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Judsana t1_j80fyiv wrote

Cacti thrive in temperatures between about 4C to 26C and are quite happily growing out doors throughout the year in Canada and Alaska. Don’t be so alarmist. It helps nobody.


we_wuz_nabateans t1_j80pdb9 wrote

Yeah I have cacti growing in my backyard that get covered in feet of snow in the winter and stay covered for weeks at a time. This article is stupid.


GetlostMaps t1_j817rir wrote

It snows in the Arizona desert, all over the damn cactus.


PrisonShaman1738 t1_j80ynjb wrote

They address this in the article. Besides maybe the headline, what exactly is alarmist?


Serious_Hand t1_j83klmx wrote

Good news everyone! A species of prickly pear cactus (Opuntia polyacantha) can survive temperature as low as -46°C! So good news, almost everyone can grow nopales at home!


Msfracture t1_j7z2vf9 wrote

Aluminum gets hotter in the sun, colder in the winter.


bulletgrazer t1_j807jin wrote

How? I thought cacti were native to only the Americas?

Edit: I'm stupid and didn't read the article yet


Poppy-Tea-Time t1_j81ifko wrote

The Guardian isn't a good source for anything but proganada and fear porn..


Wonderdull t1_j84rpws wrote

Some Opuntias can survive a lot of winter. They have been in the wild (and spreading on their own) in Hungary too. Lack of rain might be an even bigger problem than rising temperatures, as long dry periods might give the cacti an advantage over the native flora.