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diagnosedwolf t1_j81vviy wrote

A friend of mine inherited a cockatoo from his grandfather. Grandpa had gotten the bird when he was a young man, and when he died my friend took over care.

These birds live for like 100 years, so it’s a big deal to get one as a pet. This particular cockatoo was a grumpy little thing and only liked grandpa. No one else. It was a hellion after grandpa died.

It happened to be an endangered species, so eventually my friend donated him to the local wildlife sanctuary. He was given a big enclosure and lots of stuff to do.

We went to visit him once, and he was there calling out to visitors. “Come closer, come closer.”

Whenever anyone did, he threw rocks at them, then laughed uproariously. Living his best life.


Rahadyan4869 t1_j80lim7 wrote

Give em calculators & let em do our taxes


GetlostMaps t1_j816sw1 wrote

I hired a firm of them to design me a house and their plans had me living in a tree hollow and there was nowhere to park my car.


Darqnyz t1_j81l1b6 wrote

And you were completely satisfied with this result, don't lie to us


GetlostMaps t1_j821mis wrote

It's the nicest hollow on my street, I must say.


Acadia_Due t1_j80vgr5 wrote

>one cockatoo dropped out after showing a lack of interest

Probably thought the whole to-do was a bit patronizing.


Marrsvolta t1_j80moca wrote

Well they do cost millions of dollars to manufacture, big brother spares no expense


GrandmaPoses t1_j81s95u wrote

I’ve known of pet cockatoos who have disassembled their own cages in order to escape. They’re also loud as fuck.


HoppityHooper t1_j825l45 wrote

Use one for your next repair job. Their bills are small.


spletharg t1_j81yjn4 wrote

We have so consistently underestimated other species.


Meiyouxiangjiao t1_j82fyyi wrote

I was just thinking about this after watching old videos of my cockatoo tearing shit up. He’s a good tool user too


praguepride t1_j841x6o wrote

Cockatoo looking at a backed up sink

“Ahh there’s your problem. Prettygirl go back to the truck and get the 10” stick, the 6” stick aaaaaanddd yeah grab the 8” just in case.”


SIRinLTHR t1_j81m0ij wrote

I have seen them ride little bikes and that is a very green mode of transportation. So as long as they are not loading up their gas-guzzling utility trucks with these toolkits for their contractor gigs, I am down with this.