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Drudicta t1_j8q0fov wrote

All the time. But being disabled with no job and needing psych meds makes that difficult.


kreiggers t1_j8q2fts wrote

If only there was public health option and viable social safety nets


Drudicta t1_j8q5snr wrote

That would be REALLY nice. Would be able to have some sort of...dunno, FREEDOM?


Firm_Transportation3 t1_j8qhk2b wrote

Its not like every other developed nation has these things and shows a perfectly available example of how well it works. Wouldn't that be nice. If that were the case, there really wouldn't be any excuse to keep fucking over every US citizen.


bc4284 t1_j8qmjp1 wrote

Capitalism is the problem


j6cubic t1_j8rrlxb wrote

It's not even capitalism. It's badly implemented capitalism. It's perfectly possible to have a fundamentally capitalistic society with solid social services, just not the way the States are currently doing it.


bc4284 t1_j8rz1qm wrote

True the problem is a lack of regulation in American capitalism and a excess of allowing corporate personhood that allows corporations do directly donate to politicians. The existence of lobbying itself is probably the biggest problem as it allows wealth to matter more than any group Of constituents and as a result politicians are so easily bought no matter What party they are a member of.

The fact is capitalism itself isn’t the issue it’s a lack of meaningful regulation of corporations, a lack of consequences for those corporations, and a system that rewards The rich hoarding wealth instead of giving the government the needed teeth to enforce tax Law on the wealthy.

It’s a known fact that the irs has blatantly admitted that they do not persue auditing and taking the wealthy to court for tax dodging due to the fact that they know the wealthy have the financial means to tie the irs in court for years before the irs will see a single dime of those taxes. The irs knows that if they took the hyper Rick to court the irs would go bankrupt from the legal fees of trying to enforce Tax Law and therefore they don’t even attempt to. Instead they openly admit that’s why if you are poor or middle class you are far More Likely to be audited and to be taken to court for tax crime. Because they knew normal people can’t fight the irs and we will end up giving them the money we owe.

The fact is the irs has admitted they don’t enforce Tax Law on the rich because they fucking can’t. And instead they keep a vice like grip on forcing the poor to pay every dime they can because of the poor are the only they can count on to pay their taxes They will squeeze us dry to make us for what they can’t force out of the hands of the rich.

This is how fucked the US is this is why we will never see nationalized health care, or a raise in federal min wage. Not that it will matter soon as they raise the non wage they people Renting houses will just raise the rent because they know they can now squeeze more money out of the working class so what the hell does raising the min wage even mater for anyways.

this is why every cent I have paid into Medicare and social security will end up gone And I will be told it don’t exist when I’m 75. This is why I will never be able to retire. Because the taxes I paid were taken and paid for my parents to retire while I will get to see jack shit of it.

And there is no way to change any of it because our system is so fucking broken the only thing short of a full blown revolution will do jack shit.

And the scary part is the right actually believes it’s the people for human rights that are the fascists, I literially saw just to say these jackasses arguing that the real Fascism is not letting people have the free speech to say racist jokes without being canceled.

I’ve within the last 24 hours literially heard the argument that the real naziism is not being allowed to call a Jew a k***. That’s right the real Nazis are the people who tell you not to be antisemitic. Because to the right any inhibition of the freedom to persecute and oppress is fascism. And guess what the fucking moderates eat it is and then say both sides are fascists.

No they fucking aren’t. There’s only one side that’s preaching ultranationalist rhetoric , yes the democrats are Shit. But I don’t even know what to call the republicans? The bar is already fucking low with the democrats there isn’t a comparison you can use for what they are. They openly applaud Hsing fucking Nazis at their rallies they broadly boast we Are All domestic terrorists.

And the moderates still go duuurrr huuurrr both sides!

You want to know why America is unrepairable fucked. Because the average white moderate American can not tell the difference between Republican fascism and Democrats just saying maybe we should have laws protecting human rights while also not having the spine to Actually push for that.

So yes this country is irreparably fucked and I would be so much more mentally healthy if I just Ignored it all Said not my problem And just became Comfortable that as a white cis het male I will be on the side that benefits from fascism and said not my problem, ignore the news because the fascism isnt hurting me yet, And as long as I don’t criticize those in power I will be fine.

Fuck this country I should really just give up stop Worrying and just make myself comfortable with being a Nazi if it comes to it. Because guess what no one wants to listen to me shouting into the void so what’s the fucking point in it


j6cubic t1_j8senk3 wrote

Yeah, I once tried figuring out what to do to even just fix healthcare. It basically amounted to rebooting at least two branches of the government entirely and redoing much of the foundation they rest on as well.

It's gut-wrenching and I don't even live on the same continent. It's even more gut-wrenching that a lot of the brokenness stems from these systems dating back to naive early implementations that didn't have the foresight to anticipate perverse incentives and exploitable flaws. (Newer or newly-reformed countries get to use hindsight instead. Much easier.)

Citizens United v. FEC was simultaneously the worst decision on American legal history and a symptom of underlying systemic faults. Unfortunately they were already almost unfixable by then.

I wish I could tell you I believe in the death spiral ending and the States recovering to live up to their ideals. Because all in all you guys are alright with me and you deserve so much better.

Despite my doubts I hope, though. All I can do, I'm afraid, but I can at least do that. It's too early to give up on civilization. It's always too early.


Confused-Raccoon t1_j8sj256 wrote

When it burns down and sinks, can you lot not take the rest of us with you?


bc4284 t1_j8so14c wrote

It’s up the all of you to be willing to stop the Nazis when they take over the US. I just hope you all see the threat and nuke us before we can launch. In reprisal. Because if you don’t the alt right ain’t stopping in America.

And look at American military and look at how much of the Christian world is so happy to throw its lot in with fascism to stop progressivism.

Tell me honestly if America goes full Nazi and decides that a Christian theocracy must rule the world. With our military is there any way to stop us other than preemptive nuclear strike and hoping we get vaporized before trying to retaliate


FantasmaNaranja t1_j8si9em wrote

sometimes people call the basic idea of monetary exchange capitalism and that's just not right

capitalism doesnt work because it will always seek to draw in all wealth to individual private owners, that's literally the meaning of capitalism it's a temporary ideology of governing because it will inevitably collapse if not controlled

there are other methods of governing that still use money but whose whole point isnt just to accumulate capital until there's nothing left, like for example justicialism, or further to the left: socialism, if you no longer have a currency you've gone too far left and strayed into communism turn right again


TwoBionicknees t1_j8sog3n wrote

Nah, it's capitalism. It's just more advanced capitalism. The UK currently has the tories desperate to privatise every aspect of the healthcare service it can because capitalism. Ultimately capitalism leads to a state where the wealthy control everything and slowly turn everything to a profit generating machine. The US just accelerated down that path really quickly.

Profit above everything eventually seeps into every aspect of a capitalist society. The UK and other countries just aren't there yet. The NHS is one of the things us british people are most proud of, and yet morons vote for Tories and they are trying to tear it apart.


bc4284 t1_j8qmiwl wrote

Freedom to actually live is a privilege of the rich the freedoms you get and won’t get infringed is the freedom to be allowed to harm others with hateful words. Freedoms like being protected from hate infringe on the freedom of others to hate so that freedom only exists if you are a group Acceptable to white Christian’s

In short this is capitalist freedom where what level of freedom you have if reflective on how much monitory power you have and has nothing to do with the idea of having foolish notions of human rights.. seriously fuck capitalism and fuck this country


LGCJairen t1_j8ra7h7 wrote

The word you want is monetary bro.

If we had monitory power over the rich they would have been dead years ago


Cindexxx t1_j8srefs wrote

Lol that's almost word for word what I was gonna say