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mwalimu59 t1_jad7386 wrote

This story brought to mind an instance where former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was touring a work site where all personnel were required to wear hard hats for safety reasons. Blago refused to wear one because it might mess up his perfect hair.


SAT0SHl t1_jacf1i5 wrote

So all the people who believe they're attractive will die first and only the ugly ones will survive, meh!


Shlitmy9thaccount t1_jacixdc wrote

Haven’t seen anyone wear a mask in a long while


ShebaWasTalking t1_jacgdo7 wrote

Wait, people still wear masks?


scsticks t1_jacibjg wrote

I do. Still don't want to get sick and this is one of the easiest ways to help that


likeasirjohn t1_jacj6zq wrote

They are awesome in general. Good for public health. Good for allergies. Like sunglasses they create a layer. Haterblockers. I wear a mask and have a bandana/scarf usually too. Masks are great.


ShebaWasTalking t1_jacje5t wrote

Do you consider yourself attractive?

The issue is, most people don't wear or care for them correctly.

  1. They'll wear the same disposable mask for months
  2. Fail to wash a reusable mask
  3. Touch the exterior of their mask frequently only to then touch their face or eat (essentially eliminating the purpose)

Honestly, just washing hands works wonders. I don't think I've seen more than 2 people wearing masks in the last year outside of the hospital 🤔


GenXUser t1_jacjcuy wrote

Unattractive people do according to this study.


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_jadx4hj wrote

a small minority still do where they arent mandated, but far less than pre-vaccine