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AgencyDelicious1933 t1_j9skkt9 wrote

Maybe someone already commented something similar, but:

> "The man then took an entire display of chips and put them into his car. While walking with the display, several bags of chips fell to the ground, police said, noting the clerk had followed the man out of the store."

  • AND THEN when police showed up AFTER THE FACT, they noticed a homeless man munching on chips like: "🤷‍♀️" ... So, they decided they needed to arrest SOMEONE 🙄



bionic_cmdo t1_j9stro8 wrote

Open and shut case Johnson. Good job for solving the case of two stolen bags of chips.


xxx148 t1_j9szv1m wrote

Sprinkle a little crack on them and let’s get out of here


AgencyDelicious1933 t1_j9sttvg wrote


Edit: down votes? 🙄


Ghostbuster_119 t1_j9t9whc wrote

Cops are fucking worthless I swear.

Four times I've had to deal with police and they either do nothing or treat me and my coworkers like the criminals.


Ragnarok_619 t1_j9txywj wrote

Cops are just thugs, but legalized and for the government


AmericanSheep16 t1_j9tz1vs wrote

For the local government. They're not feds, silly goose.


Ragnarok_619 t1_j9tza2l wrote

First off, I am not from Murica, so don't know how's the rule there, but in my country, they are very much part of both the state and union government


reverielagoon1208 t1_j9u8f1w wrote

I do wish our cops in the US were at least state based. It wouldn’t eliminate the problems but it’s is easier to hold accountable when there aren’t thousands of police departments


AmericanSheep16 t1_j9tzk7x wrote

Well they communicate and work with the federal government here, but most police forces here are owned/ran by the city/county they reside in.


KesonaFyren t1_j9u5pzu wrote

The local government is still a government, my dude, and one that has armed thugs.

Nothing he said was wrong, quit making us look self-absorbed


AmericanSheep16 t1_j9u95jl wrote

Theirs a big difference between feds and locals however. Especially when it comes to government. Especially when it comes to the states. They both work for Uncle Sam I suppose, but they usually got different goals in mind.

A local government is more likely to have your best interests in mind as compared to the feds.

And discussing how my country works with people who aren't from here isn't self-absorbed.


KesonaFyren t1_j9ua5l5 wrote

It is self-absorbed when they didn't ask. Nothing you said was wrong either, just irrelevant.'s usually the local cops that execute unarmed people without trial, not the feds. Feds don't do traffic stops or patrol your neighborhood.


shadow42069129 t1_j9v6ubh wrote

I was chuckling at their use of italics, as if it made their claim better


figgotballs t1_j9ur7ub wrote

That's still the government, ya ninny. Why is he silly for saying something that's not wrong?


thelocker517 t1_j9ueaku wrote

I found 2 wallets at different times. Taking them to the police station was an exercise in stupidity. I was carded and questioned. Nowadays I drop wallets and IDs in a postal drop box.


PooperJackson t1_j9uxovk wrote

I wait 24 hours and take the contents. Sometimes I'm rewarded with Phillies tickets. It's how I get off.


HiddenStoat t1_j9tr0di wrote

> treat me and my coworkers like the criminals.

"I'm an honest businessman, capiche?"


cruelhumor t1_j9tmqt3 wrote

Stories like this always come to mind when I read articles about how prosecutors don't prosecute "minor crimes" because they are "too understaffed" or "underfunded". Or when I read articles about how the police don't bother pursuing things like package theft or home break-ins where the items stolen don't exceed a certain amount for the same reasons.

Part of me thinks it's a load of crap and they're just lazy


AgencyDelicious1933 t1_j9wvicl wrote

I think it depends on the police department and state.

But I'd agree that in this case it's pure laziness w/ a "smidge" of racism


Kcidobor t1_j9tdj5m wrote

At that point he is just cleaning up the litter


KillerSavant202 t1_j9the1z wrote

If police are called someone is getting arrested, sometimes that person is the one that made the call. I speak from experience unfortunately.

Don’t call the worthless police unless someone is dying or has been physically harmed. Most situations can be handled better amongst ourselves and they will very likely escalate the situation rather than making anything better much less resolving anything.


athural t1_j9uuxg9 wrote

Don't call the cops unless you're ready for someone to be murdered over the issue


blueberrybowler t1_j9rh31h wrote

The mugshot says it all.


Divtos t1_j9t9ysg wrote

He doesn’t look surprised.


Postnarcissim t1_j9u3vku wrote

He knew the chips were stolen but that face says, “really?”

I mean come on. That clerk would’ve had to tell the cops about it. They were already stolen at that point. Who cares?


Dependent_Yesterday9 t1_j9ri2h5 wrote

Obviously bullshit. Obviously ridiculous. Hope they drop this and he walks.

However I still would like to know what kind of chips?


Squildo t1_j9rtjx3 wrote

Harvest cheddar Sun Chips


walkingtalkingdread t1_j9rtoxg wrote

garden salsa is clearly better.


Squildo t1_j9rttsy wrote

You’re entitled to your wrong opinions 🗿


Calamitous_Stars t1_j9sxlgb wrote

Both of y'all are wrong

If it's sun chips, French Onion is The Only Way


TheNumberMuncher t1_j9tvgem wrote

All Sun chips are shit


SuperTeamRyan t1_j9tzaza wrote

Seriously they all need to be arrested for such shitty takes.


Calamitous_Stars t1_j9un0ef wrote

Here we see two people born without tastebuds-

Flavor preferences aside- this is such a sad sight


SuperTeamRyan t1_j9un6er wrote

I was joking just thought it’d be funny to suggest jail time for a food take rather than…. Taking food.


its8up t1_j9shp37 wrote

First experienced sun chips as a child. Opened the bag and took a sniff. Ugh. The flavor wasn't great, but those things truly smelled horrid.


zlimK t1_j9tdkb9 wrote

No love for the black bean queso flavor?


Stonewall776 t1_j9tsgva wrote

I feel harvest cheddar tastes different now. It has an after taste of just a pure mixture of veggies. I feel it changed a year or two ago. Anyone else feel the same? My wife agrees with me.


rotten_core t1_j9u5moh wrote

If your your wife agrees with you, just take that win


Excession638 t1_j9s7ewa wrote

Is it possible to change a cop with wasting police time? Or is that not even a crime in the USA?


Dependent_Yesterday9 t1_j9s8kok wrote

Member of the citizenry reports a false issue, yes thats a crime.

Police wasting their own or citizens time, thats standard operating procedure.


Dyolf_Knip t1_j9tqocv wrote

> Police wasting years or even decades of a single citizens time, thats standard operating procedure.



theLonelyBinary t1_j9u87cc wrote

It's basically impossible to charge a cop with anything in the US 😬 😭


Abangerz t1_j9t3dg1 wrote

He should sue these cops but nothing happens because of their union


mithie007 t1_ja5udq6 wrote

top secret missile guidance control chips.


CrJ418 t1_j9rhng8 wrote

That bullshit.

If you're white and rich:

 "they would have to be able to prove intent. That he knew the chips were stolen and intended to defraud the rightful owner. And that's very difficult to prove in a court of law, beyond an actual confession, so it's unlikely an indictment will take place...."

Two fucking systems.


BuffaloInCahoots t1_j9rngfi wrote

The article said, the video showed he knew they were stolen, I’m guessing he saw it go down and took the shot at free chips. Seeing that this is only $5, they should just charge the original thief and tack on littering. This dude just grabbed some ground chips, fair game in my book.


jdogx17 t1_j9rrroq wrote

No, the article says:

“Police said they reviewed video footage and concluded that Braswell was aware of the theft.”

Videos generally don’t show what people know or don’t know.


DogLegJournalist t1_j9tfqrg wrote

Yeah but pigs are trained to lie and judges give them the benefit of the doubt so... 6 months in jail it is.


BuffaloInCahoots t1_j9rs8lu wrote

So he probably saw it go down, like I said. That’s the only reasonable way to assume he knew they were stolen. Still don’t blame the dude, I would have grabbed a bag too.


Desdam0na t1_j9subev wrote

No. Police said according to a video they believe he knew.

They did not say he saw it happen, and the video is not available for us to confirm.

Police very consistently lie on these situations so we really don't know what happened unless they are willing to release the video


Kcidobor t1_j9tdya3 wrote

Police very consistently lie. In all situations


MakionGarvinus t1_j9u9awm wrote

I was trying to be fair to my neighbor, who is/was a cop. I've only spoken to him a few times in 8 years, but waved at him whenever we drove past each other. Seemed like a decent enough guy, still takes care of his grandkids full time.

This summer, I had noticed that his truck almost never left his driveway, and when it did, it was for short periods of time. I also knew that he was the most senior (longest tenure) officer in the force, so one day I asked him if he'd retired. Like, "hey, did you finally take a well-deserved retirement? Heh heh"

He responded with "maybe, not really, still working." I just remember thinking that it's been over 6 months since I saw him in uniform, what is he trying to hide from me? It's gotta be his instinctual lying, is all I can conclude.


DressForIt t1_j9ur5bj wrote

Lol what is this anecdote supposed to illustrate, you just spent 3 paragraphs explaining how you actually don't really know if your neighbor lies, but he's a cop who drives a truck and has grandkids, only he doesn't drive his truck much anymore.


MakionGarvinus t1_j9uu9p4 wrote

He's either been disciplined for 8 months to a year, or he flat lied to me that he didn't retire.


Kcidobor t1_j9usawe wrote

If you read between the lines it seems he’s saying that he is on disciplinary review. Maybe something using excessive force or abuse of powers. It’s mostly speculation but with the nature of the thread they commented on it would track


shaggybear89 t1_j9t0cv1 wrote

Alright dude. Whatever you want to believe. Yikes


Zomburai t1_j9tdt1u wrote

I'm sorry, do you think police consistently tell the truth?


TheLostDovahkiin t1_j9t44ui wrote

If you saw someone walk out of a store with chips and they drop them. Your first conclusion is they are stolen ? 🤡


AdvonKoulthar t1_j9t4hbu wrote

I’m sure he just convinced the clerk to sell him the display, like most people do…


Kelpsie t1_j9t6lpq wrote

I'm not really looking to defend these asshole cops, but the thief literally took the chips display, crammed it into his car, and took off. I don't think ground-chips guy should have been arrested, but only an idiot would think anything other than 'robbery' in this situation.


Timmichanga1 t1_j9ty2ox wrote

Why are you assuming that a homeless man saw the thief take the display?


my_dogs_a_devil t1_j9uaca6 wrote

Because the police supposedly reviewed surveillance footage and came to the conclusion that the chip-eater knew they were stolen? Yes, you could assume the cops also came to that conclusion because they’re just racist dicks. You could assume a whole bunch of shit that takes the case either way. But from the details we have, I don’t think that the assumption that he witnessed the thief come out with the display is necessarily a bad one.


Timmichanga1 t1_j9uat2e wrote

If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that cops have not earned and do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. Do not blindly believe what they say - for fucks sake they even have a word for lying under oath during a trial, "testilying."


my_dogs_a_devil t1_j9utskz wrote

True but also which of these scenarios do you think is more plausible?
- The dude was in/around the store, saw everything go down, noticed the chips get dropped on the ground, and decided "hey, free chips", and picked them up to eat

- The dude was around the corner or somewhere where he saw/heard nothing go down, the cashier who chased the thief out didn't notice the chips that fell or didn't care to pick them up, and then the dude stumbled upon the scene and saw the chips, and then decided "hey, free chips", and picked them up to eat


Timmichanga1 t1_j9uu6wg wrote

I think it's most plausible that people on the Internet well removed from the situation shouldn't be speculating as to what happened.

But since we're speculating, I think the dude just wandered around the corner, saw chips on the ground, and ate chips. Angry piggies then pulled up and harassed him, and are now looking for a post hoc justification of their brutality.


Kelpsie t1_j9ukrr4 wrote

Because the comment I responded to starts with "if you saw."


my_dogs_a_devil t1_j9uaizv wrote

If I saw someone camly walk out and accidentally drop a bag of chips? No. If I seen them running out carrying an entire display and drop a few bags while trying to jam it in their car and speed off…ya, probably??


jdogx17 t1_j9s26j7 wrote

Unless they were Salt & Vinegar. Anyone who eats those deserves a night in jail.


CraftyArmitage t1_j9sl8om wrote

I respect your opinion while reserving the right to downvote you.


Working_Mastodon2619 t1_j9t1wnu wrote

I'd argue that they were trash as soon as the package was open.

I'd question the store owner and ask if he regularly sells open bags of chips, then question the person who actually stole them and see if he knew the chip eater.

Then we'd all go home, but probably not my client, cause if you're the type to eat floor chips outside of your house, you probably don't have a great job, and were fired when you went to jail and didn't show up, which probably caused you to be behind in rent, and subsequently evicted.


MonkeyTacoBreath t1_j9tgw5p wrote

Adding lesser charges will do nothing. Upon conviction lesser charges are dropped or served concurrent to main charge under nearly every state's laws.


kawkz440 t1_j9rkx0y wrote

Doesn't matter. They just need to get them into the system and let racism take care of the rest. Now the guy has an arrest record that employers can use to deny him employment and cops will use to continue to harass the guy.


5050Clown t1_j9rqzlo wrote

If everything goes as intended he'll be a legal slave by June.


jimmymd77 t1_j9tphxj wrote

Being homeless (and the look on his face in the mugshot), my guess is he is regularly steamrolled by the system.


Moms_spaghetti_6969 t1_j9rtua8 wrote

If you’re white and rich you’re probably not eating stolen chips dropped by a thief


jab116 OP t1_j9rh714 wrote

“Memphis police arrested”

shocked pikachu face


walkingtalkingdread t1_j9rp86q wrote

oh, so they got there too late to catch the actual thief so they turned to a guy who they could bring in right then and there. who wants to bet that they never even tried to look for the thief?


PUNCH_KNIGHT t1_j9s72cm wrote

What's with the police following the law word for word and then turning around when something really fuckin bad happens


MINIMAN10001 t1_j9sn5qd wrote

When people say systemic racism

This is grade A systemic racism


Phobos15 t1_j9ta15x wrote

The law does not support this arrest at all.

The original thief would be charged with conversion. They charged this man with actual theft over two bags of chips he picked up off the ground outside in a parking lot.


daekle t1_j9ttfui wrote

This appears to be a case of committing "being black near a crime scene".

A homeless man eats a few dropped bags of crisps and you arrest him. Home of the free my arse.


PricklyyDick t1_j9uynem wrote

Black and homeless. That’s a double negative for police that does not cancel out.


LevelHeeded t1_j9tw5xi wrote

Some dude steals an entire display rack with chips because he can't buy beer, and ya'll grab the dude who picked up $4.98 in chips off the street while this was going down...

I feel so much safer knowing this dangerous criminal is locked away.


Maenethal t1_j9t2mao wrote

Fucking racist ass pigs.


knockatize t1_j9t7u1n wrote

So our law enforcement agencies are directed by elected officials to either

A) charge people with any ticky-tack BS that’ll stick, long as there’s some fine revenue in it, or

B) the San Francisco way, where shoplifting is all good long as you keep your haul under $900

And nothing in between.

Somebody find us a large city that’s not run by complete idiots. (American city. Copenhagen doesn’t count)


Khemith t1_j9sfjq0 wrote

Racist cops pure and simple.


gumenski t1_j9sl6js wrote

Back da blue baby, these boys doin God's work out hea


NukeouT t1_j9sxr50 wrote

Meanwhile I ate like a ten pack of popcorn and a bunch of cereal dropped from one of the pandemic riot raids in SF 🤝 aaaaaaand I feel fine 🌎


ObsidianLion t1_j9u2mc3 wrote

If you have the time and resources to convict a man who ate a bag of chips (he found outside), you must not have any serious issues in your country.


AdvonKoulthar t1_j9vpfc0 wrote

Maybe they charge him because it took no effort, crimes aren’t pursued in descending order of importance…


ObsidianLion t1_j9y2441 wrote

Is it a crime to eat good you find on the street? Is it a crime to eat something someone drops?

They should be pursued in order of importance, because it all costs time and money. Detaining someone takes the officers off the streets. Paperwork. Space in the cell becomes occupied. All of that...for a bag of chips. I'm sure the shop didn't even press charges because of it, but they too had to waste time to react. This is incompetence. Stealing is a crime, but not every theft requires the full process.


MrFIXXX t1_j9tf9nu wrote

All the while that proven liar Santos is still in the Senate with zero actual consequences.

The US sucks ass, hard.


pomoville t1_j9uo2li wrote

He’s a congressman.


MrFIXXX t1_j9uqred wrote

My point still stands. He's at the upper echelons of power in the country all the while being an utter piece of shit. While this dude is in jail for eating potato chips dropped by a thief. That's less than $10.


MyCleverNewName t1_j9tx5bx wrote

America. <studio_audience_laugh_track.wav>


sassergaf t1_j9skrbg wrote

Sounds like lyrics to a sad ballad.


33MobyDick33 t1_j9tvgbq wrote

Memphis will let 15 year kids out after being brought in for carjacking and pointing a gun at people but this dude deserves jail. Fuck this city man


Mtjacq t1_j9u4s43 wrote

The writer is petty as hell, he did not have to add that he had crumbs on his face. Hilarious!


karsh36 t1_j9u61qq wrote

Well that is ridiculous... Though with how poorly so much of our society is set up: he'll now receive food, water, and shelter while he's held.


smeaglegimligandolf t1_j9u7qu5 wrote

Why do American LEOs treat their citizens so poorly? GD, let the man eat some friggin' chips.


primal___scream t1_j9up1js wrote

And they wonder why people hate them. Cops that is.


Trell3k t1_j9v8oci wrote

Wow i hope the judge just says fuck this and lets him go with no reprocussions.


11B-Ret t1_j9vncvh wrote

This is an open and shut case for a criminal defense. Cite Finders keepers v. Losers weepers.


hhubble t1_j9w5hdv wrote

Finally, justice is served!!!


Wackadoodle1984 t1_j9wlrtw wrote

Imagine you are a cop. You show up to this, honestly kind of stupid call. Someone stole a display rack full of potato chips. Like, we have murders to solve, but whatever. Then you think to yourself, what is the most absolutely useless, not not just useless, objectively pointless in a maliciously cruel way, thing I could do in this situation? Oh, I could arrest this dude who is just eating the chips, because that is going to help the situation.


Vapur9 t1_j9tbfgs wrote

The cops could have, you know, paid for the chips on his behalf. At least pretending to being a good person or something.


vulcan7200 t1_j9up8i7 wrote

This is what I was going to comment. It shows how callous they really are. Even if these cops believed that they absolutely can't just ignore this, they could have easily just paid the $5 for two bags of chips and gone on their way. It would have been easier for everyone involved. Instead they go out of their way to arrest the man. It's completely absurd.


Maskeno t1_j9ut05n wrote

It's extremely unlikely, but I've heard of cops charging homeless men to give them a place to stay for a few nights in the winter months. I do highly doubt that's the case here, but I like to believe it's possible.


vulcan7200 t1_j9va6e6 wrote

That definitely does happen. My Dad was a police officer with the Capitol Police a long time ago. There was a homeless person who basically lived under the steps of the Capitol. In the Winter he would be arrested on particularly cold nights so he wouldn't freeze to death.

But yeah, I don't think this was the case here.


jamkoch t1_j9txvx0 wrote

Doesn't the bible say it's not stealing if you need food? Not very christian of the Memphis police. I guess we should be glad he wasn't beaten to death.


stephen250 t1_j9uokpt wrote

It doesn't teach that.


bayou_dragonfly t1_j9uu8f2 wrote

I think he's talking about Proverbs 6:30, which is pretty close to that. The Bible does cover gleaning pretty unambiguously (Leviticus 19:9-10, 23:22; Deuteronomy 24:19-21), which is what this story effectively is


jamkoch t1_j9v8f3p wrote

Men do not despise a thief if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry.


stephen250 t1_j9v9ozg wrote

It also says all over not to steal. It is still a sin as a whole, regardless of the reason you're doing it. Also, theft is against the law.


seniorfrito t1_j9tz658 wrote

Guys guys guys, what did you think they were going to do? These chips needed to be returned to the store they were stolen from where the chips would have been disposed of out of safety concerns. /s


notapolita t1_j9u8gz2 wrote

Why chase after a criminal when there are people around you just waiting to be arrested.


Llenette1 t1_j9v5mlp wrote

Jesus LITERALLY wept for this shit...


WickedSweet87 t1_j9uprnn wrote

Wtf? Really? Couldn't get the guy who actually stole them, or just had a hard on to make arrests? Damn oink oinks.


HookersAreTrueLove t1_j9un2hw wrote

So... "Man charged a for stealing chips."

If it's not yours, it doesn't belong to you. Pretty simple concept.


Tonyhawk270 t1_j9uu0vk wrote

Jesus Christ, it’s a bag of chips. Why are you such a simp for property protection?


HookersAreTrueLove t1_j9v0lfh wrote

It does t matter what it is... what matters is that it did not belong to him.

If something doesn't belong to you, it's not yours. It's a simple concept.


Zeduca t1_j9ty9z0 wrote

Possession of stolen goods.


squigster037 t1_j9u1ctf wrote

Or tampering with evidence. Ffs.


Zeduca t1_j9u8su6 wrote

Were the chips declared as evidence and put into an evidence bag when consumed?


username123456111111 t1_j9sfns4 wrote

Yeah I saw the same post yesterday. Still cracks me up though lol.


[deleted] t1_j9tejli wrote

Witnessing a crime doesn’t give you a free-pass to join in without consequences. The article says he was aware of what was happening and took the fallen chips for himself.

Imagine the person was stealing clothes from a retailer. If they were walking out with 10 shirts and one dropped, would we expect that anyone who notices can pick up the shirt and claim it for themselves? What if it was a stack of iPads? If you know it’s stolen merchandise and choose to keep it, you just stole.

It’s shocking how far we’ve gone as a society when the concept of doing right and returning someone’s stolen property is not only unexpected, but we are mad at the people who are asked to enforce the laws around it.


bigsoftee84 t1_j9u7qjw wrote

Do you believe a couple of bags of chips is worth the cost of housing and trial?


[deleted] t1_j9ubyhx wrote

Do you believe our world would be better if we decriminalized all retail theft valued under $5?

I get your point and I’m not asking them to throw the book at the guy. I am also not even advocating that they arrest or charge him. My comment is just that, if he knew it was stolen and chose that opportunity to take it for himself, it’s still theft. If the headline was cops arrest man for stealing 2 bags of chips, it would still be a low level offense and still probably not worth the time to seriously prosecute, but we could maybe stop calling all the cops racist and pretend the man is a victim.

I’m just pointing out that we don’t seem to expect any better decisions from the people breaking the law (even when it’s not a serious infraction). It’s the soft bigotry of low expectations.


bigsoftee84 t1_j9uddw8 wrote

We don't need to arrest someone for such a paltry amount, and to do so is just silly and a waste of time and resources. Exponentially more is going to be spent on trial and housing for this individual. How many days of incarceration is worth, what, ten dollars? People should not be arrested and imprisoned for a crime whose value is single digits that involved no violence or threat of violence. The guy ate some chips, that were stolen by someone else. He isn't a criminal mastermind or a danger to the public, the arrest was excessive and unnecessary based on the alleged crime committed.


[deleted] t1_j9uux6r wrote

Again, I’ve said that you don’t need to prosecute and punish him for this but the man needs help. Picking him up, housing him, and getting him real help is worth the cost in my mind. He has a long history of mental illness and domestic violence. We need to not have such an adversarial relationship with police and hope that them responding to a crime scene and picking this guy up can lead to the right governance in his life for him to get a support system and change. My comment was not that this guy needs to be punished but was noticing how we look at this situation and only want to call the cops idiots, racists, and evil. All the celebrated comments are about hating the cops. You don’t have to pick sides. This is a man who needs help and him being seen by the system is a good thing. Now, if you want to criticize the system for releasing him without help, I’m with you there


bigsoftee84 t1_j9v0ulq wrote

Arresting homeless folks is not the way to address the issue. I can't get behind that mentality. I'm sorry, have a wonderful day.


[deleted] t1_j9v6t5z wrote

His mom would disagree. She says she keeps asking the police to get him psychiatric help and to get him assessed. Again, you don’t need to prosecute him, but picking him up and getting him help is a good thing. There are services for homeless and the mental ill to admit themselves. If they don’t do it on their own, sometimes police need to help usher them into better care. You can’t look at every arrest as a punishment and shaming. Sometimes it’s to get people off the street and get them support and assistance.


bigsoftee84 t1_j9v7ff2 wrote

Then get the dude help, not arrest him. I don't understand why you're trying so hard to make this arr a st seem like it was justified, it's a waste of resources. There are a thousand better ways to get that individual help. You are doing him more harm by processing him on petty theft charges for dollars, single digits, of merchandise. Additional bullshit charges on his record isn't going to help him get a job or pass a background check. This isn't the police being altruistic, they would have just paid for his chips if they were.

Edit: a word


[deleted] t1_j9v91np wrote

You’re right, you convinced me. It’s a much better world when cops don’t enforce laws, don’t get homeless people off the street, and are exclusively viewed as racist demons. You have solved our problems. Thanks! I look forward to your opinions changing when you reach adulthood.


bigsoftee84 t1_j9vaayr wrote

Lmao, yes, wasting thousands to recover damages amounting to less than ten dollars is a real solution. Enjoy trying to create a police state where they can just collect those deemed undesirable.


knockatize t1_j9tqjpo wrote

Nobody needs to try on a bag of chips to see if it fits.


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_j9uro82 wrote

No it’s shocking how many authoritarian, empathy lacking, privileged babies like you that think prison is appropriate for a homeless person that found food on the ground. Food that would have been thrown away anyways. Who are the police protecting by throwing a hungry person in jail? Are you worried that if he wasn’t properly punished, that homeless person might stumble across more unclaimed food some day? I hope that you are given exactly as much empathy as you give to others if you were to ever lose your life of comfort and privilege.


[deleted] t1_j9uxhzf wrote

The man obviously needs help. I think the system is failing him for not getting him help, not because police are enforcing the law. I don’t support prosecuting him but picking him up to get him off the streets is a good first step. Now they need to get him help and assistance


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_j9wi2gx wrote

So apparently compassion or understanding aren’t helpful? So when you need help, I hope that your first step is also jail. Since apparently that’s helpful to hungry people.


[deleted] t1_j9wue05 wrote

The guy is mentally ill and has multiple domestic abuse charges. Let’s not pretend he’s harmless. Sometimes people are unwell and it’s not safe for them or others to leave them on the streets. But you’re enlightened because you can use your parent’s keyboard to type tough and aggressive to strangers. And yes, I do hold myself to my standard. If I beat women and steal from stores and need psychiatric help, I hope the police do pick me up. That only sounds threatening to other women abusing psychos and young children (I’ll assume you’re the latter).


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_j9ym312 wrote

Tough and aggressive? Pointing out that you think that jail is an appropriate consequence for $3 worth of food that was on its way to the trash anyways? You’re projecting awfully hard there champ. Was he actively beating anyone at the time? Was he being threatening at the time, or even at any point that day? That week? That month?! Or are you suggesting that he should be arrested for crimes he’s already been punished for? Or because he “might” be dangerous T some point in the future? Do you actually think that jail is “help” for the mentally ill?

It’s borderline hilarious that you’re taking offense and feeling insulted by me repeating your own words back to you and wishing you the same level of help you want for others. If you had any self awareness you’d see what a self own that is on yourself. Or how fragile and projecting it looks for you to baselessly claims I’m either a woman abusing psycho or a child because I dare repeat your words to you. Everything that you’ve been offended by is because you know how shitty your stance is, but you can’t own up to it, so you instead make baseless personal attacks on the person showing you a mirror. Bravo.


[deleted] t1_j9zo5y8 wrote

You completely missed that I welcome my own standards. I’m not offended by my words. I honestly believe what I’m saying. I believe in justice and wouldn’t want soft, feminine men crying for me and whining for more chances if I get in trouble for my actions.

I get your point. You’ve been very consistent. You believe that people are justified in breaking. The law and harming people and I don’t. It doesn’t mean they all need to be dealt with harshly, but I don’t support decriminalizing theft or abuse because it’s inconvenient or expensive to enforce. I know you are pro-women abuse and pro-theft. I know you celebrate the chaos but it’s not me.


[deleted] t1_j9zrcm2 wrote

By the way, please keep replying. I’m enjoying your outrage and your tantrum so much. Please give me more for my entertainment. It’s so upsetting to you that I have an opinion that you don’t agree with. Please go on. Maybe try to convince me that this isn’t upsetting you and that I’m the one who is worked up… haha - that will be fun.

I look forward to your next reply… or you not replying and pretending you didn’t see this, but we will both know. Either way is great with me - thanks sport!



BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_j9zs6vf wrote

There are imax theaters that are envious of your projection capabilities. These are ridiculous, pathetic, childish strawman arguments, even by internet standards. I don’t think that a jail sentence is appropriate for someone eating $3 worth of food bound for the trash, so that means I think it’s ok to break the law and harm people?! Even you know how pathetic that stretch is. You keep saying harm and abuse, who was harmed or abused by those chips being eaten rather than thrown in the trash? You keep avoiding that question, because you know the answer is no one.

I don’t think that we need to needlessly contribute to our already astronomical incarceration rate over such trivial acts, so I celebrate chaos?! And me vocalizing these things makes me soft, whiny, feminine, and crying?! LMAO How fragile is your sense of your own masculinity if that’s your immediate go-to for someone having the audacity to call you out on your apathy to people in need?

You’ve done nothing to defend your own words, only make wholly unfounded (and almost surely purely projecting) personal attacks on me without actually addressing anything that I’ve said.

Congratulations, you’re an internet caricature.

EDIT:LMAO!!!! Omg you actually wrote “checkmate” on an internet argument. I can’t tell if you’re 12 years old, actually this inept and unaware, or are actually a performance artist satirizing pathetic internet trolls. But if it’s the last one, while impressive, you laid it on a little thick. It’s hardly plausible that any adult human being in this day and age would actually think that made them sound cool or like they won something. I’m not exaggerating, or using hyperbole or anything, I’m literally, audibly laughing at how sad and pathetic you are.


[deleted] t1_j9ztchq wrote

Perfect - thank you for delivering… I know it takes noting more than asking for you to comply. You are so outraged, so worked up at the idea that I think this man needs help and that police should pick him up and give him a warm dry place to sleep and get him help and NOT prosecute him. You are so incensed at the notion that police policing can be a good thing. That this man not being on the street and not harming anyone or himself is a good outcome. You have the strangest, sickest, most twisted worldview and I love watching you spiral into mental despair at the notion that you shouted into your Reddit echo chamber and didn’t hear your voice in reply for once.

This is delightful. Please send more.


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_j9zub5y wrote

What help are they offering him? What assistance besides a jail sentence awaits him after being arrested? And who was harmed by him eating the chips rather than throwing them away? You keep cowardly running away from simple questions and instead make wild strawman arguments and keep fantasizing about the possibility of upsetting a stranger. Does that sound like the response of a rational and well adjusted person? To relish in the outrage caused by their words?

“I love watching you spiral into mental despair” I mean for fucks sake, you sound like someone that tortures cats. And the fact that you formed this weird fantasy of yours based on nothing but the fact that I’m replying to your comments? You’re replying to me, are you also spiraling? It’s just ridiculous on its face. And the saddest part is, I know that you know that you’re pathetic. This isn’t how happy compassionate people react to having their values questioned.

You legitimately need help.


[deleted] t1_j9zuiut wrote

More… this is good. I’m the problem… go with it


[deleted] t1_j9zve1l wrote

Keep in mind that I simply voiced my opinion that him getting picked up isn’t racist or stupid. That was it. And you had to reply to me, a stranger who committed the sin on not saying what you wanted, was to call me an authoritarian, empathy lacking, privileged baby. And it’s only gotten more spiteful and harsh from you since then. That was the first thing you said to me in a conversation that YOU started by replying that insult to me. Now I’m finding humor in the fact that you can’t help but run me down and insult me more and you claim that I am the one with issues. It’s really funny. I know you can’t see it. I’m sure you’ll have to bring this up to your therapist later but trust me, this is a creation of your making


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_j9zzi0d wrote

Ah yes the “I told them to reply, so if they do, I win, and if they don’t, I win” play. Really only makes sense if you’re that desperate for wins in your life that making up some weird self serving conditions that guarantee your “victory”. Your every attempt at a comeback just makes you look sadder. Still dodging those simple questions huh? Can’t be faced to defend your own words so you’re just doubling down on the fantasy you made out of me to try to recover some of your wounded ego? Sounds like you need the W more than I do.


[deleted] t1_ja007cd wrote

Keep in mind. This is all because I said a thing and you disagreed. I voiced a benign opinion and you lashed out calling me an authoritarian, empathy lacking, privileged baby. You don’t know me. I gave an honest opinion and even after you repeatedly insulted me, I gave honest replies without insulting you back. At this point, it’s spiraled. And yes, I’ve been enjoying how outrageous your replies have been. I have not been kind today but you keep taking swing at me and have from your very first sentence. You have been rude and argumentative and initiated an argument with me. You’re now trying to make it seem like this is all me. That’s fine. This is very fun for me. I’m enjoying your replies quite a bit. But you’ve been a bully this whole time so I’ll never apologize for where this has gone. I said a thing. Get over it.


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_ja0bd09 wrote

You said a thing attacking the entire post with a ridiculous straw man. You claimed that because people found the arrest to be uncalled for, that somehow law & order has broken down and people are advocating for anarchy. Your innocent comment was straight up dishonest at best. When me, and many other people called that out, you immediately got defensive and instead of actually trying to defend or explain your opinion, you went straight to wholly unrelated, based on nothing personal insults about masculinity. You lost your mind because people accurately called your callous comment, callous.

And STILL you won’t answer the simple question of who was he harming or abusing? This is your chance to explain your position, or admit that you’re using wildly inaccurate statements to appeal not to logic or reason, but to emotion. You brought up his past charges as if that has any relevance on whether or not the arrest was warranted.

And since then, you’ve tried to claim some kind of moral high ground, pretending that you thought that a jail sentence would actually be of help to him.

So far you’ve used absurd strawman arguments, went straight to personal attacks, brought up unrelated issues to character assassinate the suspect, “relished the confrontation”, made a “heads I win, tails you lose” conditions to assure your “victory” regardless of response, and now youre trying to walk it back and paint yourself as the calm rational one. It’s hilariously, textbook predictable and transparent. Seriously, just compare me to Hitler and you’ve filled out the entire sad internet loser bingo card. If you have the capacity for self reflection, I hope that this was a humbling and eye opening experience for you. But I somehow doubt it will be.


[deleted] t1_ja0d33w wrote

That’s not what my post was at all. I said people were attacking the cops (calling them racist and idiots) rather than acknowledging that taking the chips is still stealing if he knew that they had been dropped in the act of theft. I was suggesting that it’s still unlawful and the right thing would have been for him to return them. I didn’t call for his life to be ruined. I’ve even said multiple times that I don’t think he should be prosecuted. I’ve said he needs psychiatric help and assistance. The police have ways of getting people assessments and help. I said that him getting picked up can lead to him getting the help he needs. No straw man. No attacking the post or people. My post wasn’t at all what you are pretending it was. You came looking for a fight which is why you attacked and bullied me right away. You weren’t trying to have a conversation. I can look through your past posts and see that this is what you do. You look for comments that reflect alternative ideas and then you lash out at those people. This is no exception. This is what you do regularly. Your post history is full flog arguments with strangers. The proof is right there


BoneDogtheWonderBoy t1_ja0kdtz wrote

Ooh thanks for the reminder, I left “go through their post history for anything to attack them with” off of the bingo card. Well done.


[deleted] t1_ja0l78k wrote

Go through and attack? It takes no going through. It’s all you do. As far as attack, you have a funny definition. I point out that you do it, you claim that me noticing offends you.

Just like me pointing out that you completely mischaracterized my comment but instead of owning it, you pivot to being shocked that I pointed these things out.

The truth is right in this discussion. I said a thing that you don’t agree with. Maybe you think my comment or opinion is wrong, and so you decided to call me names and insult me.

There is no rewriting history. This is what happened.


AdvonKoulthar t1_j9t4zu9 wrote

Man sees theft take place, and grabs some of the product lost in the escape
“Clearly racism, and not just an incredibly easy charge to take care of.”