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SaltyBarDog t1_j8q0wzp wrote

Forty years ago, Texas was in a huge drought and there were water restrictions everywhere. However, the base golf course got watered every day.


blacknyourma t1_j8q3y6w wrote

So what happened is the drought over now?


UsedToBCool t1_j8qoovx wrote

Water returned. But Texas will face the same issues eventually, especially when underground reservoirs that so many unknowingly rely on deplete.


Torgo73 t1_j8rcc1i wrote

Texas: “I used to drought. I still do, but I used to too.”


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Harvest_Rat t1_j8r5sxj wrote

If it’s like CA, it’s “functional” and not “ornamental” turf and is excepted from the restrictions that everyday household lawns are…


Jagwires t1_j8r3bye wrote

Obligatory “fuck texas”


SaltyBarDog t1_j8r5c6f wrote

I said that when I collected my discharge papers and headed for the state line.