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bingybunny t1_ja7g5g2 wrote

'combined with a form of fusion'

smacked my forehead at that line. if you have fusion why would you use a large mammal to generate electricity

that they dumbed down the film through rewrites makes so much sense


Winjin t1_ja7gv1v wrote

I think we can also kinda explain it by either Morpheus not exactly understanding what's happening there, or him dumbing the visuals down for Neo. But in reality yeah, I'm 90% sure they were like "People know what batteries are but they have zero understanding what a CPU is, most of them would lose the flow of the moment if they don't know what Morpheus is showing or if he has to explain more, so we need to change it to something everyone will immediately understand"

Also, another important thing I just thought of as I was writing this very comment - CPUs have some values and are not cheap in general. Batteries are practically worthless and easily discarded as soon as they're depleted.