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HarryHacker42 t1_j9ur402 wrote

That's not a "rig", that is 11 "rigs" or more. Assuming 300 watts each, which is really low given that's just one video card at full power, it would be $665 per month (28 cents/kwh in MA). For three years, that would be $18k. Or, maybe they consume 600 watts each for 1.5 years.


nullrecord t1_j9urdka wrote

Pffft, what an amateur. Everyone knows you hide the mining rig in the server room.


ErinBLAMovich t1_j9uv101 wrote

Good for that guy. He was middle school facilities staff, which means he was paid peanuts. Might as well supplement that shit job with a mining operation.


marcyhidesinphotos t1_j9uvqtk wrote

I have a couple crypto miners in my office, disguised as a server. They don't make much but it's a nice little bonus. Plus they heat the office in the winter. Highly recommended.


geekmasterflash t1_j9vo9zz wrote

lol, I work in a colocation facility. We have hundreds of these mining setups. It used to be thousands, but a lot of people have begun to realize the cost in electricity to the rate of return on actually mined coin is no longer profitable and hasn't been for almost 6 years, at least.

I would not be shocked if despite running this for potentially months to years before being caught, I would bet dollars to donuts it never generated anywhere near the $18,000 he is being charged for.


fedge1 t1_j9vp22g wrote

Geez, he could have gotten away with it if he scaled it back to just a couple of machines. That kind of thing is just stupid dumb math.


BaconIsAVeg2 t1_j9w4akz wrote

> 2 weeks old or have at least 250 combined link and comment karma

If they've just joined Reddit, they're supposed to soak up the musty culture, or post shitty gifs they found on the internet, before they can contribute to our high brow comment tomfoolery.


Possible-Novel9334 t1_j9wbwfy wrote

First report is from SMH in Australia and used local currency, second from Faux news in USA and also used local currency.

Exchange rate currently 1 AUD = 0.67 USD so the "almost half a billion" AUD in the first article equals the "more than 300 million" USD in the second.


dreamwarrior22 t1_j9wp8tx wrote

I installed our school's bitcoin miner in the electrical room. It was the loudest room in the school and that miner was super loud. The miner was a school approved fundraiser idea and mined 400k dogecoin in 2 years. It was highly successful in that it made our school over $700. Unfortunately if we had held the coins today it'd be worth $30k.


Substance___P t1_j9xotj1 wrote

He should have done it in a hospital. Hospitals use exorbitant amounts of electricity.

And if a decade of working in a hospital has taught me anything, it's that people in hospitals are not curious about anything. They will not move anything that's not theirs, sometimes for years.

Seriously. I once noticed two extra PC towers under a nurses' station and nobody could tell me what they were for. They were there for years. I once did an experiment where I took a trashy romance novel from the hospital lending library and put it on the desk at the nurses' station. It was there for about three months before it wasn't there one day. I bet if you get a boring-looking PC case and some quiet fans, you could easily plug it in somewhere and nobody will ever notice or care.


hawkxp71 t1_j9y6xki wrote

Usually the guest wifi is in a dmz, so joy there.

Also, you would have to be a pretty incompetent it team, to let any switch route any data from an unknown machine at a hospital.

I'm sure you could hack around and find a valid net mask and gateway, and then plug in with a static IP address, and hope they don't block you at the nearest switch.

I just think you would have to be computing locally without network access


BocchiTheBock t1_ja6cu0h wrote

>The miner was a school approved fundraiser idea and mined 400k dogecoin in 2 years. It was highly successful in that it made our school over $700.

If the miner consumed 300W (low end estimate) and ran for 2 years (17 520 hours), that's 5256kWh, which would cost $1314 worth of electricity at $0.25/kWh