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mooseman1776 t1_j8um2bz wrote

Horseshit. I have been on many stages in my life. I have never seen nor heard of one without a ramp. That’s how things get put on stages in the first place! Everything gets rolled up on ramps using trucks and dollies.


MustLoveAllCats t1_j8vbkep wrote

Which is why this is newsworthy. Funny how you didn't come to that conclusion.


BlooperHero t1_j8vjyke wrote

I've never been on a stage with a ramp, though I've been on plenty where you don't need one if you enter from backstage.


EquivalentInflation t1_j8wvrlw wrote

Yeah, and I’ve never been hit by a car. Clearly, all these news stories about being hit by a car are all just made up.


eNonsense t1_j8xba82 wrote

There's literally a comment in the article from the venue owning up to the oversight and saying they're committed to being more prepared in the future. Don't you think that if there was a ramp backstage, the venue would have used their press comment to tell everyone "sorry about that, but it was a mixup and they could have just gone backstage but they didn't ask."

Everyone in this thread who didn't bother to read the article or use their brain for 60 seconds are so damn sure of themselves and their own horseshit. lol.


mooseman1776 t1_j907tkt wrote

I’ve probably been on 30+ stages from small to large. I’ve yet to encounter one without a ramp. I feel sorry for the crews doing load-outs and load-ins. And especially for the handicapped guy. How in earth fo you run a stage without one. Everything is on castors.


ILoveYouJesus316 t1_j8wy2f3 wrote

They use portable ramps. They aren’t made into the stage. It’s unfortunate no one thought to get one for him that night.