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swisscriss t1_j9ivh1s wrote

> He discharged her but before leaving she gave Dr Onyekpe a piece of paper with her telephone number on it, an employment tribunal heard

Before anyone of you squares starts attacking this man consider the possibility of this happening to you. Some lusty wench throws her gash at you one day and maybe you too would risk your career as an arby's store manager and marriage to the slow girl that hands out pens at the mall


cutelyaware t1_j9j7c0s wrote

Sorry, I couldn't get past "He discharged her"


Nervous_Wait_9545 t1_j9lodjw wrote

LOL. I wonder if that antiwork sub is still around. I'll go check. I used to love going there and teasing them in ways such as this. I'd say things like "oh look, an arbys cashier is trying to overthrow the global economic system because they think it's unfair they don't have a ferrari."