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InternetPeon t1_jadd9is wrote

I wonder how many UFO sightings are just bird poop on the windshield of your car or aircraft?


ash_274 t1_jadjy9w wrote

The HMAS Sydney tried to shoot down a Japanese bomber for a bit before they realized it was the planet Venus


InternetPeon t1_jaewadu wrote

Can confirm - the planet Venus is now a smoking ruin on the side of the highway.


The_White_Light t1_jadggn6 wrote

I've seen a number of clips of "UFOs" that were actually just water spots on a window that was out of focus.


LazyMayz t1_jadw6yp wrote

I don't know how they can be so confident, if they didn't even try to shoot it with a missile yet


M00NGRAPHIX t1_jaeqy4h wrote

A smudge on the lens????


Own-Willingness-3935 t1_jadrbnf wrote

Don Lemon was monitoring Jussie Smolletts attackers but also realized that it was just bird poo on his windshield.


Infynis t1_jaeicjj wrote

How long did he sit there watching totally stationary bird poop?


The84thWolf t1_jaeyqy1 wrote

There’s needing glasses, then there’s this.


epi_glowworm t1_jaeyif4 wrote

Is the average Dutch just naturally high?


i_should_be_coding t1_jae9de9 wrote

My daughter did the same thing a few weeks ago on a drive. Asked me what was that little black thing that was ahead of us on the road. Was a bit of dirt on the windshield.

She's 6 and wears glasses, though. What's the cop's excuse?