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TheBounceSpotter t1_j9lo4bv wrote

For all those who didn't bother to read. Doctor is married. The patient slipped him her number after a previous visit. They sexted over whatsapp. When she went to the hospital for chest pain, she was seen by a different doctor, but she messaged him that she was there, and he took his shot. Toilet sex. Followed by sex at her home in following days. The article doesn't explain how the investigation started, just that he was under suspicion of having raped her, and the criminal charges were dropped after police reviewed the evidence. Dude said his wife is cool with it, but then he had to face the music of damage to his career for the moral hazard of having relations with a patient.


take7pieces t1_j9m9rjz wrote

Oh so it’s not like she’s in pain but they still decided to have sex.


Ok-Wasabi2873 t1_j9mjhah wrote

I know doctors that have paid for abortions because they knocked up patients. One paid off a patient when she had the baby. Yes, most were OB/GYN. It’s so common that when my wife went for a check up, there’s a female nurse always in the room if the doctor is male. If the doctor is a woman, no extra nurse.


WonkyHonky69 t1_j9n7ykx wrote

That’s not why there are chaperones when doing sensitive examinations on patients…


[deleted] t1_j9mr0s0 wrote



kjmuell2 t1_j9mtjl6 wrote

I don't know about that. I knew a guy in college that was pre-med with the goal of being an OB/GYN. His mom had died of ovrarian cancer when he was young. Sure some are creeps but some have really good, personal reasons.


epsdelta74 t1_j9mtnhm wrote

I disagree. A person who is interested in a career in medicine who is drawn to the study of and health of the female reproduction system should follow that path if they wish. Male/female should not matter.


Fezzik5936 t1_j9mxidw wrote

Sure is a good thing that females are biologically incapable of either being attracted to females or being sexually predatory!


roll_left_420 t1_j9nidro wrote

Female predators are not nearly as common though.

Men are the primary sexual predators against other men, women, trans and genderqueer people, as well as minors.

It’s not even close.


applefuk t1_j9n1rka wrote

For all those that couldn’t bother reading, please read it.

The turn of events is HILARIOUS


tgbst88 t1_j9mdzxz wrote

with a patient over a public toilet lol.


goodknightffs t1_j9p37v5 wrote

In the hospital.. People don't realize this but the hospital is the most disgusting place in the world.. If you could I'd burn my clothes after coming back..


izzy-springbolt t1_j9iyg3b wrote

>The patient messaged Dr Onyekpe on WhatsApp that she was in A&E. Dr Onyekpe steered the conversation towards sex asking if she has sex as it helps with pain.

>The conversation became more graphic and at 11.16pm, Dr Onyekpe sent her a message asking if he could perform oral sex on her before she left the hospital. Dr Onyekpe then had sex with the patient in the hospital toilets.

Tbf if I was sat bored in the A&E waiting room and a fit doctor asked me if he could eat me out, I'd jump at the chance.


Shot-Spray5935 t1_j9jgwlo wrote

Hello there my name is dr Buttmuncher. What are you doing this weekend?


TheRealSeaMoose t1_j9jault wrote

Hope she didn't have to pay extra for that, because sometimes the bills are the only thing there that'll fuck ya


izzy-springbolt t1_j9jbgb2 wrote

This is the UK, where our healthcare is free.


monoflorist t1_j9jsa80 wrote

It’s the cunnilingus that breaks the bank


Ahelex t1_j9jx8pa wrote

How cunning.


AndringRasew t1_j9kz48r wrote

I hear the doctor had a silver tongue.

There's nothing wrong with a little cunning linguistics between friends.


rugbat t1_j9iv2qi wrote

Did it relieve the pain, though?


Shot-Spray5935 t1_j9jhdm3 wrote

>before leaving she gave Dr Onyekpe a piece of paper with her telephone number on it

Apparently it did


Tiaran149 t1_j9l0zgh wrote

She's got heartaches by the number


asirkman t1_j9lw8df wrote

Well thanks, now I have that song stuck in my head again.

No really, thanks, it’s a great song. Love Fallout New Vegas.


pm_me_construction t1_j9lpvno wrote

Note: that was when she had back pain, not chest pain. The chest pain was the reason for her second visit.


Shot-Spray5935 t1_j9lt0og wrote

So he cured her back pain and her chest pain. Not the subsequent heartache though.


pm_me_construction t1_j9ltq1a wrote

She have some mental health issues as well if she’s willing to check herself into the hospital twice just to hit on a doctor. But then again, wars and kingdoms have been lost because of sex.


Medcait t1_j9j0lh0 wrote

I guess those patients don’t look and smell like our patients.


Nervous_Wait_9545 t1_j9lo08b wrote

You don't know what the doctor looked like. This could have been a real life case of bumping uglies.


Chefseiler t1_j9jhg0h wrote

Actually headline should be: "Two consenting adults engage in affair"


BroccoliNo8889 t1_j9kp0ok wrote

>th chest pain

I mean i think it's the fact that its doctor/patient relationship ...


whiskeyandbear t1_j9lpfxz wrote

Is that even a thing? I honestly would not see a doctor as anybody else but someone there to help, not as some authority I must obey or has any control over me.


Fredrickstein t1_j9lsszn wrote

Its considered unethical for a doctor to have romantic relations with a concurrent patient. In general people expect their doctor to keep things professional. So it's a bad look for him and the hospital.

I actually have less issue with the consensual act in the bathroom than I do with the doctor having an inappropriate conversation with a patient as it would make someone who wasn't interested very uncomfortable.


yourbraindead t1_j9m0jtz wrote

Well they were texting over WhatsApp so eventho it happens at his workplace it wasn't really what the headline sounds like


ben_vito t1_j9mxaqx wrote

So the concern is this: A patient may become dependent upon a doctor for his/her medical expertise and care, and this creates a power imbalance between the two. If the doctor then starts looking for sex, they may feel obligated to comply in order to keep being looked after for whatever medical issues they have. This is why it is unethical, unprofessional, and not permitted by medical regulatory bodies.

There are still always grey areas, and certainly if a doctor and patient agreed to terminate the medical relationship, and a certain period of time passed, then it would be okay in some circumstances.


supapoopascoopa t1_j9lmkck wrote

I mean there is a little gray area, but in general the farther away you get from the doctor-patient relationship and the hospital toilets the less problematic the relationship in the eyes of the medical board.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j9llpdt wrote

Especially considering he was not her doctor at the time, she was being treated by another physician.


Blanknameblank818 t1_j9jtu51 wrote

She filed for rape charges…


Chefseiler t1_j9k6rf4 wrote

After two months of regularly meeting up she claims the first incident was rape? Yeah no, seems like there was a good reason police didn't press charges.


Ludicrousgibbs t1_j9jvow2 wrote

The article says that the police have decided not to press charges but say nothing about the accusations other than rape. It seems strange they'd make an article out of the situation and not say anything about such serious allegations other than that the Dr. said everything was consensual, and the police have decided not to pursue it.


FindTheRemnant t1_j9n34mw wrote

If the rape claim was baseless, the woman should face some consequences for false allegations.


ironroad18 t1_j9mt3s8 wrote

"Wife is cool with it, cause she's getting shagged by a dentist."


Neb_Djed t1_j9jodt2 wrote

The power dynamic of Dr vs patient kind of limits your ftfy statement


harge008 t1_j9ka4pw wrote

That’s why sexual relations between doctors and patients are mostly treated as an ethical issue (re medical license) and civil issue. Unlike statutory rape laws in most states based on the victim’s inability to legally consent to sexual activity based on age or intellectual disability, the “power dynamic” between a doctor and patient or employer and employee does not negate consent in the context of criminal offenses. There are some exceptions as laws vary from state to state, but the majority of states don’t criminally penalize doctor and patient consensual relationships.


SuperSaiyanBen t1_j9jisii wrote

“We’re sorry Ma’am, but your insurance only covers missionary, you’ll have to pay in full.”


LittleKitty235 t1_j9kmxye wrote

That’s weird, most insurance only covers taking it up the rear


Gilandb t1_j9lis5d wrote

Damn, I went to the hospital for chest pain last week and sex wasn't even offered. I feel like my hospital isn't even trying.


Jeraimee t1_j9iuhp6 wrote

BRB, feeling some chest pain.


Shot-Spray5935 t1_j9jhfkb wrote

Who ratted him out? Disgusting.


phenompbg t1_j9jq2i7 wrote

Says there was a rape accusation after the affair ended, so looks like she did?


bent_crater t1_j9l9cew wrote

whether or not im ok with this is entirely dependent on whether the doctor walks with a cane and is a complete dickhead to all his colleagues but is also the best doctor alive.


swisscriss t1_j9ivh1s wrote

> He discharged her but before leaving she gave Dr Onyekpe a piece of paper with her telephone number on it, an employment tribunal heard

Before anyone of you squares starts attacking this man consider the possibility of this happening to you. Some lusty wench throws her gash at you one day and maybe you too would risk your career as an arby's store manager and marriage to the slow girl that hands out pens at the mall


cutelyaware t1_j9j7c0s wrote

Sorry, I couldn't get past "He discharged her"


Nervous_Wait_9545 t1_j9lodjw wrote

LOL. I wonder if that antiwork sub is still around. I'll go check. I used to love going there and teasing them in ways such as this. I'd say things like "oh look, an arbys cashier is trying to overthrow the global economic system because they think it's unfair they don't have a ferrari."


generals_test t1_j9llk8r wrote

I had chest pains a week ago and nobody offered me sex. Healthcare in the U.S. is the worst.


ExRockstar t1_j9n5d58 wrote

Not true! Come to my office, I'm a dentist. 😁


TheArcaneAuthor t1_j9jpk63 wrote

And here I thought Gray's Anatomy was unrealistic.


Dominic_Guye t1_ja75h7d wrote

It IS unrealistic. The sexual events of Grey's Anatomy would never happen in a hospital in the United States!

Britain, on the other hand. . .

/s kinda


that-bro-dad t1_j9kxat5 wrote

I mean I offer sex whenever my wife isn't feeling well.


Auzquandiance t1_j9myikr wrote

Hmu the next time your wife isn’t feeling well


that-bro-dad t1_j9po03t wrote

?? I'm too tired to understand what this means. You want to try to sex my wife up too?


rtels2023 t1_j9lrffs wrote

Most realistic porn plot


DamnBunny t1_j9ly6zi wrote

America is paying way too much for healthcare and we never get that treatment. And if you are looking to get railed, wait til you see your bill.


MCS117 t1_j9m72q6 wrote

I remember my buddies and I found a porno dvd in like high school maybe. It opened with a lady complaining how she didn’t feel good. So the dude was like “ma’am, I’m a doctor. My prognosis? You need ta be fucked”.

Apparently just another case of life imitating art.


brucebturbo t1_j9lbsw6 wrote

I’m a licensed sex advocate and I might be able to help as well.


Kaiser93 t1_j9lzosr wrote

TIL sex is a medication for chest pain.


Rosieapples t1_j9mq70n wrote

Jaysus all I got was a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit when that happened to me. I’m obviously going to the wrong hospitals.


brucebturbo t1_j9lcxll wrote

I think it should be AMA approved, write to you’re congressman, we need better healthcare now!


woahdude12321 t1_j9jw8or wrote

This is like the kid on sandlot at the pool


Mayokopp t1_j9kcmk2 wrote

Ah, the perks of private health insurance


jcaarow t1_j9ln2l2 wrote

I don't think that's FDA approved


peacemghee t1_j9m6u21 wrote

Consensual who cares.


luckylebron t1_j9mf1zy wrote

And this is how great love songs get written.


Dominic_Guye t1_ja75lqo wrote

How is the wife okay with this!?


ManyFacedGodxxx t1_j9lr97k wrote

So what’s the “issue” here? It was consensual, they’re adults and… /s


Top-Philosophy-5791 t1_j9m3e1g wrote

A rape joke would have to be genius for me to find one funny. Definitely no geniuses here.


BS-Chaser t1_j9mad3p wrote

Strike him off the register. Then burn him at the stake.


ImParticleMan t1_j9mmoc1 wrote

He bent her over a barrel and showed her the 50 states!


MeanGreanHare t1_j9k2wtx wrote

I wonder where he bought his medical degree.

In Texas there were a lot of nurses who were found to have fraudulently acquired nursing diplomas, and all of them were from Nigeria. I'm betting this is a similar story.