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dkromd30 t1_j8ymblh wrote

So, let me get this straight -

Powell, an attorney, forwarded this email to a major news organization*, containing psychotic ramblings and magical thinking, labeling it “evidence” of voter fraud…..

Is this just cynically sourced messaging from Powell? Does she find this person to be credible/reliable? Would she put this person on the stand?

Absolutely fucking nuts.

*I use the term “news organization” very loosely here.


OmegaSeven t1_j90y6b3 wrote

She's currently an attorney, I don't expect that to be the case indefinitely.

There is a real reckoning happening in the legal profession in the last couple years, a lot of lawyers that act in bad faith are facing consequences for bad behavior that was previously more tolerated. Of course it's the legal community so it's happening slowly and methodically.


WaytoomanyUIDs t1_j92rtiq wrote

Well I do know the judge in the one Kraken case referred them all for compulsory remedial legal education in election law and legal ethics.