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velifer t1_j8exsxr wrote

By "we all helped to make" the comment you replied to is talking about the larger context that goes beyond the simple irony of a movie and discusses the tragic irony of the current regulatory state of this sector of the transportation industry.

It is similar to the literary device of motif, where a recurring theme or element is present that helps to explore themes.

Perhaps you could pay closer attention to context clues. It might help you relate to your world and others in it more positively. Speech and language therapy often is beneficial to those with ASD.

edit: and u/ghloperr, you're more committed to your ignorance than I thought. But hey, do what feels good.


Prinzka t1_j8fagxq wrote

Wow, calling someone autistic as a defense for you misinterpreting a headline is an unexpected turn of events.


ghloperr t1_j8f2bkt wrote

I get what you are saying, we all had high school English classes (you also use way too many words to make your point so I bet you might have even had an AP class or two), but it is incredibly stupid of you to think that the author of the article is saying that the regular citizens of Ohio "helped make" this disaster. Nobody would ever imply such a thing because it makes no sense.

Half of the article is literally just talking about how the current situation is similar to the plot of the movie.


ShabachDemina t1_j8fx7y4 wrote

I just spent about 10 minutes scrolling through your post history, because I found your first comment appropriate but somewhat off topic, and your second comment suuuuper condescending for no reason.

Come to find out, you're just super condescending most of the time. Like subjectively 80% of your comments.

Just an observation no one asked for, but I felt the desire to point out.

Further unsolicited opinion: most of what you say is factually correct, and not actually bad takes. But your phrasing comes across as elitest and, again, condescending. Future interactions with you would be more pleasant if you put work into coming across nicer. Just rephrasing most of what I read would have changed the tone enough not to have given me a brief (albeit consistent) negative impression of you.