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Copywrites t1_jeg4r6x wrote

I was hanging out with some friends and their kids.

They love Mighty Morphin power rangers, 2D Zelda, and tamagotchi. What's old is truly new.


smeijer87 t1_jeg4xnp wrote

I've been looking for a dumber phone as well, but there are 3 or 4 apps I really need to get along with life.


  • banking app to pay bills,
  • government authenticator app to file taxes and other govt stuff,
  • authenticator app to login at websites,
  • optionally WhatsApp for family business

The last one I can replace with sms if needed.

If a phone like those classic nokia remakes would run on android, and let me install those 3 apps, I'd switch in a heartbeat. They may even be highly overpriced.


saltycrewneck t1_jeg6ssq wrote

Something with email would be all I need. The nokia ui on one I tried was never updated so just always froze. Not many options to be half connected so to speak.


Wojtas_ t1_jegin6q wrote

Anything running KaiOS really. Messenger, WhatsApp, emails, even Google Maps, but on a 2,5-3,5 inch screen, controlled with a T9 keyboard. Seriously considered one of those.


strawberries6 t1_jeh3vb1 wrote

That's a step too far for me, but I deleted Reddit and Twitter from my phone, and that's been really helpful. I found them way too distracting and even addicting.

It's easier to limit my social media time on a computer vs on a phone that's attached to me all day long.


Lodigus t1_jegufcq wrote

IT expert from Generation X here. I hardly ever use my phone for phone-related purposes. I view it as a portable computer.


anengineerandacat t1_jegtytp wrote

Yeah... definitely will be dumbing down the smart phone for the lil one when it comes time to giving them one.

Internet Browser, Texting app, Phone app, Email app, Camera app, and that's about it.

No YouTube, No Facebook, No Instagram, No TikTok or anything similar to these apps.

I know even giving the browser might be much but in my own youth it was a great resource and I'll likely blacklist a whole host of sites if I can.

Seen plenty of kids with devices from friends & family and none of them seem honestly for the better for it; most have horrific attitudes or generally just struggle with some form of anxiety issue when the device is taken away.

Making the device utilitarian should help to prevent such behavior from occurring instead of allowing it to be an entertainment delivery mechanism.


Tensor3 t1_jegwe84 wrote

There are no partially smart phones capable of browsing the web but not browsing to facebook/youtube. Any "dumb" phone wont be able to do email/web.


compuwiza1 t1_jegw2kq wrote

I used to make jokes about The Senior Phone. It would have big buttons, clearly marked places to put it to your ear and mouth, and would be only a phone, not a computer. It was no joke anymore when Motorola introduced the Jitterbug. It seems like they were onto something.


Psychological_Ant488 t1_jeg5qer wrote

Is that what I think it is? Is it the old fashioned, indestructible, always dependable NOKIA? Hell yeah!!!

Edit: that's the first cell phone I ever had in '97.


MightyBTOG t1_jeh4ezy wrote

Good, we should all be doing this