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Dependent_Yesterday9 t1_j9ri2h5 wrote

Obviously bullshit. Obviously ridiculous. Hope they drop this and he walks.

However I still would like to know what kind of chips?


Squildo t1_j9rtjx3 wrote

Harvest cheddar Sun Chips


walkingtalkingdread t1_j9rtoxg wrote

garden salsa is clearly better.


Squildo t1_j9rttsy wrote

You’re entitled to your wrong opinions 🗿


Calamitous_Stars t1_j9sxlgb wrote

Both of y'all are wrong

If it's sun chips, French Onion is The Only Way


TheNumberMuncher t1_j9tvgem wrote

All Sun chips are shit


SuperTeamRyan t1_j9tzaza wrote

Seriously they all need to be arrested for such shitty takes.


Calamitous_Stars t1_j9un0ef wrote

Here we see two people born without tastebuds-

Flavor preferences aside- this is such a sad sight


SuperTeamRyan t1_j9un6er wrote

I was joking just thought it’d be funny to suggest jail time for a food take rather than…. Taking food.


its8up t1_j9shp37 wrote

First experienced sun chips as a child. Opened the bag and took a sniff. Ugh. The flavor wasn't great, but those things truly smelled horrid.


zlimK t1_j9tdkb9 wrote

No love for the black bean queso flavor?


Stonewall776 t1_j9tsgva wrote

I feel harvest cheddar tastes different now. It has an after taste of just a pure mixture of veggies. I feel it changed a year or two ago. Anyone else feel the same? My wife agrees with me.


rotten_core t1_j9u5moh wrote

If your your wife agrees with you, just take that win


Excession638 t1_j9s7ewa wrote

Is it possible to change a cop with wasting police time? Or is that not even a crime in the USA?


Dependent_Yesterday9 t1_j9s8kok wrote

Member of the citizenry reports a false issue, yes thats a crime.

Police wasting their own or citizens time, thats standard operating procedure.


Dyolf_Knip t1_j9tqocv wrote

> Police wasting years or even decades of a single citizens time, thats standard operating procedure.



theLonelyBinary t1_j9u87cc wrote

It's basically impossible to charge a cop with anything in the US 😬 😭


Abangerz t1_j9t3dg1 wrote

He should sue these cops but nothing happens because of their union


mithie007 t1_ja5udq6 wrote

top secret missile guidance control chips.