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Dark_Delusion t1_jaktgca wrote

>“They knew they were about to be sued, so they decided they need to turn this guy into a hero,” Killmer said. “They gave him a Purple Heart because he hurt himself when he was killing Richard.”He added: “They had to defend an unjustifiable killing. So they wanted to have a hero at the head of the lineup for them.”

Sums things up perfectly.

Based on the video, they had him pinned on the ground. They probably had a taser. Still, they shot.

Three times.

They found that the victim was innocent and still decided to award Purple Award to the officers involved in the shooting.

Also, not familiar with US system but wasn't purple hearts for military personnel who were injured in service? Was it for cops too?


spamky23 t1_jakxy8s wrote

Purple Heart is for military injured in combat, I also didn't know cops gave these out but it wouldn't surprise me if they thought they were also military and copying them.


Lemesplain t1_jal0pk4 wrote

Cops “invented” their own Purple Heart in 2013. And you don’t even need to be injured for it.

> In addition, this award may be conferred if an injury was averted by the wearing of body armor.


zarfle2 t1_jal4lwh wrote

Is there an award for "Impressive de-escalation" or "Showing basic humanity" or "Excellence in the field of NOT killing an unarmed person".

Now those are awards that I could get behind.


ShadowDragon8685 t1_jaliu87 wrote

> Is there an award for "Impressive de-escalation" or "Showing basic humanity" or "Excellence in the field of NOT killing an unarmed person".

Those awards should be a badge, on your chest, that you get to keep wearing.

Well, maybe "Impressive de-escalation" should be worth something special. Talking someone with a weapon out of suicide-by-cop or out of homicide or something, that should get an award. Maybe authorization to wear a bowler hat on duty, or a shining silver neck-tie-with-sunglasses-shaped medal.


repeat4EMPHASIS t1_jalr2x7 wrote

>Talking someone with a weapon out of suicide-by-cop or out of homicide or something, that should get an award.

The award for that is a pink slip


2MuchRGB t1_jam36ee wrote

Shooting someone innocent: paid holidays. Not shooting someone innocent: get fired.

We are so proud of you America.


Ray_Pingeau t1_jamzbc9 wrote

You shouldn’t get an award for doing your job properly unless participation awards are suddenly a good thing


Jampine t1_jalhkh3 wrote

They had to scrap the scheme, as over a decade they where unable to hand out a single award.


jamesnollie88 t1_jaltdtc wrote

If bad cops get promoted then winning one of those awards would probably be career suicide if they existed.


Radioactiveglowup t1_jala8vs wrote

The thin Stolen Valor line, I see.

Cop culture is an embarrassing joke.


ShadowDragon8685 t1_jaliwl6 wrote

The only police officer who should be wearing a purple heart is one who earned that heart wearing green instead of blue. (Well, unless he was in the Navy, or USCG or USAF I guess. Point is, it should only be worn by someone who catches some enemy fire in contact with the nation's enemies, not the nation's citizens.)


BNI_sp t1_jalc8uf wrote

As I understand it, the US military has very strict rules on granting awards to protect their integrity. I am surprised that police can actually name a medal 'purple heart'.

Edit: read the story. Who are these police officers? Completely sick.


ShadowDragon8685 t1_jalizcx wrote

> As I understand it, the US military has very strict rules on granting awards to protect their integrity. I am surprised that police can actually name a medal 'purple heart'.

Yes, but they can't actually stop someone else from handing out a facsimilie award as long as it's not at any point represented as being the genuine article.


BNI_sp t1_jalmpt1 wrote

That's surprising. And totally unfair to the recipients of the real medal - especially the purple heart.


ShadowDragon8685 t1_jalr0wh wrote

We take the right of free speech very seriously here. Perhaps too seriously; or rather, we permit it to be abused in manners that allow some "Exercising their rights of free speech" to infringe upon others free speech - or other, even-more-serious rights, like life!

But no, it's not even illegal for the cops - or anyone else - to hand out outright fraudulent purple hearts, as long as those wearing them do not fraudulently misrepresent themselves as having earned the genuine article with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit.


Emberlung t1_jam39mg wrote

If it's even thought about in regards to his court case then it's for tangible benefit (of association with the REAL Purple Heart award) and as soon as they refer to it even tangentially they should be opened up for massive litigation.


ShadowDragon8685 t1_jam45h6 wrote

Nope, because the act specifies the specific military awards which it is illegal to fraudulently claim to have earned for tangible benefit.

This is a different "Purple Heart." Which he did "legitimately" earn, by the standard of "the pigs can give themselves whatever medals they wish."


BNI_sp t1_jalrifx wrote

>We take the right of free speech very seriously here.

I know. But there is also brand protection. If you can't steal a commercial brand name, I am surprised that one can take a free ride on a military medal.

Edit: it seems I am out of touch with situation given a supreme court decision in 2005.

I shake my head and shut up.


ShadowDragon8685 t1_jalrt6q wrote

> I know. But there is also brand protection. If you can't steal a commercial brand name, I am surprised that one can take a free ride on a military medal.

Funnily enough, works of the United States government (including the military) are public domain.

Also, this would be like saying "I work for Pepsi, and I got this nifty 'best salesman of the year' badge back in '17." That's not a crime unless you're doing it to try to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit. That could mean trying to get a job based on fraudulently misrepresenting your credentials, or trying to claim some benefit (either governmental or not) offered to veterans (or Pepsi Salesmen of the Year), such as free/reduced meals at restaurants, or being stood for alcohol at a bar by someone lapping up your stories of elite Pepsi salesmanship; it could stretch as far as getting sued by someone who had sex with you, then claims that they would not have done so if they had known you were not what you were pretending to be, which would be an interesting court case.


valeramaniuk t1_janp4be wrote

>right of free speech
> Perhaps too seriously;

Go fuck yourself.


ShadowDragon8685 t1_janpcl4 wrote

Yeah, no.

Maybe if we'd cracked down on the fucking Nazis when they decided to march through Skokie back in '77, they wouldn't have been parading their fucking swastikas and slavery banners through the Capitol building on 6 January of last year.


valeramaniuk t1_janpskm wrote

The only fucking Nazi here is you. Your kind loves to gag people.


ShadowDragon8685 t1_janpzkj wrote

Oh look! Hey, look! We've found the Nazi with his amazing argument of "No you!"


valeramaniuk t1_janq7td wrote

Right, and it's you.

Parading with a flag doesn't make a Nazi; physically silencing other people does.

I'll go wash my hands after talking to you.


shalafi71 t1_jap2e53 wrote

Parade that flag around me you goddamned fascist, see what happens. What is it you filth say? "Fuck around and find out."? I am game, all in. "Gagging" would be the kindest result I can think of.

"We have hateful views and speech, so what? Why are we being cancelled?!"

You're being cancelled because polite society finds you to be vermin.

Now, would you like to talk about current Republican legislation to limit the 1A? Money says you do not want to talk about that particular cancer. Fucking coward.


trucorsair t1_jap3m7y wrote

Just going to drop this here, in the US military the Purple Heart is also called “the enemy marksmanship medal”. I have one from an IED that almost blew my hand off, luckily the shrapnel hit my metal watch band, tore it all to hell but it took the bulk of the impact, only ended up with six or seven stitches.


RheaButt t1_jap24bv wrote

Cops fucking love to cosplay as military while being too lazy to actually join


BNI_sp t1_jap3963 wrote

To be fair, there are cops which are ex-military. But in general, I think there is a part that want to cosplay. See for example the piece that John Oliver did a couple of years back on the militarization of the police.

Edit: But even worse are the Kyle R.s of the world that want to be tough shooters, but are too lazy to join and get wet, cold and dirty in the mud.


RheaButt t1_jap3glc wrote

Yeah there's definitely a fair few who are just carrying over into another government job so they can work out the rest of their years until pension


BNI_sp t1_jap5b2p wrote

That's ok, I guess. Worse are those that think they are the big elite fighters but do not have adequate training and don't realize that stopping people for traffic violations is probably not the same as hunting terrorists.


BreakingtheBreeze t1_japd5kv wrote

Evidently you have never had a paper cut while handing out a particularly tough parking the rain


ShadowDragon8685 t1_jalinxv wrote

That is a fucking disgrace.

A police officer should only ever get any award to that effect if it was inflicted by an armed enemy of the United States conducting actions intended in some way or another to bring about the downfall of the United States.

Killed or seriously wounded by a criminal's actions in the line of duty? Okay, sure, something, a blue shield perhaps. But a purple heart? No, not from criminal actions, not from the thunderfucking actions of your thunderfucked pals in blue.

That is for Americans who have met the enemy in combat and taken fire. (There's a reason soldiers refer to it as 'The Enemy Marksmanship Badge'.) Not an opportunistic or desperate criminal.


UltimateGammer t1_jam4ebb wrote

That really seems to spit in the face of the actual purple heart to me.


libginger73 t1_jangxg2 wrote

They even hand them out when their feelings are hurt!


--zaxell-- t1_jaou417 wrote

Wait, you can just invent an award that already exists? I'ma get me an EGOT tonight.


--zaxell-- t1_jaozb12 wrote

You can also get it for being shot in Call of Duty.


BreakingtheBreeze t1_japcnew wrote

Turning it into what we in the navy called a gedunk medal. Yeah, I was on the other coast when we took on Grenada.


BudsosHuman t1_jakzbet wrote

You said the important part. They are award for COMBAT only. By result of ENEMY action. That tells you how f'ed up our police view of the populace is.


SmallQuasar t1_jaleesw wrote

"There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people."

  • Admiral Adama

EvenBetterCool t1_janckuk wrote

Let's pretend he wasn't innocent. If the police told me "Hey someone tried to steal your car, so we killed them."

I'd say "What the absolute fuck did you do that for?"


shalafi71 t1_jap4vee wrote

Killing over property. Fuck is wrong with us?

Local man had a empty trailer on an adjacent lot. Some guy came creeping around, looked like he was breaking in. Next night, this guy setup a lawn chain in the tree line to execute the intruder.

Victim survived, last I heard. Dude was shocked to be arrested for murder. Yeah, they found 5 spent .223 shells around his chair. Imagine that. Fairly sure he admitted shooting the guy, little fuzzy on that fact.

If I'm not clear, the intruder was trying to jimmy the door on an empty trailer, next door to the shooter. Shooter owned both lots and the trailer.

Anywho, over on, people were defending the shooter. About 50/50:

"The fuck is broken with your moral compass?!"


"Fuck around and find out."

America doesn't have a gun problem. We have a morality problem.


StraightLettuce t1_jam8upn wrote

I tought that the purple heart was something very special too but guess anything can be ruined


[deleted] t1_jaknsm4 wrote

A lot of Pinkertons were awarded similar medals when they massacred laborers. Modern police keep the legacy going.

You are a peasant, you are not who cops protect.


Darkality24 t1_jammz9x wrote

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread.


redstern t1_jakp5wx wrote

Don't talk to cops. As fucked up as this is, he was dead the second he said he was nervous.


Feersummendjinn t1_jalicsn wrote

Got an award for pulling the trigger so hard he hurt his finger.


buschschwick t1_jalbv0l wrote

Fucking hell this country is fucked


Zian64 t1_jalw3ra wrote

ACAB. End of story.


Colt1911-45 t1_jaobbc1 wrote

Saying ACAB is not going to change anything. It will only make the so called thin blue line tighten up more and turn some of these agencies that act similar to gangs even more tight knit gangs. The whole us vs them mentality will just get worse. We need more level headed police and we need more funding for oversight and training. If we keep shitting on policing as a career you are gonna get more lazy and stupid cops and some who join to bully people. We also need communities to get more involved in policing and stop the whole snitches get stitches mentality that some communities have. So TLDR: fuck everyone shouting ACAB because you are not offering a solution to a problem.


The_Dankinator t1_jaotlgc wrote

>we need more funding for oversight and training.

Bro please just one more dollar bro just one more dollar and we'll fix the abuse problem. Please bro don't defund the police bro we just need one more dollar bro


Colt1911-45 t1_jaowopy wrote

What's your solution, bro? Offer a solution instead of criticism, bro. I'll give you some of my solutions, bro. More funding and training for police, BUT how about we end the drug war and stop imprisoning less 9f our people. We could fund so many more programs to keep people out of prison and keep them from being criminals. Yes these are solutions to work towards instead of blaming people for shit and pointing fingers.


shalafi71 t1_jap7ood wrote

Another reply from me.

"Defund the police", is about the dumbest political slogan I've ever heard in life. And I ain't new here.

Too much to unpack from that phrase. You and I know the idea is to divert police funding to more appropriate responders.

And yes, drop the drug war. That's not gonna fly because it's an effective way to lock up "undesirables". Read: "POC, white trash, anyone we don't like."


shalafi71 t1_jap6v6e wrote

Sane reply there. Of course reddit will bury you for not toeing the party line. Comrade /u/Colt1911-45

I'd argue this; Police don't need more funding and training. After all, you can't train morals. It's nice to think more training would work, but as you say, "If we keep shitting on policing as a career you are gonna get more lazy and stupid cops and some who join to bully people. " I'd say it's far, far too late. We've been there for decades.

If we keep spouting "ACAB", and I'm a believer BTW, we push them into tighter and tighter isolation. There are no good outcomes from isolating a group of armed civilians.

We need to fund teams who will intervene in situations where armed men do not belong. Mental health crisis's come to mind. We should not be sending a bull to deal with an unruly teenager or a man having a schizophrenic episode. FFS, cops have responded to suicide calls and shot the "offender".

Anyway, sorry you got beat up for that post. Nothing terribly controversial there. I see less and less ability for us to have a civil conversation in America.

(BTW, LOVE your username. My Government Model is my all-time favorite. The history behind that machine is fascinating. Got a framed canvas print of the original 02/14/1911 patent by John Browning. Say it with me, "Back-to-back world war champs baby!")


DocSpit t1_jarks67 wrote

This issue is that there isn't a fix. Not a real one. The biggest problems are institutional; at the core of how the justice system works.

Except in the cases of the most egregious oversteps, police don't typically face repercussions for unlawful acts. Why? Because the DAs and prosecutors know that, if they start going after cops the way they come after regular people, they'll suddenly stop getting cooperation from police on other cases; which in turn makes the prosecutors "look bad" because now they can't put genuine criminals behind bars.

Want to pursue civil action? Sorry: Qualified Immunity. Judges won't even let your case against an officer proceed to court unless you can point to an identical incident in the past where the courts already ruled an officer in the wrong. Even one small difference can invalidate the claim entirely. Quite the Catch-22 the judiciary set up, isn't it? It's made it so that cops can't even be punished for actual armed robbery...because no court actually ever ruled police can't rob people in broad daylight.

Exactly how much "additional training" do you believe it will be necessary for police officers to undergo in order for people like you and me to be allowed to sue them for wrongdoing, out of curiosity?

All the "additional training" in the world won't matter a lick if there are no consequences for violating that training. And that, institutionally, cannot happen in our current system unless the very policing agencies at fault allow it to. No conflict of interest there...

The real solution? People need to just stop calling the police, except in one of two situations:

  1. Some genuine life-or-death situation where bullets are already actively flying only only goons with more bullets have a hope of resolving things.

  2. When you just need an official report written up for an insurance company, like a vehicle accident.

Other than that, keep the cops away from a situation where they don't either need to kill someone or fill out paperwork, because that's all our entire criminal justice system has rendered them reliable for at this point.


Kuzuyan t1_jam65ve wrote

Purple Heart? Sounds like stolen valor.


360walkaway t1_jalkoei wrote

Wait, like an actual Purple Heart (medal received for being wounded in military combat)? This guy was just hanging around a middle school during pick-up and murdered some guy.


soulwolf1 t1_jamj1yg wrote

Apparently from another comment on this thread, Police made up their own little bullshit version, and they give them out if even one of them has the sniffles, so it's a very meaningless, very watered downed dollar general store version of the medal.


LevelHeeded t1_jamp6bs wrote

Boy, it's a real mystery why people don't trust all cops... I mean look at all them good apples objecting to this insanity.

I blame rap music and video games, and "the media".


cockpitlove t1_janh6hy wrote

Folks that are pro-police don't care AT ALL if others don't trust cops, many see it as a benefit and further evidence of those other people's guilt of something.


funkrusher t1_jalgone wrote

Got the purple heart for war and I ain’t never left the city


Crizbibble t1_jalus1z wrote

“there is war on the streets like the wars in the Middle East”

  • Changes from 2 PAC

Darkality24 t1_jamne00 wrote

To be fair, there were multiple years during the war in Afghanistan that more US citizens were fatally shot by cops than US soldiers were fatally shot by armed militant terrorists.


Ohgodgethelp t1_jan2bty wrote

One time this navy guy gave me shit because I wore camo and he thought that was stolen valor. No patches or anything, just camo.

Meanwhile this civilian is getting a fake purple heart from the county.


Colt1911-45 t1_jaobgza wrote

That guy was an idiot. Probably wasn't even in the Navy.


Throsty t1_jaotxsc wrote

I've had that shit before. Dumbass couldn't really understand why I was asking why he was so concerned about the Romanian Army's valor...


Avalanche2 t1_jan48rv wrote

A purple heart should never be given to anyone outside a warzone.


timojenbin t1_jann6f8 wrote

Purple Heart medals are for injury in conflict against an enemy. Are US citizens the enemy now?


circleuranus t1_jaogu3x wrote

Say it again for the people in the back..."COPS ARE NOT SOLDIERS"


Shaquandala t1_jalol5m wrote

Still don't get why he got a purple heart did he die? Like what


Skogula t1_jamxjzn wrote

Purple hearts are supposed to be given to people who are wounded due to enemy action. Dying isn't a requirement.


DrFoetusLtd t1_jamefjb wrote

Killing defenceless people for no reason is very traumatic. Have some empathy /s


recyclopath_ t1_janoazw wrote

It can't be a real one. Real ones have to be given out by the military.


[deleted] t1_jao27v4 wrote

They're letting you know what kinda principles they value in the department, don't be shocked


TheButcherOfBaklava t1_jaoytmq wrote

From my understanding, a Purple Heart can only be awarded to someone injured during a war.

Hope this pig roasts


BreakingtheBreeze t1_japfbrl wrote

When the police move into a gated community with security fencing, that is when you start to sweat. Make them live in the city they are supposed to serve. Reward and acclaim those that find non-violent resolutions. Protect the good cops. There are good cops out there, it is getting harder to find them. The hardest thing to keep in mind though, is all police pick and chose which law they will enforce and when.


Still-Standard9476 t1_jap307q wrote

Fuck that pig. They straight up murdered an innocent man in front of a children's school for literally no reason, within a minute after the guy said he was afraid of cops because of police violence.



sneakyplanner t1_japvby5 wrote

How can you argue that cops don't see themselves as an occupying military force when they literally copy everything about the military down to awards?


SilenceAmongTheBooks t1_jaqfv41 wrote

And the equipment. Our military industry complex gives military machines and weapons and vehicles because we spend trillions on wars we don't need to fight. Sonic weapons for peaceful protests, gas guns that they fire at their body even though it's supposed to bounce off the ground. Rubber bullets kill people. They're rubber but they're still shot out of a gun. Tasers kill people too.


JackFunk t1_jamilw5 wrote

Not oniony. This is expected.


SilenceAmongTheBooks t1_jaqf0mc wrote

I hope they stab it into his chest. That way he always remembers that scar and his cowardice.


SilenceAmongTheBooks t1_jaqfmii wrote

Here's how it should go

Step 1: Talk to the woman who's car he accidentally got into and apologized for.

Step 2: Leave.


Guzmanicuss t1_janmigj wrote

Weird things that happen on the third world, ugh

Why do you kill children on the school everytime?