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Beliadin t1_jax3kpq wrote

Newsflash: the regulations weren't about the level of catering, you despicable excuse for a wanker.


DamnBunny t1_jaxdjk6 wrote

I could have a roll of toilet paper being only thing to offer at the party. And it's Still a party regardless of how many people showed up disappointed.


No-Owl9201 t1_jaxgr35 wrote

He obviously meant to say that: "Stale Boris is an old soggy sandwich filled with whiffy mushy lies"


FindorKotor93 t1_jaxvdb2 wrote

"I believe that we need to keep discussing whether the prime minister was lying when he didn't know this was a party or is genuinely too incompetent to tell the difference to determine whether him and the people who backed him deserve to continue to wield power and influence over you commoners."
Fuck them. Incompetence is not a reason to keep your job when you broke the law. No more Narcs in power, no matter the cost.


Alundra828 t1_jaxxdoz wrote

I fucking love the fact that they're trying to downplay the quality of the party, completely missing the fact that it was still a fucking party roflmao. Surely this is just admission of guilt, right?

If everyone knows there were soggy sandwiches and a slice of b-day cake, the gathering happened against the rules. It's as simple as that. Absolute fucking troggs


Dawgsquad00 t1_jay0p9q wrote

I hate it when my partner says that about our “parties”


Doodle_Brush t1_jayikuz wrote

They're tryng to pander to the "It's just a bit of fun," demographic of their voter base. You know, the sort that think sexual harassment is just "Boys being boys" and those thank think people forced to use food banks are just "Benefit stealing dole chasers".


Stroth t1_jaz3vk6 wrote

It really does honestly. I could at least understand the temptation to break the law for some kind of amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. But no, they clearly don’t give a fuck at all.


isUKexactlyTsameasUS t1_jbetvqw wrote

four wrongs don't make it right

1, shit uk food

2, shit human being

3, shit way for our parents to die (alone)

4, ________________________ something something royal scroungers