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Picolete t1_j7v5ii4 wrote


geckobrother t1_j7v5s7p wrote

China doesn't really hunt whales. Japan still does, though.


Picolete t1_j7v6q8b wrote

Im not talking about whales, im talking about whale food


geckobrother t1_j7v7mup wrote

Ah, gotcha. Japan still outstrips them there, too, sadly. And China still isn't even on the top 10 salmon producers. It's almost all Norway and Chile.


yukon-flower t1_j7wgiil wrote

I see this but about Japanese whaling a lot but without reference to what whales are being caught (and how much or little they are endangered species), nor what other whaling countries are doing.

It’s not like Japan is harvesting Great Blues on the daily. They’re mostly little guys only a few feet long, or smaller.


geckobrother t1_j7wt7x5 wrote

I mean, not many other countries whale at at. Canada, Iceland, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea, the United States and the Danish dependencies of the Faroe Islands and Greenland are the only ones that do in modern times. Most of those are aboriginal whaling as well, meaning done by the natives of the lands. Commercial hunting is only done by Norway, Japan, Iceland, and South Korea.

Japan and Norway constitute 82% of that commercial whaling roughly.

Blue whales, as of now, are not hunted. The Internationak Whaling Commission has had a moratorium on hunting them and other great whales since 1985.

So yeah, its mostly Japan and Norway lol.


yukon-flower t1_j7wtwc3 wrote

Yep, exactly. Japan is not alone and they are not whaling endangered species. People overblow it.


geckobrother t1_j7wve10 wrote

They're not aline, they're one of 2 really. It is a bit overblown, but most of the species are either threatened or near threatened, depending on the list. It's not great to over hunt them, which is why the IWC was made. Most whales are on the road to recovery, which is good.

As I said, it's a bit overblown, but people tend to get that way about conservation