independant evidence points towards the opposite?


RhysieB27 t1_j9pglxg wrote

I'm not sure if you've forgotten what thread you're in but the first person that replied to you suggested that the worst of the news about law enforcement comes from the US. That's the angle I'm coming from. If your original comment wasn't alluding to news from the US then fair enough and I apologise, but when I joined the conversation, people definitely were talking about the US.

I definitely don't believe them, no. To be clear, I'm not defending the police. In fact I'm pretty sure we're actually in agreement. My only motivation for replying to your comment originally was to call out what I perceived as a logical inconsistency.


tjeulink t1_j9pok2k wrote

I said its irrelevant for what i said when it was brought up by op. The original commenter never talked about the us in their original post, only when responding to me explaining the vast abuse by uk police in an attempt to diminish its severety.

I understand, thank you for the clarification and sorry for the misunderstanding