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Mrs_Magooo t1_jacq6iv wrote

Oh no, not the dreaded sharp-worded letter! 😱

I kid, but even a preschooler knows that actions speak louder than words.


SoulsTransition t1_jacmwss wrote

Ah yes, the thing corporate entities fear above all else: the sharply worded letter. How will they ever bear the shame? /s


Quitari t1_jacyfss wrote

Buttplug should resign. He is useless.


pic-of-the-litter t1_jaebwg5 wrote

He can't do that, he needs to pad his resume for his next run for president!


EattheRich83 t1_jadum2e wrote

That will go nicely with the group photo they took from 3 months ago...


No_Sense_6171 t1_jady7lb wrote

Good to see that he got on top of the situation so quickly.

Good, um, 'work', Pete.


bone_druid t1_jaf3ex5 wrote

If biden is serious about making a play for reelection they need to address the pete issue. After the supply chain fuck ups, the airline snafus, now this, I can't take this administration seriously if they don't pull him off this job. He has repeatedly been advised as to what he can do as secretary but he's consistently too proud or too afraid to ever take any actions or change his attitude. At the very least they need to give him a job that's not critical infrastructure.


Quinedd t1_jacy3sh wrote

Too bad Mayor Pete said last week that this wasn't a big deal and that crashes happen all the time.