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frotc914 t1_j8qyc43 wrote

Golf is a massive waste, but if you want someone to blame, it's farming, not the people actually residing in the southwest.

Like maybe you don't need to spend gallons of water growing a nut so you can process it down and add more water to it and drink it. Maybe you could just drink water instead. Crazy, I know.


WesternOne9990 t1_j8r9xlu wrote

There’s no reason to grow alfalfa in a desert and yet we do


adfthgchjg t1_j8socl4 wrote

Yeah, no. That article claims it takes 7,000 sq ft of land to produce one gallon of milk, yet they supply no details for how they arrived at that number.

After reading the entire article, they seem to assume traditional farming methods… rather than the brutal methods of modern large scale industrial farms, where the animals aren’t allowed to wander across grassy plains like in the past.


biscobingo t1_j8tn3xo wrote

Given that before mega farms were a thing, lots of small farms with around 100 head produced plenty of milk, and most of them were smaller than 1000 acres. 7,000 sq ft per gallon sounds ridiculous.


musci1223 t1_j8soups wrote

Doesn't matter if they are allowed to wonder or not. The amount of food they need will still need to be grown. Farming is take up a large chunk of water and if you know about basic food chain efficiency the higher up you are in good chain more energy and indirectly water is being consumed per unit of nutrition.