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Freethecrafts t1_ja7oroj wrote

The PRC would get their ass handed to them. The majority of places to drop infantry are kill zones, protected by multiple reinforcing zones. The US fleet would absolutely engage, on day one. There is literally no taking of Taiwan. It’d be easier to sink Taiwan than take, much less hold.


Benevolent_Grouch t1_ja7r5z1 wrote

What do you mean sink? Islands don’t float and can’t sink.


ash_274 t1_ja7w0lw wrote

Perhaps you haven’t heard that a congressman was concerned that they could tip over and capsize.


Benevolent_Grouch t1_ja8q7pi wrote

I’m confused about the downvotes! Was this supposed to be obvious sarcasm? I live in the US where congressman seriously propose cutting down rainforests to lower greenhouse gases they emit. There’s no such thing here as too stupid to take seriously.


GatoradeNipples t1_ja8we99 wrote

I didn't downvote you, but in context, it feels pretty obvious to me that what you're saying is... the point the original poster was trying to make. Sinking Taiwan is physically impossible, but at least attempting that would just make China look really stupid. Attempting to take Taiwan is both stupid and actively suicidal.


washington_jefferson t1_jabpqi4 wrote

> What do you mean sink? Islands don’t float and can’t sink.

Since this is a political thread you have to be a little more obvious with the sarcasm if you don't use /s (I hate the use of that hashtag- so, kudos). Something like:

> "What's the deallll with sinking Taiwan? They're not a boat. They're just big chunk of land. You can't sink land. It's like trying to drown a cactus. It's not gonna happen."