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squarepeg0000 t1_jacay2v wrote

In all fairness, itwas Volkswagen's 3rd party vendor that ignored the protocol.

"Volkswagen said there was a "serious breach" of its process for working with law enforcement in the Lake County incident. The company uses a third-party vendor to provide the Car-Net service."


Rosebunse t1_jacbeml wrote

Even if it was their third party vendor, that is still pretty scary that they can mess up this bad.


putalotoftussinonit t1_jadwkpp wrote

Verizon and California wildfires is a good read if you need to get more pissed off today.


Darzok t1_jacecl0 wrote

The problem is VW will get all the bad PR and Car-Net will not get blamed in any way as people will read the headline and be like oh fuck VW.


Musicman1972 t1_jacgej2 wrote

Well fair enough really. VW engage the vendor not the customer. The customer doesn't care that VW doesn't supply the actual service and nor should they. It should be seamless and with effective oversight from VW regardless of how much of their provision they outsource.


Just_wanna_talk t1_jacucqs wrote

As they should.

If you outsource your services you best make sure it's to a reliable service provider. Otherwise keep it in house. They probably just wanted to save a few bucks and there are often consequences to that.


nick_shannon t1_jad2yxj wrote

This is how it works in my industry, if my manufacturer fails to deliver a product on time as far as my client is concerned thats my failure to complete the project, my suppliers are my problem.


MOS95B t1_jacmb4d wrote

The number of people who didn't actually read the article and immediately fell for the click baity title is, sadly, not surprising...

>"Volkswagen has a procedure in place with a third-party provider for Car-Net Support Services involving emergency requests from law enforcement. They have executed this process successfully in previous incidents. Unfortunately, in this instance, there was a serious breach of the process. We are addressing the situation with the parties involved," the company said in a statement provided to Ars and other media outlets.


Vanoi t1_jae5r97 wrote

"People we paid bottom dollar fucked up"... "Sorry"


menlindorn t1_jac73s8 wrote

The list of car companies I'm willing to buy from gets shorter every day.


UlyssesArsene t1_jacxpnd wrote

Look at it this way: if you were a fugitive, you can trust them to not rat you out if you don't have the service.


r33k3r t1_jadudem wrote

VW probably should've been off the list even before this.

Edit: can't type


collimat t1_jaez8o3 wrote

I have a sneaking suspicion that VW has some even more dubious history somewhere in the 1940s...


Sadutote t1_jacgjqf wrote

Gotta wonder what was going through the VW rep's mind, because under most circumstances that's asinine.

Playing devil's advocate, maybe there something that tied the rep's hands beyond just corporate greed, like something law enforcement should've done when requesting for these things?


Jarjarthejedi t1_jad8v26 wrote

Most likely there was a specific procedure, but the tech was never trained on it or the police didn't follow it, so they had to default to the standard one for a regular customer. Lots of call center techs literally don't have a choice in how to do their job, they have to follow the system because they cannot access information until they do.


12baakets t1_jacws2r wrote

Here's a thinking person, downvoted by reddit. That's a fair question to ask


daporp t1_jaeubi3 wrote

VW can locate your car "on demand" ? ...


catschainsequel t1_jae09c2 wrote

Louis will prob have something to say about this in a video.


printers_rock t1_jadp3u8 wrote

"Wouldn't" is a word that does not belong in that headline


Frankiedafuter t1_jaew8pz wrote

That’s another reason to buy American. German Companies are noting but heartless capitalists.


Cumupin420 t1_jac8t1n wrote

When I bought my car and they told me they will only locate it if I pay before I told them your ass is getting sued if you refuse to find my car if it gets stolen.


restore_democracy t1_jacdg9h wrote


Parents Too Cheap and Lazy to Keep Subscription Updated to Protect Child


assjackal t1_jacg8j6 wrote

Why would you pay for GPS subscription on a vehicle when every phone does it for free?


Sputtrosa t1_jadc78w wrote

You don't pay for the gps subscription. You pay for the car to transmit the gps data, since that takes data traffic and isn't free. Using a gps service, however, is free.


restore_democracy t1_jaciddb wrote

Guess they should have used their phone.


assjackal t1_jaclib1 wrote

Or, bear with me now, corporate entities shouldn't fuck people over for petty reasons when they have the ability to save an abducted child.


WaytoomanyUIDs t1_jaezpe3 wrote

This was the unfortunate and inevitable result of a corporation outsourcing an important function to a 2nd corporation who then outsourced their call center to a 3rd who couldn't be arsed to train their agents.


Musicman1972 t1_jacgmcc wrote

Regardless of the parents inaction I feel the community should always do everything they can to find a missing child. Even if it costs corporate $150.