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Dr_Vegetable t1_j7u37dk wrote

Can I repost it in 5 hours?


Shrewligi t1_j7vux6f wrote

I think that time slot's already taken, better make in 5.5 hours to be safe.


saltqueen95 t1_j7wbinq wrote

Sorry, I already called dibs on that slot. Maybe 5.75 hours?


Jonas_Venture_Sr t1_j7vx64v wrote

The best part is, the actual source material is dodgy, so who tf knows if it’s an actual story.


Unlucky-Prize t1_j7ws9qi wrote

It's supposed to be posted every hour, on the hour, but each time from a slightly different news source. Then, also on special times. I have 4:20pm today covered.


Beliadin t1_j7u0ngp wrote

The phrase 'boo fucking hoo' springs to mind. Maybe head back and cosplay a "badass in a cave" snd let normal people live their lives again.

Or move to Montana and play guns with the assholes there who want the same thing.


BwackGul t1_j7u0vp6 wrote

Could not have said it better.


SuDragon2k3 t1_j7u3r5k wrote

I can see it now...'The Montana Free Fire Zone and Waterpark'


^(No girls allowed. Y'all got cooties. And maturity.)


PolarTheBear t1_j7wko1u wrote

I think the decades long insurgency against world superpowers is a bit more nuanced than that. Like obviously it’s going to be a hard transition. How could it not be?


Beliadin t1_j804xhx wrote

I am sorry, bit i find it hard to find sympathy for the poor guy, who just wants everything to be done his way.

If you're feeling bored in-between blocking girls from going to school, stoning people or generally resisting society moving past the 15th century, I am 100% serious that you should go find a nice cave instead. The rest of society will be better off for it


chasonreddit t1_j7vlokf wrote

Do you really think the Taliban is cosplay? 'Cause they beat the US military for many years and finally won. Of course they had home field advantage, but still.


LevelHeeded t1_j7usxfv wrote

Winning was easy, young man, governing is harder.


sealmeal21 t1_j7x6y70 wrote

No one wins a war in the Middle East. Not even the Middle East.


Zerbulon t1_j7u8mtt wrote

If only TV, music or games or literally anything was allowed... Now they can only resort to Bachi bazaa


Jampine t1_j7uf6yj wrote

Remember when they where in that amusement park, then burned it down?

"After we investigated all the rides, we found them haram, and destroyed them. Now we're off to investigate this bowling alley"


ksatriamelayu t1_j86euup wrote

that was your guys, lmao

Taliban hang pedos on tank barrels


ballerina_wannabe t1_j7u2svd wrote

That’s what happens when you ban all the fun stuff.


ravs1973 t1_j7u4594 wrote

Be careful what you wish for


SeneInSPAAACE t1_j7u4gip wrote

You know, there IS this one oppressive government they could be rebelling against nearby. Just a thought.


Jman50k t1_j7vui37 wrote

Have they tried dressing like Cruella DeVille and hooting at the President? Seems to keep our Taliban entertained.


AddNamAndHim t1_j7vdvur wrote

Ugh, that poor A4... 🥺


SomeOne111Z t1_j7vm34d wrote

bro saw the rail system and thought "i'm gonna be SUCH a cool looking sniper"


AddNamAndHim t1_j7vrwhz wrote

Also, "let's take a 20" barrel & slap a chinesium collapsible stock on it."


DumSkrullen t1_j7vvacs wrote

Soldiers are becoming bored because they have no war to fight... It's only a matter of time before they start creating another one.


RenGoesMad t1_j7wo9g3 wrote

Welcome to the real world where you are a slave to profit and don't have any meaningful struggle to engage in. They had a purpose, now it is gone.


burningphoenix77888 t1_j7xc3hf wrote

I wonder how many are going to join ISK and fight against their former group just to have something to do.


sealmeal21 t1_j7x6un9 wrote

We finally did it folks! we found a way to get them to jump from office buildings too.


Wtfjusthappenedmib t1_j7xzumj wrote

Maybe stop interfering in other countries business and creating unrest and then you don’t have to worry about their complaints …


Somizulfi t1_j7yjcgv wrote

Matter if time they will start fighting between themselves. There are kinda two factions, the Kandahar faction that's not seen the world and the ppl who sat in Qatar and saw how the world operates. The Kandahar faction is more extreme I. E. Girls education and stuff. And their are rifts developing. But all in all, they're all still bunch of idiots.