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ZogNowak t1_jai8ikx wrote

Anything in the air that you can't identify, is a UFO to you! There's no aliens visiting here, folks!


Independent-Canary95 t1_jai9bkr wrote

Why would they want to, lol. We are a mess.


ZogNowak t1_jai9k94 wrote

Yep. Any beings that are intelligent enough to be able to get here, are also intelligent enough to know not to bother.


killerbee2319 t1_jaidtug wrote

Probably just checking up on their space fence to make sure we can't get out..


kensingtonGore t1_jajdr05 wrote

The preferred term used by the Pentagons all domain anomaly resolution office is UAP, unidentified anomalous phenomenon.

It includes objects that have been tracked traveling in highly unusual ways in the atmosphere but also underwater and in orbit.


DangerStranger138 OP t1_jaik1kg wrote

>Anything in the air that you can't identify, is a UFO

If you can't identify the UFO how you gonna be so quick to rule out it ain't intergalactic explorers lol


doctorhino t1_jai9p5x wrote

Fox news is such trash, they have to try to put Bidens name in every headline just to trigger people. The people who look at the site for hard news are reading propaganda the network itself doesn't even beleive.


orifice_porpoise t1_jai9ul9 wrote

“Biden needs to investigate this thing I saw in the sky several years ago”


kensingtonGore t1_jajehkz wrote

Really what they mean is that Biden needs to pressure and support the existing investigation done by the all domain anomalous resolution office in the pentagon.

They're having trouble with the Air Force who is not complying with the legal mandates.

Even in these balloon shoot down events, the Air Force is at odds with what the white house wants to say


CatAvailable3953 t1_jajkwtd wrote

What an interesting string of words. Does anyone know if they are harmful? The words I mean. Maybe we should spend millions on several investigations. You never know.


kensingtonGore t1_jajrd2w wrote

Im enjoying the snark, but you have a point.

The thing is, despite how you feel on the topic, billions of dollars that you pay into have been spent on researching this, and its related programs - compounding for 75 years. None of it is accounted for in the DoD budget, which as never passed an audit.

Seems like a waste, and maybe there should be some people speaking out about this colossal waste of resources. Its enough money to solve the homelessness problem in America.


Unless there was proof that something going on, why for 75 years?


CatAvailable3953 t1_jajrzyn wrote

Like I said, If aliens have the technology to reach earth who says we would even know they were here. Maybe they would not want us to know.


kensingtonGore t1_jak3sfo wrote

So there are a ton of rabbit holes, hoaxes and bullshitters in the ufo world.

To cut through all of the chaff, I have been using the same criteria as the pentagons office to decide what is actually unexplained, what is prosaic.

One of the criteria is low observability, which as you say - concealing themselves would make sense if they are here to survey.


DangerStranger138 OP t1_jaikcpz wrote

Why shouldn't our government hold investigations on UFO sightings to assess if they are a risk to our nation or planet? We already are why would you want to suddenly stop just cuz we got eye witnesses in our military


orifice_porpoise t1_jaj8vrg wrote

The people deserve to know!!!


DangerStranger138 OP t1_jakq60p wrote

Seriously, too many folks more upset Fox News posted this than are filled with wonderment at what lies beyond the stars


Esselon t1_jaijkmv wrote

This just in: Navy pilot unaware of the fact that other entities of the federal government are probably already trying to investigate random objects flying through the sky.


DangerStranger138 OP t1_jaikinm wrote

Navy Pilot also an engineer bruh. UAPs defying known physics


Esselon t1_jaipx9y wrote

Doesn't really affect my point of his underlying assumption that there's nobody in the US government already looking into this. Somehow we've been hearing tales of UFOs for years and they've just been saying "oh it's just people seeing things."

Considering there's been recent declassifications of reports about government investigations into UFOs, I think we can safely say that this is being looked into.


kensingtonGore t1_jajf0nw wrote

The thing is it has been looked into for 75 years, but there's no information forthcoming.

The latest legal changes have been an effort to get that information released to the public, but also to our own government who is not completely aware of what's going on, (according to the people who run the government intelligent agencies.)

Information is apparently being held back from the office of the president.


Esselon t1_jam4dnw wrote

>The thing is it has been looked into for 75 years, but there's no information forthcoming.

I imagine for a lot of those 75 years it was just talking to pilots and collecting details/anecdotes. Consider how far technology has come since then and it's not an insane idea to consider that we've only recently come to the point where we may be able to glean some information from them.

>Information is apparently being held back from the office of the president.

The President isn't the king of America. The prime duties of the President as the office was originally conceived is as a chief diplomat and the overall commander of the military. I'm sure the president doesn't get briefed on every single CIA mission and undercover FBI operation in existence, because unless that president has a background in counterterrorism or law enforcement, what's the point? It's not like any of the last presidents were physicists or engineers who would be able to lend insight into the situation.


kensingtonGore t1_jaqc6q5 wrote

>It's not like any of the last presidents were physicists or engineers who would be able to lend insight into the situation

Right, lets not tell the commander and chief about the impossible things recorded by credible witnesses flying with impunity over american missile facilities. And certainly don't tell him about the paper trail and opinion of the former UAP director regarding 'recovered materials.' That's none of his business...

imo, I completely disagree, all of humanity is owed the knowledge, not just a select few the military deems appropriate.


> it was just talking to pilots and collecting details/anecdotes

There might be no link at all. Maybe it's a co-incidence that the US military suddenly, and for no rational reason began funding anti gravity, memory metals, and fusion research in the early 1950s. Just a few years after Trinity. And they're still at it, they just funded 8 universities last week for LENR (aka cold fusion) research.

Why are they intent on studying these fields which are so scientifically unfounded that they are/were almost taboo to study seriously? For 75 years? What do they have to show for that multi-trillion dollar investment?

They know alot more than they say, and they're not sharing observations, or materials which could be studied at greater speed in public. Even the prosaic things.

What's the motivation at this point?


CatAvailable3953 t1_jajlc4j wrote

It could be an anomaly of the aircraft’s threat acquisition and/or tracking systems. That would be of interest for an engineer. As a military pilot it was one of the first things that came to mind. That has occurred in the past. If you pull enough g’s you can see things. Why is it always Navy pilots. Never Air Force, Marines, or Army. Besides having to land on a heaving postage stamp what are they doing to those great aviators?


kensingtonGore t1_jajrqos wrote

Im curious, have you looked into the details of the Nimitz cluster of UAP encounters from 2004? Alot of these valid questions have been asked and answered by more qualified folks than you'll find on reddit


CatAvailable3953 t1_jajsem2 wrote

I have. You are correct but I believe there’s been no definitive answer reached. At least of which us minions know. If it was a system anomaly we probably would never hear.


kensingtonGore t1_jak55ji wrote

This interview is fairly recent, and breaks it down in Fravors own words, which is nice.

But there's also this forensic analysis, it goes deep into the velocities and g forces reported, and covers the sensors used. The fact that the UAP were detected on multiple platforms, over multiple days from multiple credible witnesses is why I think that event cluster is the gold standard for study.

It's not enough to be conclusive, but that's because I think we struggle to record it. Still deserves a closer look I think


CatAvailable3953 t1_jakr08v wrote

I have no problem with examination. Why would one? Or, would it be…disclosure?


amewingcat t1_jaib2hq wrote

Pfff I saw a UFO with your eyes, that's way better


GetlostMaps t1_jain7rb wrote

I saw one with the eye of a potato. And I took a photo with that same potato.


WickieTheHippie t1_jaic1eg wrote

Once someone finds out what a UFO is, it's not gonna be a UFO anymore.


DangerStranger138 OP t1_jaikw3l wrote

Hence why the call by our military for investigations so we know how to assess if it's a threat or something benign we can observe and study


kensingtonGore t1_jajdz66 wrote

Either it's foreign drones flying over sensitive areas in America or is something else which requires scientific study.

You shouldn't be downvoted for your opinion here.


CatAvailable3953 t1_jajk7ds wrote

I flew military and commercial for 40 years. I never saw anything. We have a ton of issues to address. I am sure if a civilization has the technology to get here we would never know they were here. Let’s focus on saving our Republic from autocratic movements and fascist who don’t even know they are fascist.


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GetlostMaps t1_jain2hk wrote

They really don't educate pilots very well. Otherwise he'd know his eyes and brain are the least reliable instrument he has.


Kumquat_of_Pain t1_jajnd9v wrote

Engineer in......

"Fire Protection Engineering"


joliwog t1_jalvc5k wrote

And next up on Behind the Times, Hellen Keller tells her story, live! Stay tuned, you won't believe your eyes and ears!