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[deleted] t1_j9zuiut wrote

More… this is good. I’m the problem… go with it


[deleted] t1_j9zve1l wrote

Keep in mind that I simply voiced my opinion that him getting picked up isn’t racist or stupid. That was it. And you had to reply to me, a stranger who committed the sin on not saying what you wanted, was to call me an authoritarian, empathy lacking, privileged baby. And it’s only gotten more spiteful and harsh from you since then. That was the first thing you said to me in a conversation that YOU started by replying that insult to me. Now I’m finding humor in the fact that you can’t help but run me down and insult me more and you claim that I am the one with issues. It’s really funny. I know you can’t see it. I’m sure you’ll have to bring this up to your therapist later but trust me, this is a creation of your making


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_j9zzi0d wrote

Ah yes the “I told them to reply, so if they do, I win, and if they don’t, I win” play. Really only makes sense if you’re that desperate for wins in your life that making up some weird self serving conditions that guarantee your “victory”. Your every attempt at a comeback just makes you look sadder. Still dodging those simple questions huh? Can’t be faced to defend your own words so you’re just doubling down on the fantasy you made out of me to try to recover some of your wounded ego? Sounds like you need the W more than I do.


[deleted] t1_ja007cd wrote

Keep in mind. This is all because I said a thing and you disagreed. I voiced a benign opinion and you lashed out calling me an authoritarian, empathy lacking, privileged baby. You don’t know me. I gave an honest opinion and even after you repeatedly insulted me, I gave honest replies without insulting you back. At this point, it’s spiraled. And yes, I’ve been enjoying how outrageous your replies have been. I have not been kind today but you keep taking swing at me and have from your very first sentence. You have been rude and argumentative and initiated an argument with me. You’re now trying to make it seem like this is all me. That’s fine. This is very fun for me. I’m enjoying your replies quite a bit. But you’ve been a bully this whole time so I’ll never apologize for where this has gone. I said a thing. Get over it.


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_ja0bd09 wrote

You said a thing attacking the entire post with a ridiculous straw man. You claimed that because people found the arrest to be uncalled for, that somehow law & order has broken down and people are advocating for anarchy. Your innocent comment was straight up dishonest at best. When me, and many other people called that out, you immediately got defensive and instead of actually trying to defend or explain your opinion, you went straight to wholly unrelated, based on nothing personal insults about masculinity. You lost your mind because people accurately called your callous comment, callous.

And STILL you won’t answer the simple question of who was he harming or abusing? This is your chance to explain your position, or admit that you’re using wildly inaccurate statements to appeal not to logic or reason, but to emotion. You brought up his past charges as if that has any relevance on whether or not the arrest was warranted.

And since then, you’ve tried to claim some kind of moral high ground, pretending that you thought that a jail sentence would actually be of help to him.

So far you’ve used absurd strawman arguments, went straight to personal attacks, brought up unrelated issues to character assassinate the suspect, “relished the confrontation”, made a “heads I win, tails you lose” conditions to assure your “victory” regardless of response, and now youre trying to walk it back and paint yourself as the calm rational one. It’s hilariously, textbook predictable and transparent. Seriously, just compare me to Hitler and you’ve filled out the entire sad internet loser bingo card. If you have the capacity for self reflection, I hope that this was a humbling and eye opening experience for you. But I somehow doubt it will be.


[deleted] t1_ja0d33w wrote

That’s not what my post was at all. I said people were attacking the cops (calling them racist and idiots) rather than acknowledging that taking the chips is still stealing if he knew that they had been dropped in the act of theft. I was suggesting that it’s still unlawful and the right thing would have been for him to return them. I didn’t call for his life to be ruined. I’ve even said multiple times that I don’t think he should be prosecuted. I’ve said he needs psychiatric help and assistance. The police have ways of getting people assessments and help. I said that him getting picked up can lead to him getting the help he needs. No straw man. No attacking the post or people. My post wasn’t at all what you are pretending it was. You came looking for a fight which is why you attacked and bullied me right away. You weren’t trying to have a conversation. I can look through your past posts and see that this is what you do. You look for comments that reflect alternative ideas and then you lash out at those people. This is no exception. This is what you do regularly. Your post history is full flog arguments with strangers. The proof is right there


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_ja0kdtz wrote

Ooh thanks for the reminder, I left “go through their post history for anything to attack them with” off of the bingo card. Well done.


[deleted] t1_ja0l78k wrote

Go through and attack? It takes no going through. It’s all you do. As far as attack, you have a funny definition. I point out that you do it, you claim that me noticing offends you.

Just like me pointing out that you completely mischaracterized my comment but instead of owning it, you pivot to being shocked that I pointed these things out.

The truth is right in this discussion. I said a thing that you don’t agree with. Maybe you think my comment or opinion is wrong, and so you decided to call me names and insult me.

There is no rewriting history. This is what happened.