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DankVectorz t1_j9bwy95 wrote

Tbf if a fried chicken joint owned by white people decided to open primarily in black neighborhoods that would probably be construed as racist as well


goochisdrunk t1_j9bzync wrote

Tbf if you're going into a black neighborhood to eat fried chicken, why would you go to the white owned place?


rdcpro t1_j9cbfjr wrote

I'd go to the one that sells the Louisiana style, because it tastes better.


epochpenors t1_j9ciwp2 wrote

If they opened up a place called “Mudflap’s Oversized Lip-Smackin’ Chicken” and only brought it to black neighborhoods, yes that would be extremely racist. If Chik-Fil-A opened up locations in black neighborhoods and white neighborhoods without significant bias I’m sure no one would care really.


SilasX t1_j9e6s8t wrote

Like KFC?


DankVectorz t1_j9f86a9 wrote

I don’t think kfc is only in primarily black neighborhoods?


SilasX t1_j9f8yg8 wrote

Ah okay. Missed that part. Still not sure that makes a difference here. It definitely has a lot of its locations in black neighborhoods.