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mgreene888 t1_jai6uhg wrote

I was in DC once in late Feb - it was 14 degrees F. I was walking the mall for exercise and wearing two layers, gloves, and a hat.

I saw tourist families out wearing t-shirts and shorts - smh...


McPokeFace OP t1_jai5nfx wrote

ABC 10News spoke to a couple visiting from Georgia who spent their vacation dealing with San Diego’s wet weather.

"I just honestly thought it would be pretty skies and nothing but sunshine, but all this rain has got me totally obnoxious and totally freaked out," said visitor Maurice Crowder.


Icy_Mousse_4144 t1_jajr5bg wrote

Me and my girlfriend are booking a flight to San Diego in may and I’m really nervous about bad weather but it’s always risk when booking a vacation ahead of time


ash_274 t1_jakbpar wrote

Native San Diegan: May and June are known for generally decent temperatures, but expect high overcast skies, especially along the coast for up to a few miles inland. You'll still have a good time and there's plenty to do, just remember that you can still get a sunburn from overcast skies.

This is the coldest/wettest late-winter we've had in decades.


Elmodogg t1_jaidcdc wrote

We are going to be out there next week. Hope the weather gets better.


EmotionalDouble5610 t1_jaij7s6 wrote

If the wind patterns hold it'll likely be in Arizona-Mexico-New Mexico by next week. These days you definitely need to monitor the weather patterns, especially if you aren't used to severe weather


obiusm t1_jam0zd2 wrote

All those smug "this is our winter" comments coming back around now.