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trumpcovfefe t1_jakl1ph wrote

It makes sense, cant leave the option for them saying their civil rights were violated


vibesandcrimes t1_jakqbud wrote

And in order to maintain society we have to make sure everyone has the same rights, and unfortunately that includes child molesters


trumpcovfefe t1_jakrr56 wrote

Innocent until proven guilty in the court of law and a fair trial must be performed


TheMadBug t1_jakmgvf wrote

I mean, regardless of what they’re charged with, a prosecutor would be on thin ice if they started using a bunch of racial slurs to describe the defendant.


DylanCO t1_jakqq47 wrote

The article states; > "Sanna has argued in the past that jailhouse phone calls show Tubbs, now 27, was attempting to use gender identity to game the justice system"

I would be interested in the content of those calls. Like did they outright say, "I'm going to pretend to be trans to get a lighter sentence." Or were they just talking about genuinely being trans and hoping they'll take that into consideration?


rollerbase t1_jakueo3 wrote

Down the article they go into some of the details of the calls and them using derogatory terms for trans people and that they are intentionally trying to work the system.


Shmoop_Doop t1_jakytea wrote

Lol they put a 27 year old male pedophile (and now suspected murderer) in a jail occupied entirely by underage girls. Is the judge getting his rocks off to this or something?


jplebourveau t1_jakv41e wrote

Is the molester trans or does he only molest trans children?


Victor_C t1_jakzpcg wrote

Everyone should have their rights respected, even those who commit heinous acts. While in this case, it appears the accused may be pretending in some twisted attempt to game the system. The prosecutors should still pronouns/new name, even as they present the evidence of the fraud.


DibsOnLast t1_jakoqhf wrote

Yeah. Being disrespectful to a minority group opens the door for plausible deniability, and framing accusations. They should be fired, not suspended. Your distain for a person is no excuse to belittle their identity, make racist/sexist/transphobic/homophobic comments about them. If you can't be professional and impartial in a court room then you have no business in that line of work.


WackyWario t1_jdazlye wrote

From my understanding, pronouns are intended to show respect, why should one respect the identity of someone who is a serious threat to society?
Furthermore wouldn't respecting/validating this guy's pronouns place him in the same category as regular law-abiding transgender individuals? If so that just makes this more detrimental.


chkinghzrd t1_jal4rii wrote

But woodchipper doesn’t care.


restore_democracy t1_jakoi7v wrote

The fascist right does some absurd gaslighting, but read this headline and tell me it doesn’t sound like we’re living 1984 levels of reality denial.


zsero1138 t1_jakv7kp wrote

it doesn't sounds like we're living 1984 levels of reality denial


Interested_Redditor t1_jakqj5j wrote

I thought that gender and sex were different. One is dynamic and one doesn't change. From a legal sense one should be as they are chromosomal.


zsero1138 t1_jakuz0l wrote

and what do you call people with xxy, xyy, xxx chromosomes?


Interested_Redditor t1_jakzcxs wrote

This isn't a discussion about chromosome variables, this is a discussion of your documents matching your chromosomes and neither are dynamic.


zsero1138 t1_jal4864 wrote

documents are dynamic, and in the grand scheme of things don't matter. if someone self identifies as something other than what you think they should identify, your opinion is invalid. it's not that tough to use someones correct pronouns (correct ones being the ones they feel most comfortable being called). and correct pronouns are not something you have to earn, misgendering someone because they did something bad just shows that you're a shit person who doesn't respect anyone who doesn't fit into your worldview


Interested_Redditor t1_jal5z47 wrote

There will be a reckoning where this will all get sorted. I hope it goes well for you.


zsero1138 t1_jal9pwa wrote

aww, someone's being a shit online. well, i'm sure your imaginary reckoning brings you great comfort. have you considered therapy?


Interested_Redditor t1_jalc7jp wrote

Don't you dare tell me something is broken about me because I don't fit in your world view.

I'm perfect how I am.


zsero1138 t1_jald3q5 wrote

lol, you could use help though. you're perfectly valid as a human, but you seem to be a shitty human, one who could use the help of a therapist to figure out how to be a less shitty human. though, to be fair, i don't know you personally, so maybe you're perfect in your irl situation, but on here, you seem less than ideal


Hellish_Elf t1_jansr6x wrote

Oooooh a reckoning! What do y’all reckon will happen? Where ya meeting?


Max-Carnage1927 t1_jaklbow wrote

Bullets don't discriminate.


grisioco t1_jako2ux wrote

well yeah, theyre not sentient

mailboxes also dont discriminate, just like staplers and persian rugs


GetlostMaps t1_jakp5m0 wrote

Rugs trip people in high heels more than those in slippers. That's constructive discrimination right there.