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BlueLightAlarm t1_jah424k wrote

I’d swap a bank holiday for the knowledge that my NATO friends will protect me from Putin’s pathetic landgrab 🤷‍♂️


Calamitous_Stars t1_jahkuxa wrote

Eh, the bots got to me so I edited this to stop getting the notifications (sorry i didnt decide to care about war now that it's white people killing each other- i thought it was racist to suddenly care just because they're white)


RedditWaq t1_jaj613e wrote

Your argument is that you only want to pay your insurance premiums when your house is actively flooding.

All nonflood times, no insurance! Its genius!


Calamitous_Stars t1_jaj6l96 wrote

Nice strawman but, honestly didn't have an argument as much as I'm apathetic to the topic and found the concept of trading time as a currency entertaining. But if you're asking when I'd prefer to pay for insurance, of course I'd prefer to pay after i know I'd need it. Would be a dumb deal to buy flood insurance for a locale with < a foot annual rainfall, right?

My bad for looking for humor ig lol the world has been on fire for too long to let every spark spook me. If you're young enough to feel like this is the first time, I envy the cognitive dissonance.


dravik t1_jakvhqx wrote

>. Would be a dumb deal to buy flood insurance for a locale with < a foot annual rainfall, right?

Surprisingly enough, I can get a good idea to have good insurance in an area like that. Depending on the terrain, really dry places can have flash flooding issues when it does rain.


Calamitous_Stars t1_jal852x wrote

Surprisingly enough y'all dont understand what a strawman is? Why i put hypothetical annual rainfall instead of just "dry climate"

Since parched soil is terrible at water drainage.. but just assume i'm saying the least amount possible with my words to try and pull an "ackshully"

That's just how reddit goes. Y'all are definitely the smartest people in the room, I can tell.

Maybe I'm just more comfortable admitting my apathy towards war rather than suddenly pretending to care now that it's white people bombing each other instead of just bombing people folks in the desert.. all y'all can do is downvote, why should your opinion matter to me?

It's only become popular to care about war now that it's white people dying? No thanks


Armitage1 t1_jakdr2e wrote

I hope you are joking. I would trade each of my accrued PTO days for any amount of less war.


TheSecondAugust t1_jalq33y wrote

-Has terrible opinion

-“edited because of ‘bots,’ not because I don’t want you to know what my horrific opinion was!”


Calamitous_Stars t1_jamarr7 wrote

Theres another reply in this very thread that explains at length that I'm simply apathetic about the war. Note how you didn't even get to see my take before offering your opinion on it- lmfao

But literacy isnt reddit's strong suit- Take note how no reply tried to engage any idea, just "folks" spewing their knee-jerk reactions, much like yours. (Which is why taking away the top part of the thread is an effective tactic to get lemmings to stop pretending to engage, like taking away the headline from idiots who only read the headline)

Dont worry though, you have the correct opinion, I believe in you. You're definitely the smartest people in the room.


Lord_Snaps t1_jaiye1i wrote

Its bullshit. We have other ways to pay it, but Lord Mette said so it has to happen and you are not allowed to be against it. She is such a piece of shit. After the Mink Scandale she lost all my respect for her. She only won the last election because her only opposition was fighting a war amongst themselves over if they should be super racist or just regular Danish racist


bdd6911 t1_jajkc8j wrote

Yeah I’m no Dane but this direction is bullshit. “Work harder and longer and lose your days off so we can balance the budget for necessary expenditures.” Bullshit indeed.


Lord_Snaps t1_jajyozy wrote

A quote from that bitch on the question on people not being satisfied with their jobs. "We have to kill the myth that going to work has to be joyful" so suck it up buttercup! Shut your mouth and do as you are told. Her goverment plan was called "Denmark can do more" as in we will squeeze you because YOU need to do more.


[deleted] t1_jajm94g wrote

And Mette broke the constitution too. How the heck is she still prime minister...


Lord_Snaps t1_jajzu9u wrote

Because her and the other lawbreaking parties are the ones who decides if she should go through a trial. We had a politian last year or the year before going through a impeachment for abusing her governmental powers to break the law. She got convicted, but still got a lot of voters, because she broke the law to hurt "non-western" refugees.


Stunning_Regret6123 t1_jake01b wrote

As an American, even reading that article I don’t understand how or why that would work or be good… but I’m glad Denmark is in NATO. You guys rock.


Youtube_actual t1_jaljyq0 wrote

Don't worry Danes don't get it either, if I recall correctly 70% of Danes are against this move. Especially because it comes as a package cutting taxes...


r2k-in-the-vortex t1_jajexs1 wrote

Sounds like pure populism and I bet the extra workday isn't in fact sufficient to pay that 2% of GDP. On the other hand, if used accurately it would be a good visualization to illustrate the cost of public spending decisions.


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_jakowu0 wrote

Taking a day away for people to spend money instead of working so they can spend more money?


seriousbangs t1_jajp8ss wrote

Make the rich pay for the military. It's mostly their stuff that's getting protected anyway.


[deleted] t1_jajinu9 wrote



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luminarium t1_jai2hl6 wrote

When this is all over, I want to see Ukraine scrap its public holidays to pay for paying back NATO.


jmenendeziii t1_jaiuq52 wrote

Ukraine is paying their fair share when you factor in the human cost


MisterET t1_jak5vsb wrote

Bro they've lost more than an entire year at this point. They are paid up.


TheMarksmanHedgehog t1_jan4y86 wrote

It might not quite occur to you, but most of the time the reason that countries go all-in in this kind of defence is that it cost them more to not do it.

Stopping Russia now is akin to going back in time and stopping Hitler in Poland during World War 2, a lot less bloodshed would happen as a result.

Most countries that've got involved are doing so because it's the lesser of two costs.


4th_DocTB t1_jajyoo7 wrote

Inequality only goes one way, Ukraine is going to pay back the NATO countries it's indebted to by letting their corporations take what's left. Zelenskyy already banned all unions and had meetings with Blackrock Capital. You're not going to see any of that money.


TonyPizzerelli t1_jaleu3y wrote

The worst part is that this is true, the companies and corpos are poised to rush in for building and construction contracts, infrastructure contracts, defense contracts, the works. This is a proxy war and the people are the ones who lose.