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elmonoenano t1_j8z65tn wrote

Also, Dominion did cherry pick quotes. B/c they were making a case for themselves. Its' fox's job to defend the case, not dominions. So, yeah obviously Dominion picked the stuff that supported their position.

The Fox spokesperson who said that should be thrown into the sea.


generally_sane t1_j8z7bl7 wrote

I vote for throwing everyone at Fox into the sea.


Electrical_Ingenuity t1_j8z8l6g wrote

I thought we were trying to reduce the great Pacific garbage patch.


Corrigar_Rising t1_j8zcpv5 wrote

Toss 'em in the Atlantic then


bodrules t1_j91giz8 wrote

<checks current flows>

Hell no, you keep them, we've got enough conservative nutters as it is.


GenericElucidation t1_j913ybp wrote

It's okay, they're mostly organic, so it'll be a net good for the environment.


pseudocultist t1_j919nhv wrote

Except the faces which are at least 60% plastic and will float eerily along forever.


Magimasterkarp t1_j917j5x wrote

Your honor, the DA is clearly cherry picking his evidence. He only showed the security footage of me killing that guy. What about the 23 hours and 50 minutes of footage from that day where I wasn't committing murder?