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blindwit t1_jaqvx26 wrote

18 million? So half the total of all those orders?


DrunkenOlympian t1_jar05pd wrote

Meanwhile the people responsible for the opioid crisis killed hundreds of thousands of people and didn't even have to admit wrongdoing, they just paid a fine. This country is fuuuuuucked up.


Proof-Brother1506 t1_jar3xmo wrote


If rich: See other rules on the reverse side of the page.


jimmymd77 t1_jatmw19 wrote

Other side of the page: we will fine you 40% if we catch you, you keep the other 60%, or 100% if we don't catch you.


series_hybrid t1_jasepfh wrote

Plus, the "fine" they paid was only a small percentage of their profits.

I emember a quote about "if the punishment for a crime is a fine, then it is only a punishment for the poor"


dkdndkdmdmdmd t1_jb8my8z wrote

How are pharmaceutical companies responsible for the opioid crisis? Do they forcibly make people ingest opioids? The people who abuse opioids are responsible for the opioid crisis. It just easier to blame some faceless big evil corporation.

I had back surgery and nerve damage that caused excruciating pain recently and was prescribed opioids and I am not addicted in the slightest.


SelfDestrekt t1_jaryl7l wrote

> Travis also said that while $18 million is a lofty number, it is not the official bond set by a judge. Prior to a bond hearing, crimes have preset bond figures and the preset bond for each one of her counts is $25,000. The $18 million number is a cumulative total amount based on the preset figure set for the over 800 counts she faces.

The number is insane, but it would be completely different if a judge had given this instead. Most likely it will be heavily reduced.


bdd6911 t1_jasu3f5 wrote

If it isn’t reduced to something way way way lower this should be reposted at top of not the onion, and late stage capitalism, and probably a few others. Ridiculous.


monogreenforthewin t1_jar0hdb wrote

so wait a minute stolen credit card for takeout results in a bigger bond requirement than people who tried to overthrow the government?


PasTypique t1_jasfpkc wrote

Guess what happens if you're suspected of selling **gasp** cigarettes on the street.


RobsEvilTwin t1_jauvvof wrote

Summary execution mate. Also for allegedly passing a bad 20.


Baidarka64 t1_jaqzafk wrote

So…basically she is responsible for the DD service fees.


tee142002 t1_jas9amc wrote

Bunch of fuckers in here didn't even read the article. It literally says the following:

>Travis also said that while $18 million is a lofty number, it is not the official bond set by a judge. Prior to a bond hearing, crimes have preset bond figures and the preset bond for each one of her counts is $25,000. The $18 million number is a cumulative total amount based on the preset figure set for the over 800 counts she faces.

Once she has an actual bond hearing, it'll probably be a few thousand


GetlostMaps t1_jasw9gh wrote

Per-offence bonding is a human rights violation, as in a modern justice system the bond is related to the characteristics of the offender not the offence. Pro tip: mandatory minimum sentences are also internationally condemned as a violation of human rights. The US is a major offender against human rights every single day.


bubba7557 t1_jarmg02 wrote

Seems excessive considering her theft was for 12k, done at an average of 89 bucks a pop. If she's stealing less than 100 dollars at a time I'm guessing a 100 dollar bail would have been just as effective as 18 million.


jordantask t1_jasktzz wrote

It’s not excessive.

She was charged with almost 800 counts. Each count has an arbitrary bond of $25k. If you add up the total amount of bond for each count you end up with $18 million.

When she has an actual bond hearing the judge will probably overturn the arbitrary bond number and award something more reasonable.


jamesgelliott t1_jarbxqe wrote

Her crimes go beyond just felony theft. Because of the age of the aunt they will include exploitation of the elderly or infirmed. And it's highly likely it wasn't her first offense


Psychomadeye t1_jasnad5 wrote

And why not just throw in some cyber crimes cause she used her phone too.


jamesgelliott t1_jat2t4r wrote

Maybe the DA has or will. She's certainly not a good person


Psychomadeye t1_jatcq0w wrote

Eh I reserve judgement until the 137th offense. Though to be entirely fair, it's excessive bail due to the fact that there's 136 individual counts stacked on top of each other. A judge should probably schedule that bail hearing soon to avoid a civil suit. Good person or not they deserve civil rights.


ZS88 t1_jarendh wrote

So 12k worth of fraudulent charges equals a $18 million bond? Makes sense



eighty2angelfan t1_jart1qj wrote

San Bernardino man convicted of violent armed assaults released pending sentencing, murders police officer. We should have charged him for stealing lunch, he would have stayed in jail.


tabovilla t1_jaqy6zi wrote

daamn, what was she doordashing? realstate?


malkavich t1_jar5suf wrote

All the while January 6th terrorists get less.


jamesgelliott t1_jarc2lv wrote

Different jurisdictions. Louisiana must take crime far more seriously than DC or the federal government. But her crime is more than just felony theft. Charges will include financial exploitation of the elderly or infirmed because of the age of the aunt. And I'm just guessing but this probably isn't her first offense.


CaveatRumptor t1_jar7j5b wrote

The aunt probably felt very betrayed and violated.


Pathetian t1_jarfnxj wrote

I've never heard of anyone getting bond that high. Maybe like 2-5m for murder, bur past that they just deny bond right?

Must be an automatic amount for each charge or denying bond completely isn't allowed.


jordantask t1_jasl0ux wrote

This is an arbitrary number set by statute for bond, which a judge could overturn when she has an actual bond hearing.

When she gets a bond hearing it’s probably not gonna be 18 million.


Straitoutahelgen t1_jaufm4v wrote

Mug shot looks like they told her what her bond was gonna be right before they snapped the picture.


charface1 t1_jar2t6u wrote

She only ordered from Frog Ross’s Foie Grasturant.


Infernalism t1_jar0r05 wrote

Fucking Louisiana, Texas' stupid next door neighbor.

I'm so fucking glad I moved out of the South. Fucking morons, all of them.