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Arronax50 t1_ja7ea64 wrote

It's called "hot desking" and almost every big company in France uses it. I thought it was common in the USA as well.


JejuneEsculenta t1_ja9tzhh wrote

My company had set up hot desks, while working to transition our office around some RIFs and incoming tenants.

Eventually, they just let us all WFH and closed the office (which we had only built, like, 18 years ago).

Hot desks are brilliant for those who are in the office part time. No need to keep 150 desks for 150 employees, and have them each only used a day or two per week.


Nopengnogain t1_jaaflfj wrote

It is common, at least where I work, it’s actually less crowded. I used to share an office with someone else, but now that most of us are teleworking, on the days I do go in, I reserve a desk and get the whole office all by myself.