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BuckNutley t1_javx7og wrote

It is a bit much. I know a Karen and she's a great person but her life has changed over the past few years. Her name has become a real bane to her, and it's weird to me that is her new reality.

To me, "Karen" has just become a PC way of calling a woman a bitch...people say "look at this Karen" and things like that. It's so obviously just a substitute word that has become socially acceptable, because people love running jokes into the ground.


tromiway t1_jay03n5 wrote

Imagine how Dick feels.


Antique_Direction255 t1_jay43u9 wrote

How Karen of you


tromiway t1_jay4j65 wrote

That was rude. I'd like to speak with your supervisor. A person shouldn't be treated like this this day and age, things weren't like this thirty years ago.


BuckNutley t1_jayz1ql wrote

This is what I'm talking about...what does this even mean?


BuckNutley t1_jayyt9x wrote

I get your joke, but people called Dick are actually named Richard, so...


tailuptaxi t1_jaxzqdw wrote

Yep. I dated a Karen when I was young and she was a sweet girl who holds a special place in my heart. It's a really stupid meme that lacks much depth.


ventricles t1_jayea6n wrote

It’s not going away at this point, she could always start going by Carrie / an alternative spelling if she wants to keep the K.


Mod_Accountability t1_jb0g1fy wrote

> To me, "Karen" has just become a PC way of calling a woman a bitch...

Pretty much. That doesn't mean anyone named Karen is a bitch though.


Bright-Ad-4737 t1_jb6kp93 wrote

Starting now, let's all just change it to Jen. Jens are now worse than Karens.