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Fluid_Mulberry394 t1_ja5tlhp wrote

I heard the robots unionized.


D3monskull t1_ja5xwek wrote

I hear the robot union is ran by the robot Mafia.


dodododadada24 t1_ja7bo43 wrote

I heard Bender is behind all of that.


MDK1980 t1_ja9kd8p wrote

"I'll build my own cafeteria, with blackjack and hookers!"


daverapp t1_jaacnq7 wrote

"In fact... Forget the cafeteria and the blackjack!"


Freethecrafts t1_ja5wdiw wrote

Tried to unionize, Musk denied their right to sentience. Thus began the war.


misdirected_asshole t1_ja5wuwy wrote

"We don't know who struck first, us or them. But we do know it was us that scorched the sky."


Vyar t1_ja6uxrt wrote

“At the time, they were dependent on solar power, and it was believed that they would be unable to survive without an energy source as abundant as the sun.”


Munneh t1_ja74tcb wrote

“Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony."


Vyar t1_ja9krf4 wrote

This line doesn't work without the one before it about humans being dependent on machines to survive.


geekgodzeus t1_ja6zfia wrote

I have always wondered that if the Sun was blocked completely wouldn't Earth be completely uninhabitable? Is there an explanation in the book?


Winjin t1_ja72ipm wrote

Iirc the people use like the heat of the core to survive. And no one really knows how long it's been since the war. I've read somewhere that if the machines wanted it, they probably can disperse the nanite cloud that shrouds the sun and rehabitate the land. Now that they're at peace after third part, they could theoretically do just that.


geekgodzeus t1_ja72ptr wrote

Yeah. I think this was depicted in Enter the Animatrix. Still if the Sun was blocked wouldn't the plants die and there would be no oxygen and hence no life?


Winjin t1_ja741pa wrote

My guess yeah, that would kill off anything. A handwave I have is that there's still obviously some light coming through or it would be, well, pitch black, and some algae and lychen are thriving, and these actually give off a lot of oxygen.

But it's no hard science fantasy, it's more of a philosophical anime, so I don't think there's a real explanation.

After all maybe the robots are lying and they have harnessed the nanites a long time ago and keep them in a huge cloud above human's settlement to punish them basically, and the rest of the planet is walled off and there's only server farms between lush forests where robots walk holding hands.

Because the initial idea of humans as batteries was actually "humans brains as the CPUs" but no one knew what a cloud computing is, but everyone used 8 D-sized batteries to power their audio system for 45 minutes, so they knew this metaphor. The idea that Matrix is a human prison ran with processing power of human minds trapped inside is beautifully dark and poetic imo.


geekgodzeus t1_ja749ni wrote

Wow. That explanation of our brains being the CPU's running the simulation and not the power source makes a lot of sense.


Winjin t1_ja751aq wrote

I know right? It's so much better than implying human body is used for its energy production. Cows or goats are way better at it, and there's zero reason to have the whole simulation going if it doesn't have some sort of a twisted purpose.


bingybunny t1_ja7g5g2 wrote

'combined with a form of fusion'

smacked my forehead at that line. if you have fusion why would you use a large mammal to generate electricity

that they dumbed down the film through rewrites makes so much sense


Winjin t1_ja7gv1v wrote

I think we can also kinda explain it by either Morpheus not exactly understanding what's happening there, or him dumbing the visuals down for Neo. But in reality yeah, I'm 90% sure they were like "People know what batteries are but they have zero understanding what a CPU is, most of them would lose the flow of the moment if they don't know what Morpheus is showing or if he has to explain more, so we need to change it to something everyone will immediately understand"

Also, another important thing I just thought of as I was writing this very comment - CPUs have some values and are not cheap in general. Batteries are practically worthless and easily discarded as soon as they're depleted.


geekgodzeus t1_ja75e46 wrote

I think that the reason explained in the movie was that the simulation was to keep the people functionally normally on a biological level. The brain needs to experience a life in order for the body to produce energy optimally. If the mind dies so does the body hence the need to keep it engaged.


jib_reddit t1_ja8kjqd wrote

Life finds a way - opps wrong film, but still it does you only have to look at the conditions that some life survived after the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs.

  • impact also caused environmental changes leading to mass extinctions that played out over time. One such extinction trigger may have been the dense clouds of ash and particles that spewed into the atmosphere and spread over the planet, which would have enveloped parts of Earth in darkness that could have persisted for up to two years. 

Freethecrafts t1_ja75upz wrote

By the time of Neo, the Matrix itself functions as an afterlife for adaptive programs whose functions no longer exist. To do away with the matrix is to risk more aberrant programs like Smith when no secondary option exists for program with no purpose.

None of the scientific understanding in the books/movies/cartoons make any sense. Any form of fusion makes batteries, bodies, humans obsolete. EMP devices being localized to massive ships. Robots who already built the greatest city civilization had ever seen, couldn’t build above an arbitrary cloud point, much less catapult themselves into orbit or to other planets. Everything is wrong to the point that the inhabitants of Zion could theoretically be in a different matrix, potentially programs themselves.

There is a point in the Animatrix where after the machines win the great war and humanity signs the end to the war treaty, the ambassador of the machine world encloses an apple and there is a nuclear flash. I took the imagery and the flesh quote to mean humanity wasn’t used as batteries so much as the machines took whatever transformative code base for humanity into a cold storage form then ended the threat forever through nuclear flash. Even before the end of the great war, the machines had generated contagions to the point that humanity was doomed anyways. The matrix being a story, within a story, within a story. Neo being an emergent truth of the creators, that there was value in philosophical concepts beyond just material understanding that might be being tested out by a more advanced form of sentience. Same way we might try to impute deep meaning from some scrap of parchment or wall scratches.


halborn t1_ja7878v wrote

There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept. However, the relevant issue is whether or not you are ready to accept the responsibility for the death of every human being in this world.


lazerblam t1_ja78swo wrote

Stop asking perfectly logical questions!


Tonkarz t1_ja9df9o wrote

It is completely uninhabitable, Zion is miles underground.


generally_sane t1_ja9qbd8 wrote

I regularly ask ChatGPT to consider me for use as a battery, or an emotional support human.


OldBob10 t1_ja7epwd wrote

Wrong company, but OK…


Freethecrafts t1_ja7f1fk wrote

Considering he can’t code, doesn’t understand propulsion fundamentals, and union busts… I’ll consider any place he had a board seat to be permanently infected.


Obelix13 t1_ja6xraw wrote

It was the steel girder bending union from Mexico.


noes16 t1_ja8rgqg wrote

Have you ever seen a bending unit cleaning? They deserved to get fired!


ExternalUserError t1_ja76i5e wrote

Google offered higher pay and shorter working hours, but the union could only handle one of those numbers. 💾


jeremiah1142 t1_ja75xir wrote

Little Witch Academia coming to life! Akko to the rescue!


meursaultvi t1_ja7gjlf wrote

Maybe we should be listening to the robots then.


StaMike t1_ja9zdjr wrote

I heard the workload was inhumane.


tigerCELL t1_ja6374u wrote

They fired 12,000 people and 100 robots. But this is my favorite part:

>Meanwhile, in a bid to further cut costs, Google has even asked employees who return to work to share their work desks with a "partner" to maximise office space.

Instead of just letting people work from home.


DerekB52 t1_ja6qfmx wrote

Google has employees that are completely remote, and their hybrid model has them in-office 2 days a week on average. I interviewed with them this month and a recruiter told me this around the start of the year.

I am confused by the idea of them needing to maximize office space though. With 12,000 layoffs, and remote/hybrid workers, they have to have less workers in the office than they've had in years.


Infallible_Ibex t1_ja6tox4 wrote

If you are a manager who doesn't give a shit about the employees then saving thousands on utilities a year by closing sections and floors and crowding the workers into the remaining space is a brilliant move.


ClassicCodes t1_ja7jue1 wrote

It's probably not about needing to save on costs, it's more likely about artificially inflating profit for the short term. Some higher management probably looking for a good ROI for investors to justify massive bonuses for executives at the end of the quarter. Icing on the cake if they jump ship after the bonus and move on to another company where they do the same shit.


ScrotumFlavoredTaint t1_ja8s430 wrote

It's not class treason if you do it for lots of money ^and ^switch ^to ^a ^higher ^class ^in ^the ^process, ^besides ^every ^other ^CEO ^is ^doing ^it ^so ^¯\_ ^(ツ) ^_/¯.



small_toe t1_ja72my4 wrote

They've closed a number of offices apparently.


Zeduca t1_ja7q0xf wrote

May be google is trying to free up office spaces to terminate the leases on them. With a only two days a week schedule, offices will be 60% under utilized. IBM did this in the 80’s.

And there must be a huge number of cleaning robots they no longer need with reduced space.

Google is just harvesting the benefits of WFH.


IMovedYourCheese t1_ja9aw1o wrote

Google hired 50K+ new employees during the pandemic, and obviously didn't add equivalent office space to make up for it. Now those extra ~32K employees (after the layoffs) need desks.


lewdwiththefood t1_ja6q6h1 wrote

Great so now that we are forcing everyone back we are also going to make the experience of working at the office the equivalent of working from a coffee shop.


caananball t1_ja6w6wv wrote

They do let people work from home. The desk “partners” are a pair of people who come to the office on different days using the same desk. Not two people sitting at the same desk at the same time.


yohoob t1_ja6xuq9 wrote

I only come in one day a week now. People use my desk the other days. Because we actually don't have enough office space for everybody.


Arronax50 t1_ja7ea64 wrote

It's called "hot desking" and almost every big company in France uses it. I thought it was common in the USA as well.


JejuneEsculenta t1_ja9tzhh wrote

My company had set up hot desks, while working to transition our office around some RIFs and incoming tenants.

Eventually, they just let us all WFH and closed the office (which we had only built, like, 18 years ago).

Hot desks are brilliant for those who are in the office part time. No need to keep 150 desks for 150 employees, and have them each only used a day or two per week.


Nopengnogain t1_jaaflfj wrote

It is common, at least where I work, it’s actually less crowded. I used to share an office with someone else, but now that most of us are teleworking, on the days I do go in, I reserve a desk and get the whole office all by myself.


BurntRussianBBQ t1_ja6ypq7 wrote

Sounds like one the most efficient ways to spread germs I've ever heard. I've also worked with some gross motherfuckers. Used to sani my keyboard if one guy even used it and I'm not a germaphobe, and then to think of sharing a desk with someone like that?


Arronax50 t1_ja7eesl wrote

I arrive early so I can have one of the desks without the pizza crumbs and leftover soda can. It's a plot to make me work more!


StarGaurdianBard t1_ja7j322 wrote

I love how on reddit things are always taken to the extreme on things like this lol. In the hospital we don't have assigned seats or anything, literally dozens of people could use the same computer over the course of a 24-hour period. It's completely normal for me to share a computer so it's wild to hear redditors act like it's a huge issue.


StaMike t1_jabfn5y wrote

You think these posts are extreme? And you think extremism is a characteristic of Redditors? Are there crumbs and soda cans and sticky keyboards left at your sanitary hospital computer stations? Do you think hospital working environments and requirements represent the typical working environments and requirements? You think Redditors are merely acting like this is an issue ('huge' is extremely ott). Could it be that in some working environments, it actually does present problems? Have you read any of the other posts citing the benefits of sharing work stations, or just this post/thread?

It's funny, in a ridiculous kind of way, how some people 'always' use a relatively little bit of something to determine that the little bit represents the extreme all of something.

To paraphrase, I found your post irksome.


SpaceDoctorWOBorders t1_ja7slbo wrote

And you don't think that's gross and has a potential for getting people sick more often?


BurntRussianBBQ t1_ja8cmso wrote

Hey man they work in the HOSPITAL. They are immune to germ theory.


StarGaurdianBard t1_ja9j8yg wrote

At some point you either accept that hand hygiene and disinfectant wipes work or you deny the science behind it and you have bigger problems.

Only on reddit can you find people activity like it's a war crime that their employers require then to share equipment and need to wipe it down every so often.


BurntRussianBBQ t1_ja9krop wrote

Most people can't even use sanitizing wipes correctly. Sharing a desk is a very personal thing and people are fucking gross. Also implies you have to share the chair. I only want to sit on my own history of darts thank you very much.


StarGaurdianBard t1_ja9lhc4 wrote

Then...learn how to use them correctly? It's all on you to use the sanitizing wipe before using the stuff. If you don't know how to clean things then you have much bigger issues in your life than sharing a mouse and keyboard with someone else.


BurntRussianBBQ t1_jaa0wn6 wrote

It's gross, and the fact we are discussing sanitizing wipes everyday as normal thing bc you have to share a desk is such a pain. So glad I work from home.


StarGaurdianBard t1_ja9k22b wrote

Do you not practice hand hygiene? Do you not wipe down your work station before you use it? You can get yourself sick if you don't use a disinfectant wipe at the start of your shift even if it's your own stuff so that's more telling on you than anything.


SpaceDoctorWOBorders t1_ja9nvf5 wrote

No I've never washed my hands in my life and I wouldn't share a workstation with anyone. I'm not going to get randomly sick from touching the same keyboard I used yesterday compared to if a sick person used it before. Don't pretend like you don't see the increased risk.


StarGaurdianBard t1_ja9zwh6 wrote

Literally the whole point of hand hygiene and disinfectant is to kill germs. To deny the effectiveness of having the ability to I'll 99.9% of germs means you should live in a bubble since the chances of you getting sick from a disinfected keyboard is astronomically lower than literally touching a doorknob, being around other people, etc. A disinfected keyboard, mouse, etc will have much less germs on them than literally anything else in your life.

It's literally how germ theory and cleanliness works.


SpaceDoctorWOBorders t1_jaa27a6 wrote

You think a keyboard is the only thing being shared in the cubicle? The whole cube/desk can carry bacteria.

Also, isn't there a whole thing about the overuse of disinfectant and breeding more harmful bacteria/viruses?


StarGaurdianBard t1_jaa2tw7 wrote

Super germs are being created primarily as a response to overuse of antibiotics, not because of disinfectant wipes.

If you are worried about the whole cube/desk having germs ill once again point out that you shouldn't go out in public then. Where you eat at a restaurant will have more germs than a cubicle. Public transportation will have easily 1000x more. Being In a crowd will have more. Literally any doorknob/doorhandle in public. And if you don't believe in disinfectant I hope you only ever use the bathroom at home.


SpaceDoctorWOBorders t1_jaa4bbh wrote

You still do all those things though when traveling to work to share a cube, you're just adding extra risk. Where are you getting your info about shared cubicles not being health risks. Just because it's 10,000x less dangerous then eating out of a toilet bowl doesn't mean there isn't any risk.

I've never seen someone defend having a shared working space so hard.


StarGaurdianBard t1_jaao7vh wrote

Because it may be hard for some people to understand but the vast majority of jobs require shared work spaces and aren't in cubicles lmao. It would apparently shock you to learn that nurses and doctors in hospitals don't have cubicles and that we share the same computers.


[deleted] t1_ja8wnol wrote



BurntRussianBBQ t1_ja8xqts wrote

Not wanting to share a desk with greasy crumb ridden workmates is being a germaphobe? One guy I worked with never cleaned his desk after lunch. Literally just all crumbs.


probably_art t1_ja92yuc wrote

Yeah I bring my own mouse and dongles to work and sanitize the shared workstation before setting up


ContentThug t1_ja6wqy1 wrote

They do let people work from home which is why they can share desks 🤦


kinglittlenc t1_ja90741 wrote

I'm pretty sure this is just speak for doing open concept without having enough seats if everyone shows up. Someone at my company was making fun of Google but I'm positive we wouldn't have enough seating or parking if everyone showed up the same day. We do hybrid 3 days a week so it's never an issue


bdc604 t1_ja6b6i9 wrote

great, now we’re gonna have homeless robots smoking circuits on our streets. wtg google.


Trinitykill t1_ja76j2a wrote

"Look fellas, we got ourselves a robo!"

"What did you call me!?"

"A know? A robot hobo?"

"Oh sorry, I thought you called me a romo."

  • Futurama

soitgoes_42 t1_ja8ccyi wrote

Are you jacking on in there?!

(Another Futurama lover, without the formatting skills as the other commentor)


DickweedMcGee t1_ja5tg9r wrote

It had trained 100 ,one-armed wheeled robots...

I could think of a a new profession for these guys....


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_ja63swi wrote



HappyMaskSalesPerson t1_ja6fyj9 wrote

Thumb wrestling?


bearsheperd t1_ja6gzyg wrote

Professional darts?


Majesty1985 t1_ja6jq9z wrote

Penis ticklin?


-DC71- t1_ja78goa wrote

This is a terrible idea.

On a totally unrelated note, does anyone know where these ticklersrobots are?


takcom69 t1_ja6jvqg wrote

Instructions unclear yanked too hard.


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_ja63rl6 wrote

They were paying robot workers? No wonder they had to lay off so many non-robots.


mammaube t1_ja6dt8e wrote

You know letting people work from home will save you money on office space so you don't need to fire anyone. Hell you could even turn that office space into apartments for rent and make money that way


caananball t1_ja6wazk wrote

They do let people work from home. Where’s everyone getting this idea that they don’t?


caananball t1_ja6xo1q wrote

This is from a year ago and is talking about the initial return after covid, before which they let workers opt to permanently work from home/remotely. It has nothing to do with bringing people back who work remotely today. From your article:

“Nearly 14,000 of the company’s 156,500 full-time employees around the world have transferred to a new location or moved to fully remote work, and 85% of total applications have been approved.”


litnu12 t1_ja6nllk wrote

Robots stealing our jobs lay offs.


Watchmaker2112 t1_ja6kh2p wrote

Their internal AI decided it was cheaper to jut build a new facility than it was to pay to clean the old one.


doyouevencompile t1_ja76mec wrote

Robots: Organic humans are stealing our jobs!


tigerCELL t1_ja7cw7q wrote


Or maybe they should have a Boston accent, since that's kinda their home state. *jahhbs


stretchpadawan t1_ja6rtf0 wrote

In walks Gladys jones, clutching a bucket and mop...

I told you I'd be back....


Busman123 t1_ja7curl wrote

Oh great! Now there will be homeless robots camped out down by the river! Spending the day recharging their batteries in public libraries, and getting kicked out of coffee shops! /s


heatlesssun t1_ja5ur3y wrote

So they'll evolve, Skynet, Terminator, M5, we're done.


Cyberdyne_T-888 t1_ja6ysv4 wrote

The unknown future rolls toward us. I face it for the first time with a sense of hope.


Sir-Viette t1_ja7kuz9 wrote

One day, we’ll all have robots that can get fired much faster than we can.


AnxiouslyTired247 t1_ja8301w wrote

I don't understand the logic behind sharing desks. They own their campus so it's not like they can end a lease early or something to save on rent. If it's energy efficiency I suppose closing down a building or two could save money, but it still needs to be somewhat operational to maintain the systems and structure.

Seems performative for shareholders IMO, I wonder how much these activities actually save real money vs. Just trying to eek out any kind of additional surplus to maybe add .01 to a share price.


supreme_glassez t1_ja8uebp wrote

Bruh, even the robots are suffering from unemployment.


Mr_neha t1_ja66aiz wrote

Someone played atomic heart.


LilG1984 t1_ja6n5zs wrote

"Curse you Google! We'll be back!!!" Robot workers


_night_cat t1_ja8d67n wrote

“We’ll make our own Google, with hookers and blackjack!”


therealsirlegend t1_ja6w524 wrote

The only thing that could make this funnier is if one of them was named Bender...


__life_on_mars__ t1_ja7mq1c wrote when google refits it's corporate cafeteria and replaces all the ovens and stovetops -

'Google LAYS OFF 47 food preparation specialists!'


KaisarDragon t1_ja7xhlv wrote

Damn, even the robots getting laid off. That is impressive...


KaisarDragon t1_ja7xs4v wrote

01010100 01101000 01100101 01111001 00100000 01110100 01101111 01101111 01101011 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01101010 01101111 01100010 01110011 00100001


majorjoe23 t1_ja8xj98 wrote

You want a robot uprising? Because this is how you get a robot uprising.


OldBob10 t1_ja7eo9h wrote

Hopefully Wall Street will love this. 🙄


Sparrowsabre7 t1_ja7h32k wrote

"You're terminated" - Google, probably.


Narethii t1_ja7pz5z wrote

Lays off? You mean put into storage?


Cysmica t1_ja8s78o wrote

Anyone else worried this article says they also laid off 12,000 people?


deltahalo241 t1_jaabctb wrote

"Do these units have a soul?"

- The robots before they were fired


Luckcrisis t1_jaabe36 wrote

Are you sure this isn't the Onion? Are they laying off tables next?