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HolycommentMattman t1_j85te06 wrote

Well, they would repeal it. If they made another amendment saying that the voting age was 21, that would mean there are two conflicting amendments. So the only way to get the voting age back to 21 would be to repeal the 26th amendment (or amend it) to get rid of the 18 year old voting age.

Either way, it's not happening. I'm sure Vietnam vets aren't on board with this as they're the reason the voting age was lowered.


shalafi71 t1_j861l8j wrote

What if we only repealed the 26th? Would that kick the voting age back to the states? Was that how it was before? I was all of 2-months old, don't remember.


DirkBabypunch t1_j884j9l wrote

They might not be able to just repeal it. We had to make the 21st Amendment to get rid of the 18th. I think it was 18 and 21. The Prohibition bookends.