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Zealousideal-Feed156 t1_j8t0vl3 wrote

Same thing as golf courses to me. Make them public or have a day or two that’s free so that EVERYBODY in the community can enjoy them.


MrsApostate t1_j8th2sm wrote

I grew up near a ski resort in Utah, and this is already a thing they do. Plenty of community programs that make it free to ski on certain days. I even got free ski lessons one year because I was on the honor roll at school.

The ski resorts bring in significant tourism (in a way the golf courses in Utah do not) that benefits lots of people (including plenty of small businesses that cater to ski tourism, everything from fancy lattes to winter gear).

I just don't think it's quite equivalent to golf courses (and now that I live across the country, I don't really have a dog in this fight. I don't even like skiing!)


thepastyprince t1_j8vo66u wrote

Yeah but golfing is no were NEAR as popular as snow sports are here. They had the Olympics here because of the ski slopes and because of how good our snow is to ski on. We have celebrities coming to visit the slopes all the time aswell. Shit there is even a skier on the license plate.

I don't ski or snowboard but no skiing would fuck utahs economy.