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Kazahaki t1_j80cs8y wrote

Looking forward to seeing/hearing people say "I asked ChatGPT and it said:" a lot more in the future lol


washington_jefferson t1_j80y637 wrote

Yeah, it might get banned in some subs. One sub I frequent the most involves a lot of international law and domestic policies. ChatGPT makes it wayyyyy easier to help people. Before you had to use bullet points from referral references from Google searches, and now you can just tell ChatGPT to give its answers in bullet point form. The thing is- you have to ask it specific questions and tweak things, and you kind of already have to know the answer that you are asking about. It just saves you time explaining and citing things. If you need actual facts with more certainty you should use google, or ask chatgpt where it's getting it's sources.