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PaxNova t1_j8qahvs wrote

Sure it can. I would pay good money if the initial results of ivermectin on covid weren't publicly released.


SifuEliminator t1_j8s2dsy wrote

If people actually read those "results" they would have seen that they were shitty (pun intended)


PaxNova t1_j8saoq0 wrote

That's my point,too. The way information is framed and released matters. You end up with people who have no medical training reading an initial finding and claiming it's gospel without bothering to read further research explaining why results are not applicable.

If there were a law insisting that everybody have access to preliminary findings data, it would be very chaotic. Just because it's true doesn't mean it should be public. Wait for the final release.


SifuEliminator t1_j8sb2mn wrote

Yeah I actually agreed with you and just added to your point. Information can definitely be incorrectly interpreted. And that is a huge part of the current state of Qanon and christian extremists. They believe wrong information.