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hawkxp71 t1_j9y4gx5 wrote

Agreed. Only issue would be you getting access to it again. Your not getting on their network with the box, so you would have to go in person.


Substance___P t1_j9y6gi2 wrote

Access the machine from guest wifi?


hawkxp71 t1_j9y6xki wrote

Usually the guest wifi is in a dmz, so joy there.

Also, you would have to be a pretty incompetent it team, to let any switch route any data from an unknown machine at a hospital.

I'm sure you could hack around and find a valid net mask and gateway, and then plug in with a static IP address, and hope they don't block you at the nearest switch.

I just think you would have to be computing locally without network access


Substance___P t1_j9y70sr wrote

Get one of those Verizon mobile data points with a data plan. Still cheaper than the power.


hawkxp71 t1_j9y74oj wrote

Yes, but that assumes you can get cell coverage, which is always a problem at hospitals :(


Psychological_Lime51 t1_ja1au0o wrote

So use a reverse proxy to route over the internet, or just have the rig connect to you instead of the other way around.