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noworries_13 t1_j9sxuh4 wrote


Potatoswatter t1_j9syixy wrote

Usually they coordinate to avoid closing while a plane is on the way ffs


skinte1 t1_j9tdmsz wrote

No they don't. They close on the minute to avoid heavy fines from authorities. If a pilot calculate they wouldn't reach the destination airport until 1 minute after they close he won't take of. Obviously they would still let a plane land in an emergency or if they didn't have fuel to reach another airport.

Myself and 50 or so passenger once had to pretty much run from a plane that had issues with the door mechanism to the replacement plane because they had 20 minutes to closing time (22:00) and we would be stranded to next morning if we didn't make it.


Potatoswatter t1_j9tfpy7 wrote

They don’t coordinate?

I didn’t say that ATC breaks the law for people’s convenience. The article says that this airport does stay open for unforeseen circumstances. It sounds like the pilot took the slack for granted.

Either the folks in this story didn’t communicate well, or they agreed to risk it at the last minute.


noworries_13 t1_j9trv36 wrote

Yeah for sure. But that's an entirely different conversation