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TheLostDovahkiin t1_j9t44ui wrote

If you saw someone walk out of a store with chips and they drop them. Your first conclusion is they are stolen ? 🤡


AdvonKoulthar t1_j9t4hbu wrote

I’m sure he just convinced the clerk to sell him the display, like most people do…


Kelpsie t1_j9t6lpq wrote

I'm not really looking to defend these asshole cops, but the thief literally took the chips display, crammed it into his car, and took off. I don't think ground-chips guy should have been arrested, but only an idiot would think anything other than 'robbery' in this situation.


Timmichanga1 t1_j9ty2ox wrote

Why are you assuming that a homeless man saw the thief take the display?


my_dogs_a_devil t1_j9uaca6 wrote

Because the police supposedly reviewed surveillance footage and came to the conclusion that the chip-eater knew they were stolen? Yes, you could assume the cops also came to that conclusion because they’re just racist dicks. You could assume a whole bunch of shit that takes the case either way. But from the details we have, I don’t think that the assumption that he witnessed the thief come out with the display is necessarily a bad one.


Timmichanga1 t1_j9uat2e wrote

If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that cops have not earned and do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. Do not blindly believe what they say - for fucks sake they even have a word for lying under oath during a trial, "testilying."


my_dogs_a_devil t1_j9utskz wrote

True but also which of these scenarios do you think is more plausible?
- The dude was in/around the store, saw everything go down, noticed the chips get dropped on the ground, and decided "hey, free chips", and picked them up to eat

- The dude was around the corner or somewhere where he saw/heard nothing go down, the cashier who chased the thief out didn't notice the chips that fell or didn't care to pick them up, and then the dude stumbled upon the scene and saw the chips, and then decided "hey, free chips", and picked them up to eat


Timmichanga1 t1_j9uu6wg wrote

I think it's most plausible that people on the Internet well removed from the situation shouldn't be speculating as to what happened.

But since we're speculating, I think the dude just wandered around the corner, saw chips on the ground, and ate chips. Angry piggies then pulled up and harassed him, and are now looking for a post hoc justification of their brutality.


Kelpsie t1_j9ukrr4 wrote

Because the comment I responded to starts with "if you saw."


my_dogs_a_devil t1_j9uaizv wrote

If I saw someone camly walk out and accidentally drop a bag of chips? No. If I seen them running out carrying an entire display and drop a few bags while trying to jam it in their car and speed off…ya, probably??