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Troy85909 t1_jat2phm wrote

"No - those aren't women, they're birthing individuals!!! Why are you such bigots?!?!?"


chasonreddit t1_jatam1z wrote

People with uteruses.


Proper_Budget_2790 t1_jaxags5 wrote



chasonreddit t1_jaxbxm6 wrote

Hmmm. I usually go with the classical plural for latin based terms, but I have certainly seen both. OED gives both plurals as acceptable.

But I appreciate the comment. I used to do a lot of proofreading. Reddit can be painful sometimes.

In this sense it's more of a descriptor than a plural. Almost everyone has either 1 or 0.

I suppose I would be more proper to say "People with a uterus."


Proper_Budget_2790 t1_jaxcgn3 wrote

I actually wasn't sure that was even an option. 😁


chasonreddit t1_jaxdsrv wrote

Sure, I'm a grammar nazi. If a word is based in latin and ends in -us it is usually plural as -i. Radius/radii, Cactus/Cacti, etc. Except when it's not. We usually don't say a university with multiple locations has campi, or that a group of naked men are showing their ani.


series_hybrid t1_jauadvb wrote

That particular "women's history month" video was put together by a woman, so...

Just kidding, the Toronto Raptors offices don't hire women.


FR3SH2DETH t1_jasyuug wrote

Congrats to women for birthing everybody!


tanglekelp t1_jasx90z wrote

Sooo is this on this sub because it’s so stupid they made that video or because you think it’s weird that they apologized?


RobertusesReddit t1_jathwgo wrote

Women hate hearing about birthing babies. They would love to have kids but they hate society's NEED to get to birthing babies.


[deleted] t1_jaszqkv wrote

Crazy that they had to apologize for stating a fact.


RobertusesReddit t1_jatj1q0 wrote

Some politicize the act of birthing, some feel propagandized to birth babies. Either way, women do other than birth.


[deleted] t1_jati35y wrote

Having babies will be canceled in one or two generations 😂


LittleKitty235 t1_jaxl8j9 wrote

Not sure if a few generations we very well could be growing babies in labs al la 'Brave New World'


raynadayz t1_jat754w wrote

The thing is if you weren’t born a female you didn’t have to deal with people treating your biological capabilities as gross or inferior. And it would also be offensive to that crowd if we made a space for females specifically to be celebrated for the things that ultimately connect us in society. As a women who works a hard job, who doesn’t ask for help and hasn’t since I left home as a teen, it isn’t the clothes and make up that dictates my gender. It’s something I didn’t ask for and now in the process I feel excluded from spaces that see females as what they are which is simply females. No choice involved


TareQ_X t1_jawacau wrote

Why do they find this offensive !!! when someone honored them for the hardships they go through when pregnant


Welpmart t1_jaxbs1i wrote

Because women have historically been reduced to popping out babies and prevented from doing other things, sometimes expressly because it was thought to damage their ability to have kids. Pretty tone deaf to not take that into account.


TareQ_X t1_jb02fz4 wrote

i'm not tone deaf, but I just feel that everyone is easily offended lately, including you from what I see.

Indeed, we should also stop that offensive maternity leave, cause it's sexist and the idiot doctors said it might damage their ability to have natural healthy delivery and baby.


bouchert t1_jawszuc wrote

"Geez...sorry for being born!" - The Toronto Raptors probably


dkdndkdmdmdmd t1_jb8mfhs wrote

So we shouldn’t thank women for carrying and giving birth to society?


peensteen t1_jaxiy09 wrote

Let's applaud men for our ability to skeetskeetskeet! I'll lead the most disturbing parade you have ever seen.