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tee142002 t1_jas9amc wrote

Bunch of fuckers in here didn't even read the article. It literally says the following:

>Travis also said that while $18 million is a lofty number, it is not the official bond set by a judge. Prior to a bond hearing, crimes have preset bond figures and the preset bond for each one of her counts is $25,000. The $18 million number is a cumulative total amount based on the preset figure set for the over 800 counts she faces.

Once she has an actual bond hearing, it'll probably be a few thousand


GetlostMaps t1_jasw9gh wrote

Per-offence bonding is a human rights violation, as in a modern justice system the bond is related to the characteristics of the offender not the offence. Pro tip: mandatory minimum sentences are also internationally condemned as a violation of human rights. The US is a major offender against human rights every single day.