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attanai t1_j8yakwh wrote

"The Fox spokesperson also accused Dominion of cherry-picking quotes from evidence in its filing."

I mean, yeah, the person said that, and we used that person's letter as corroboration for our story, but you're ignoring all the parts where they blamed you! I see no reason to think that the fact that this person was a time travelling ghost in any way diminishes their credibility. Stop being so ablist against decapitated people!


elmonoenano t1_j8z65tn wrote

Also, Dominion did cherry pick quotes. B/c they were making a case for themselves. Its' fox's job to defend the case, not dominions. So, yeah obviously Dominion picked the stuff that supported their position.

The Fox spokesperson who said that should be thrown into the sea.


generally_sane t1_j8z7bl7 wrote

I vote for throwing everyone at Fox into the sea.


Electrical_Ingenuity t1_j8z8l6g wrote

I thought we were trying to reduce the great Pacific garbage patch.


Corrigar_Rising t1_j8zcpv5 wrote

Toss 'em in the Atlantic then


bodrules t1_j91giz8 wrote

<checks current flows>

Hell no, you keep them, we've got enough conservative nutters as it is.


GenericElucidation t1_j913ybp wrote

It's okay, they're mostly organic, so it'll be a net good for the environment.


pseudocultist t1_j919nhv wrote

Except the faces which are at least 60% plastic and will float eerily along forever.


Magimasterkarp t1_j917j5x wrote

Your honor, the DA is clearly cherry picking his evidence. He only showed the security footage of me killing that guy. What about the 23 hours and 50 minutes of footage from that day where I wasn't committing murder?


OldeFortran77 t1_j8ybiqc wrote

People are saying ... decapitated, time-traveling people, that is.


Khaldara t1_j8zgt7u wrote

To be fair, the average decapitated person presumably has far more intelligent takes on policy than modern MAGA Republican nutbags, and at least thrice the cognitive function of Boebert and Greene combined


AFew10_9TooMany t1_j906tli wrote

”Powell opened her segment by making unsubstantiated claims about ‘a massive and coordinated effort’ to ‘steal’ the 2020 election.”

There WAS a massive and coordinated effort to steal the election…

Fortunately, it failed…


generally_sane t1_j8z78de wrote

To be clear, she said "internally decapitated." I take that to mean she realizes her brain is decapitated from reality and she knows she's insane...yet "she still lives." Much like this stupid conspiracy theory.


gland10 t1_j90wqop wrote

Its an actual thing but usually for whiplash in car accident victims. Your skull can sever from your spine internally. Its why people get neck collars when paramedics show up to accidents regardless of severity because it doesn't take much force.


youwigglewithagiggle t1_j918hxq wrote

And why it's strongly advised for carseats to face backwards until kids are about 4, even if they've technically outgrown the position. Their bones aren't all fused together, which puts them at much greater risk of internal decapitation even without neck wounds!


liberal_meateater t1_j916n7g wrote

I think it’s called an “Axio-Atlantal” subluxation.
It’s the first vertebrae separating from the base of the skull. Death is instant.

It’s why I wear a HANS device in a race car.


gland10 t1_j916zzf wrote

Apparently its 70% instantly fatal. You can survive, but the odds that you aren't dead or paralyzed are abysmal.


just_some_guy65 t1_j90vt5m wrote

Translated to "It is so unfair that they are using evidence that shows we are absolutely guilty"


WaitingForNormal t1_j8y9nnq wrote

Yes, she had “visions” hahahah fucking spirit quests, in which she “observed” election fraud hahahhahaha. Holy shit these people are fucking nuts.


assjackal t1_j8yhf33 wrote

Some people believe things in their heart so much that faslifying evidence is justified, or have no evidence but need to communicate how powerful their beliefs are as if it'll just download into other people.

It plays hand in hand with the "God said" types who mistake their inner monologue for a diety commanding them.


TonyWhoop t1_j8z5paz wrote

I remember George W doing this a whole lot during his regime and it made me sick every time.


lalauna t1_j8ztjvx wrote

Very disturbing. And makes me happy that I'm moderately well aware of what's "real" and what is "crazy." I only say moderately because i could be wrong, and try to allow for that. Only a fool is certain


DataSquid2 t1_j8zz57j wrote

You can be certain of something and change your mind later when presented with new evidence. Sometimes it's best to just commit. Especially in this case where you're already living your life under the assumption that you can tell the difference between reality and a fever dream.

But maybe you are weird and question yourself frequently if you're experiencing reality or not, and if that's the case that just seems unhealthy to me.

Either way, I'll continue to be certain that my reality is real until there's evidence to the contrary.


lalauna t1_j905rcb wrote

I have been told before that I'm weird. That's okay. I do question lots of things that i don't need to, probably, but that's just me. I think it's good to be open to new evidence


OmegaSeven t1_j90yffu wrote

It always reminds me of that community of people who by all accounts believe they were secret psychic warriors deployed to Mars to fight space Nazis, or aliens , or alien Nazis who then had their memories erased and we're returned to civilian life on earth.

The mind is a powerful and strange thing.


assjackal t1_j91enb0 wrote

What the actual fuck? Lmao do you have an article on this it sounds stupid and fascinating.


PsionicBurst t1_j8za39h wrote

I once heard a saying that whatever Republicans spew about, antagonizing the other party, they're just projecting, so essentially: She dreamed that she put in fraudulent votes.


HarryHacker42 t1_j8yojnj wrote

This nutcase was one of Trump's attorneys!! It isn't like she is some random whackjob who has visions. She was an attorney to the President of the USA.


ConfessedOak t1_j8zvkpq wrote

she was the "release the kraken" lady, no?


jflatt2 t1_j90e7u3 wrote

Yes, and now we know she literally meant the actual Kraken


[deleted] t1_j90fvcc wrote

I think you misunderstood the article. Sidney Powell claimed that people were alleging election fraud. The email is being shown as an example of someone claiming there was election fraud. Not that Sidney Powell was claimed that she was the one who was claiming to be a decapitated time traveler. Not defending her or Fox or trump at all. Just trying to clarify.


justcoolertalk t1_j91rupp wrote

That is not true. Sidney forwarded the email as “evidence” of fraud. The article doesn’t say Powell wanted to show people were alleging election fraud. She was saying that was actual evidence.


dkromd30 t1_j8ymblh wrote

So, let me get this straight -

Powell, an attorney, forwarded this email to a major news organization*, containing psychotic ramblings and magical thinking, labeling it “evidence” of voter fraud…..

Is this just cynically sourced messaging from Powell? Does she find this person to be credible/reliable? Would she put this person on the stand?

Absolutely fucking nuts.

*I use the term “news organization” very loosely here.


OmegaSeven t1_j90y6b3 wrote

She's currently an attorney, I don't expect that to be the case indefinitely.

There is a real reckoning happening in the legal profession in the last couple years, a lot of lawyers that act in bad faith are facing consequences for bad behavior that was previously more tolerated. Of course it's the legal community so it's happening slowly and methodically.


WaytoomanyUIDs t1_j92rtiq wrote

Well I do know the judge in the one Kraken case referred them all for compulsory remedial legal education in election law and legal ethics.


tukekairo t1_j8y4lmb wrote

She hangs out with Mr. Pillow


theshaeman t1_j8z00ga wrote

I always get three things confused.

  1. Mr Pillow
  2. Pillow Pets
  3. Pillow Pants

tukekairo t1_j8z0a5o wrote

"My Pillow Guy" is the correct term...


theshaeman t1_j8z0gvq wrote

On Wednesdays could we say Dude instead?


tukekairo t1_j8z0qjp wrote

My Pillow Dude...that works but it is not Wednesday


theshaeman t1_j8z1rch wrote

But I’m on call this weekend and off Monday and Tuesday….so wouldn’t today be my Wednesday in theory?


tukekairo t1_j8z0mb8 wrote

He is also internally decapitated apparently


peensteen t1_j8z7gw0 wrote

The first two you can stick your dick in, but the third will bite it off.


Rosebunse t1_j8yz9um wrote

Transwomen are crazy, but a woman claiming to be a headless interdimentional being is a perfectly fine person to ask for legal advise.


errol_timo_malcom t1_j8ybi5e wrote

Maybe she had the Time Stone or the Eye of Covfefe


stumptowncampground t1_j8ybubi wrote

I'm not a lawyer, but aren't these fox hosts just proving dominion's case? They knew the claims were false but pushed them anyway. What facts are in dispute?


Sweatytubesock t1_j8zkj9g wrote

Hope Dominion takes every cent from every one of these fucking lunatics.


carndees t1_j8yf16m wrote

Oh bless her heart, she thinks she's people.


jh937hfiu3hrhv9 t1_j8y8qtw wrote

Headless and brain damage simultaneously is pure talent.


peensteen t1_j8z9lmi wrote

Fucking Timesplitters meddling with elections now.


demonfell t1_j90n10b wrote

Exhibit A: testimony from a transdimensional poltergeist!

Exhibit B: 10,000 invisible, immaterial chimeras corroborating the evidence of fraud.

Exhibit C: The horn from my bike, stolen on the same day as the election!


just_some_guy65 t1_j911dkc wrote

Wasn't there that woman with a drink problem in one of the northern states alleging that vans turned up with either too much or not enough food for the vote counters?

Slam dunk evidence right there.


Sucih t1_j8zmeqa wrote

Come on if this was before the Supreme Court they’d say well there is a precedent with jesus


badideas1 t1_j8zmgk6 wrote

This woman has access to Krakens, people. Of course she can summon headless astral entities and other amazing creatures. This just makes her MORE believable.


dgdio t1_j8y4imp wrote

Did she quote Jeff Sessions who is balls-less?


youngmindoldbody t1_j8z3e4c wrote

I'm certain crystals and past life experiences are in this mix.


Cycleguy57 t1_j8zz3ii wrote

Remember when saying things like this would probably get you committed? Good times.


Southern-Leg-3020 t1_j8zz3x6 wrote

They used to put people in hospital they spoke like this now we let them make laws and run a country


PM_ME_UR_RESPECT t1_j91qdkc wrote

Remember this when someone tries to tell you both sides are the same.

This is a peak behind the curtain at who these people really are.


memberer t1_j8yfchr wrote

was it je-sus?


Cinema_King t1_j8z8wai wrote

When I look into those eyes I see nothing. If she ever had a soul it’s long gone


FlashpointJ24 t1_j8zqlkj wrote

That headline is a lot to unpack...


LeapIntoInaction t1_j904z6w wrote

She needs to fire her mortician. She hasn't been embalmed properly, her face is falling off, and the make-up job is a scandal.


WriteBrainedJR t1_j90g47a wrote

I'd rather suffer whatever penalty I was facing than to admit that I believed anything in an email claiming to be from a "headless, time-traveling entity." Even the Nigerian Prince is more believable than that.


he77bender t1_j90g9ib wrote

TO BE FAIR, internal decapitation is a slightly different thing than regular decapitation, and it is at least POSSIBLE to survive depending on how exactly it happens. Not that I believe it happened to this lady, but from what I can tell what she's actually claiming is that

A) she survived a severe but theoretically survivable injury as a child,


B) now she has visions that tell her things.

Which is still completely bonkers of course, but I do feel like it's a more common, down-to-earth type of crazy compared to "I received this email from the ghost of Anne Boleyn".

And honestly? I'm kind of disappointed. The 'headless time specter' angle is so much more fun. Another headline over-promising, what else is new...


j4ck_0f_bl4des t1_j90m7w1 wrote

Have we not seen enough evidence at this point to put every one of these scumbags, including trump, behind bars for the rest of eternity? I mean what does it take?


potato_devourer t1_j9123t4 wrote

At what point do these stories stop being considered "oniony" and just be accepted as predictable common occurrences?


psilocin72 t1_j91aife wrote

Hahaha yeah, unfortunately a ridiculous story like this isn’t even oniony anymore. 🕷Wtf🐍 is happening to our country?


vbcbandr t1_j92aqvc wrote

She's legit divorced from reality. Like, she needs significant mental health intervention.


KittenKoder t1_j905rd6 wrote

Yeah, that may as well be a thing.


Mrcoldghost t1_j9096pd wrote

A truly inspiring member of our legal system here folks.


geronimo1958 t1_j90do0r wrote

Well Sidney Powell is headless. What people think is her head is really a giant gaping anus.


Beautiful_Fee1655 t1_j90j17j wrote

Could the time traveler please report to all of us how many years Trump gets in prison for his many crimes?


adamttaylor t1_j90jeh9 wrote

I mean, if you can't trust the headless time traveling entities anymore, who can you trust?


just_some_guy65 t1_j911hnn wrote

In fairness to them they never abuse their powers and discover winning lottery numbers from the future.


caidicus t1_j90kk54 wrote

The issue has never been freedom of speech, even people in China are free to say whatever they want. (I live in China)

The issue is allowing just about anyone to gather a following around just about any absolutely insane ideology or cause.



SnarfbObo t1_j90pgvq wrote

Not many are actually worthy of their place here but this one sure as shit is.


Bignate2001 t1_j90wr9e wrote

“It came to me in a dream”


BelgianVirus t1_j90xdzf wrote

These people are in our government


ghostella t1_j911m4v wrote

What kind of disabled?

Head disabled.


ddkelkey t1_j912qmx wrote

Fox laid down with crazy.


Roto-Wan t1_j912wl9 wrote

I may just be a headless, time-traveling lawyer, but even I can see the election officials in these videos are committing fraud.


chrissydvd t1_j913kh2 wrote

Murdoch knows how to keep those ratings up..doesn’t have to be a truth, a crazy news blip is fine. Oh for the days of News of The World (ceased publishing in 2011) where printed rubbish was slurped up with gusto. Why did anyone think Fox was about actual News or truth..sheesh🥴🥴


luckylebron t1_j917q4b wrote

How does someone like this have the will and intelligence to get a law degree?


psilocin72 t1_j91ae00 wrote

You don’t have to be dumb to be crazy and delusional. I discover that more and more every day. My father in law is very intelligent but he’s convinced trump is some kind of savior for America.


TjW0569 t1_j91fc5g wrote

If you can't trust an "internally decapitated" time-traveler, who can you trust?


CurrentlyLucid t1_j920h9r wrote

It all makes sense now, they were completely bonkers.


quangtran t1_j924jtz wrote

Do remember that for a few weeks she was the hero who was going to make conservative dreams come true.


Defure t1_j926d3v wrote

Every time I think US politics can't get any crazier


TricksterWolf t1_j92c21n wrote

I was going to post this except BI is on the banned sites list. How did this submission not get auto-rejected?


Individual_Cap_8505 t1_j9kc3kg wrote

I have seen Sidney Powell in interviews before all this mess and she seemed competent. It is confusing that she seems to have suddenly turned into a lunatic. What happened? The leap from upstanding, respectable attorney to unprofessional lunatic seemingly overnight makes no sense. What really happened?