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Spottydogspot t1_j8pt7pu wrote

Still haven’t accepted they live in the desert.


JeanneGene t1_j8s74oo wrote

Nope, my city will not let us xetiscape our yard. We refuse to over water so the dicks with code enforcement harass us every year.

I just want to get rid of my ugly damn grass and put in native plants and wood chips.

Half the state forces you to have a green lawn for what? Its unsustainable and stupid.


MyCleverNewName t1_j8stbrm wrote

Where I live, my yard gets 10x more precipitation than I could possibly ever use, but I still want to do this. (with local stuff of course) I don't care if I can easily water a lawn - lawns are fucking stupid regardless.

A "nice lush green lawn" is the absolute epitome of 1950s-stick-up-the-ass-absurd.


JeanneGene t1_j8sti58 wrote

Agreed, grass just really doesn't look appealing. I want wild flowers and bees!


MyCleverNewName t1_j8svfis wrote

Installing a bunch of lil raised garden beds and just sprinkling them with a bunch of packs of wild flowers last year was the best thing I ever did... wish I had started years ago! New flowers kept popping up into November (!!!) and the bees and humming birds loved it! Expanding on this this year for sure. 🐝🐦😎🐝🦜


JeanneGene t1_j8svth9 wrote

I'm going to start, my city by law says I have to have 70% living "green"material so I'm going to see how fast I can bend the rules


MyCleverNewName t1_j8swedx wrote

Welllllllllllll, teeeeeeeeechnicallyyyyyyy, most flowers have green stems and leaves. 😁 Good luck and enjoy! And tell the bees I said, "bzz. :)"


rlindstrom t1_j8u48ic wrote

Just plant kale…. Stuff just explodes with green growth


JeanneGene t1_j8u4gz1 wrote

I did some in my garden last year and it got devoured. I think we have a family of moles and they seemed to love that more than anything else


sofaking1958 t1_j8t6097 wrote

I moved to clover. Fast growing, pulls N from the air, so there no need to ever fertilize again.


mckillio t1_j8ttnnt wrote

How did you go about implementing it? If you do a little here and a little there, does it just take over?


sofaking1958 t1_j8udbe8 wrote

My yard got wrecked by a front loader during an outdoor project. I just reseeded with clover. Had a few other bare spots from lack of rain and raked up the soil and seeded there. It hasn't taken over everything yet, but that's the goal. Bonus is that the seeds are incredibly cheap (or were, haven't looked recently).


sofaking1958 t1_j8udl37 wrote

It's also slow growing, so don't need to mow as often.


Spottydogspot t1_j8vdj16 wrote

Yeah I lived in eagle mountain ut. West desert. But damn if we didn’t have to have green lawns!! It was and is crazy though I think they got rid of the hoa where I was so maybe people are clueing in? We would get the lake stink from Salt Lake if the wind blew just right. Now it’s toxic.


Shmoop_Doop t1_j9ilusy wrote

I fucking hate grass lawns. Looks so corporate and wasteful. Its moss and trees and bushes for me once I finally get my own place.