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zentribes t1_jafb1fm wrote

OR the constantly rising cost of living has made us question our fundamental lifestyle e.g. starting a family and the cost of raising a child.


bunker_man t1_jakl5o2 wrote

To be fair, both of those can be true. Being overworked leaves you less time or inclination to feel intimate.


sercommander t1_jaqn2af wrote

Uh, won't the rising cost of living make people get toghether since the bills are split? I do get the child part - brats are EXPENSIVE!


IMovedYourCheese t1_jag7caj wrote

Rising costs of living? Stagnant wages? Unaffordable housing, education and healthcare? Increasing wealth inequality? Outdated and grueling work culture?

Nah, young people aren't having kids because they aren't romantic enough. Makes sense.


EspHack t1_jajzge5 wrote

you're just saying money printing in like 7 alt terms

isnt the point of work to improve things? isnt the point of tech to do more with less? if so, why are things getting harder? population growth? lol

but oh no we can't have a stagnant or deflating currency! that'll make people lazy hoarders! instead we make the currency continually worthless to shake the hoarders off so they hoard housing instead


nova9001 t1_jag58mn wrote

More like the cost of living is so high you can barely afford to take care of yourself what more having kids and getting married.


pic-of-the-litter t1_jafp5kj wrote

Huge swaths of young men in America: "First time?"


Fairy_Love_Sniper t1_jagbquo wrote

I doubt you feel that way, since you are u/pic-of-the-litter


meatball77 t1_jagv73z wrote

Or. . . . . Japanese people are working so much that they don't have time to get married and have children.


Rosebunse t1_jaffyy9 wrote

Maybe they should try releasing another season of Darling in the Franxx. That worked real well.


bunker_man t1_jaklado wrote

I like when the moral was that check notes irresponsible teenage pregnancy will save the world.


Rosebunse t1_jaknuom wrote

Seriously, no one knows what pregnancy even is and yet the show just glosses over how absolutely dangerous this would be.


Nice_Buy_602 t1_jahc3hm wrote

I think this problem is manifesting among young people in industrialized countries around the world. The social systems we've all been raised in aren't conducive to raising families for huge swaths of us. I think Japan is just a little ahead of the rest of the world in recognizing and grappling with the issue.


Shiningc t1_jaft25p wrote

Watching too much anime and hentai will do that to you.


jkekoni t1_jalib6i wrote

Women do not want to become housewives and the society does not provide them services to have career and children, so they skip children... and when people do not like childless marriages they skipp marriages as well.


SenorArthurVandelay t1_jafhj6x wrote

Maybe men were always terrible to women and now women simply have options other than putting up with our bullshit?


meatball77 t1_jagvh0h wrote

Wealthy, educated countries which still have outdated gender norms at home and brutal working cultures are having issues with childbirth rates because. . . . obviously.


EspHack t1_jajydsz wrote

inflation is like a difficulty setting on life, for most people it gets harder, for a few it gets easier, the former has little say in it while the later is incentivized to keep it rising

its normal for the old to be less broke than the young, but that divide is growing like crazy

so you see hardly anyone dating people their age, 20 something girls aiming for sugar daddies and 20 something boys going for the hookers, perfect matchings for lots of babies


Crooked_Cock t1_jakuqdw wrote

It could also be that Japan is experiencing a living crisis and their society is one of the most soul crushing it can possibly be without being an authoritarian state like Russia, China, or North Korea


unique_passive t1_jam1s4w wrote

Nothing destroys romance faster than a struggling middle class